It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction. Although there may be differences depending upon the substance, there are some similarities. Also, learn how to seek addiction help.

Signs and Symptoms You’re Addicted

  • You continue to take the substance, although you have experienced harm to your health, your finances, your relationships.
    • Maybe you have legal issues from a DUI
    • You are experiencing serious health issues
    • Your family has issued ultimatums
  • You feel that you need to use the drug or alcohol every day or multiple times a day.
  • Obtaining or using the substance consumes your thoughts through much of the day.
  • You find that you have to take larger amounts of the drug or alcohol to achieve the same feeling.
  • You find that you are having difficulty attending work or completing assignments because of your drug or alcohol use.
  • You find yourself doing things that you wouldn’t previously have done just to obtain the substance that you crave, such as rifling through your friend’s medicine cabinet or helping yourself to a coworker’s wallet to buy your drug.
  • Engaging in unsafe activities when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You have become more secretive regarding your use with close friends and family.
  • You are neglecting your hygiene and health needs.
  • Your attempts to change your use or behavior is repeatedly unsuccessful.
  • You experience uncomfortable and possibly frightening withdrawal symptoms when you do attempt to stop using drugs or alcohol.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms from addictive substances will vary depending upon the individual and the substance used. 

A person withdrawing from opioid substances may experience anxiety and/ or agitation, insomnia, yawning, vomiting and diarrhea, severe sweating, abnormal pulse, respiratory, and/or blood pressure, seizures, and hallucinations.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include most of the above symptoms as well as death from heart abnormalities.

Each substance ingested brings its own set of withdrawal symptoms. Seeking addiction help is vital to treat the uncomfortable to dangerous signs and symptoms of withdrawal and to reduce the chance of continuing the use and abuse of the substance. Getting the help you need to detox safely can be as close as picking up the phone. One viable option is to call Coastal Detox, talk with certified counselors about your concerns, and review options on how to receive the assistance you so desire.

Interactions in Your Home Environment

Have your family members expressed concern about your use or overuse of drugs or alcohol? Do you find yourself making excuses for why you “forgot” to pick up Bobby after school? Is your spouse or partner miffed that you were late for dinner again as you had to stop at the corner bar on your way home? Does the thought of being out of beer when you open the refrigerator strike fear in your heart?

That feeling that you have to have access to your preferred substance, whether a particular drug or alcohol, is an indication that there is a problem. This constant desire to obtain and ingest a substance that interferes with you completing your family’s and your expectations is an indication that there is a possible addiction. You could need addiction help.

If you find that your friends find excuses for your behavior, it is important for you to explore their motivations. Do you surround yourself with people who also take drugs or drink alcohol regularly? How does your friends’ behavior affect your behavior? Have you lost some friendships because of your use or abuse of substances?

The dynamics of addiction can be enhanced by the environments that we are in on a daily basis. It is sometimes helpful in order to find and stay committed to sobriety to remove oneself from an environment that promotes its use. The beautiful Treasure Coast environment of Coastal Detox may provide the ‘change of scenery’ necessary to make the changes needed to restructure your life. In a calm, holistic based environment surrounded by experienced and certified counselors in an accredited facility, you can find your peace and recovery. 

Interactions in Your Work Environment

Some people are very effective at hiding their addictions in their work environment. Some work environments encourage interactions with clients over a beer or a glass of wine, believing that the client becomes more pliable in a more relaxed atmosphere. As inhibitions are relaxed, the person’s confidence may increase his or her ability to convey their sales pitch to the client. That use of drugs or alcohol may seem like an asset to the person with an addiction in the work environment.

Does the problem then become how much is too much? Are you awakening fuzzy-headed with difficulty facing most days? Do you find yourself missing deadlines, arriving late for meetings, falling asleep in your work clothing? Do you find yourself making excuses to the boss or your coworkers? Maybe it’s time to talk with certified counselors to determine if the issues that you are experiencing are signs and symptoms that you have an addiction. The counselors at Coastal Detox will be glad to direct you to the care that you need to treat your addiction.

Loss of Self-Control

Addiction can be all-consuming. You may find that you have missed doctor’s or dentist’s visits either because of the cost or in order to avoid a discussion regarding your use of substances. You may have chosen not to buy foods that you need in order to purchase your drug of choice. You may have lost caring about your appearance, wearing ill-fitting or soiled clothing, and not caring. You may find yourself contemplating self-abuse or suicide as you realize your loss of control over caring for your needs. 

You have found that your disease of addiction has interfered with your personal life, your work life, and also your self-identity. It’s time to seek addiction help and find relief from this life-altering disease.

Signs of addiction infographic

How Do I Find Help?

Addiction is a disease, a treatable disease. As with any diagnosis of a disease, you would want to find the treatment that is best suited to your particular problem. Finding the treatment that addresses your signs and symptoms and meets your own unique and individual needs is imperative to you finding a long term solution. There are specific questions that you will want to be answered prior to your commitment to treatment:

  • What is the focus of the treatment facility? Does it offer detox and rehab for my particular addiction?
  • Is the facility accredited and licensed?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the staff?
  • How is the philosophy of the facility reflected in the treatments offered?
  • Is your insurance accepted, and will there be out of pocket costs?
  • Does the facility offer tours?
  • Can counselors be reached after hours?
  • How long can treatment be expected to last, and is there continuing support after discharge?
  • What accommodations and amenities can be expected?

You may have other questions to add to the list. Understanding your options will assist you in making your life-changing decision to end your struggle with addictive substances.

Knowing that you can detox and recover in a compassionate, empathetic, holistic environment can help you make that decision to find you again. Coastal Detox is available for addiction help. You can make your way back to sobriety. 

Where Do I Find Help?

Addiction and rehab should, ideally, be conducted under the care and guidance of trained, experienced professionals in a compassionate environment where the best of holistic therapies complement medical medication regimens. In the optimum environment, the person suffering from addictions can heal and grow and return to the best version of themselves.

Coastal Detox “Florida’s Most Comfortable Drug & Alcohol Detox Center” offers its clients an accredited, licensed facility staffed with experienced professionals. Coastal Detox, a state-of-the-art drug, and alcohol detox facility, provides a serene environment on the Treasure Coast of Florida for all seeking a safe and compassionate return to sobriety. Amenities and treatments offered include massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, cold laser therapy, far infrared sauna, amino acid replacement, and medications. Chef prepared meals served in a calm, healing environment give strength for the supportive meetings and workshops conducted to help you through your emotional and psychological return to sobriety. 

Please do your future self a favor and call now. Seek addiction help and determine your needs. You can also contact our team of addiction treatment specialists here. 


Content Reviewed by Jacklyn Steward

Jacklyn StewardJacklyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and an EMDR trained trauma therapy specialist with over 6 years of experience in the field of addiction. She has a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.