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Chances are if you’re reading this, you or your loved one’s addiction has finally taken its toll on you. As a result, your life is now exploding in your face, and we’re not talking about a  T.N.T., dynamite, or firecracker explosion either. We’re talking about the effects of suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction. To defuse this explosion that is your addiction, you’re going to need to turn to both medical and holistic detox and addiction treatment services. One great holistic detox practice that can help someone in alcohol and drug addiction treatment is a detox massage. 

How Drug and Alcohol Use Can Lead To Addiction

Drug and alcohol use often starts off innocently. Most people use drugs or alcohol for the first time recreationally in their youth while hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, for some of these people, years and years pass by and before they know it, they are complete addicts. 

If you’re one of these people, the horrors of life have officially caught up to you. Thus, it seems as if your life is going up in flames. To make matters worse, when you’re suffering from addiction, the trajectory of your life seems to only have three options. The first one is to wind up six feet underground somewhere in the near future. The second option is to get arrested. The third option is to end up in some sort of asylum or institution. 

The addicts that are dealt a fortunate deck of cards, though, make their way to a detoxification and treatment facility. It’s there that they’re provided the help that they need. For some of those people, that help will include a detox massage. 

The Effects of Detox Massage on the Human Body

To understand the benefits of a detox massage, you must first understand how the body works. Every bone, muscle, organ, and bodily system in the human body connects to one another. Therefore, the body receiving prodding stimulation through a massage will help change almost every main system in the human body. 

Outside of the obvious bodily organs and systems like the integumentary (skin) and the muscular systems, other parts of the body that reset after a detox massage include the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

The circulatory and lymphatic systems are the two bodily systems that are most responsible for the transportation of blood and lymph nodes. These two systems work in unison to swill out the intolerants while using cells to strengthen the immune system so that people can fight off infections and continue to survive. 

The circulatory and lymphatic system strengthening your immune system can also help the bodies of addicts recover after detox. A detox massage, on the other hand, can help loosen the body and mind up so that blood will pump more smoothly throughout the many veins and arteries that channel your life and keep you functioning after your addiction treatment is over.

How a Detox Massage Can Eliminate Toxins in Your Body

Getting a detox massage is a great way to naturally rid your body of toxins and substances. This is because the physical stimulation of a massage on the body causes the toxin buildup in your body’s tissues to break down. Once these toxins are broken down, they become easy for the body to eliminate. 

The best way to make sure that your body eliminates the toxins that were broken down in your body from a massage is to drink tons of water afterward. Drinking large amounts of water after a massage will flush the toxins out of your body. It will also cause your body to easily eliminate those toxins in your urine. 

Not only can receiving massages help detox your body of toxins and substances, but it can also reduce and help prevent future toxicity in the body. This is because receiving massages keeps the toxins in your body from getting built-up in the first place. Thus, your body will always be able to detoxify itself more easily. 

How a Detox Massage Can Help Rejuvenate and Relax You

Massage Therapy

By the way, you don’t need to attend detox to receive a massage. A massage is such a great holistic practice that it can benefit anyone at any time. Besides, who wouldn’t want somebody working out all the kinks and tension in his or her body. Especially since the kinks and tension that’s built up in your body are stressors and toxins. 

These stressors and toxins build-up because we as humans are constantly suppressing our emotions while putting ourselves in strenuous situations. These strenuous situations wear and tear at our bodies over a period of time. Therefore, we need to rejuvenate ourselves and relax. That’s what a detox massage does for us. 

Like batteries, humans need to recharge themselves. To do this, we must rest. Unfortunately, we often don’t give ourselves the rest that our bodies are internally begging for. 

Also, when some individuals do finally reward themselves with rest, it is too much. As a result, they may become lethargic and lazy. Therefore, the amount of rest that addicts get usually goes from one extreme to the other. 

How Detox Massages Work

Massage therapy is a vital instrument to those entering into some form of detoxification. This is because the concept behind detox is to safely push out the chemicals from your body. This is done while in a facilitated state. Therefore, what better way to break down and push toxins out of the human body than massage therapy. In fact, the soft or deep tissue pressure that the massage therapist applies to your body while manipulating your skin can help work out the toxins in your body. 

Pressure on your body’s tissues can also force your body’s toxins to come out of the body more quickly than it would have before. It’s almost like a tube of toothpaste. When you only have a little bit left, you squeeze on the tube to get the rest to spurt out. Ultimately, kneading out the toxins in your body through a detox massage will help to strain the “bad stuff” out of your body’s system. 

To top that all off, receiving a relaxing detox massage will help relieve some of the stress that addiction has brought into your life. This is especially necessary since addiction takes a strong emotional, physical, and spiritual toll on an addict’s life. Having such a stress-relieving practice as a detox massage will also help you when reality hits your body and you feel the toll that years of substance abuse has taken on you. 

Benefits of a Detox Massage

Because massages help improve the function of your body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems, it helps your body better receive its needed nutrients. Therefore, a detox massage can help your body retain its nutrients longer. 

The decrease in bodily toxin retention and the increase in bodily nutrient retention due to massages can also help improve the health of body organs that normally have to deal with excess toxins in the body, such as the liver and the kidney. 

Other major health benefits of massages include the reduction of chronic pain and the reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms. Insomnia and ADHD symptoms can also reduce due to the relaxing nature of massages. Massages can even reduce arthritis and diabetes symptoms.  

Massages can also increase blood flow in the body. This, in turn, can decrease high blood pressure. Because massages help relax and loosen the muscles in your body, massages can even improve your flexibility and posture.

What It’s Like to Go Through Detox

massage therapy in addiction

Entering detox for the first time after deciding to get clean can be a surreal experience. Entering detox becomes even more surreal as the numbing agents of your medication-assisted treatment start to wear off. 

When entering such a stressful and surreal environment, the immediate reaction is fight or flight. Thus, some may panic when getting further into the traditional detox process, while others may develop anxiety or depression. Just know that these feelings are normal and will eventually go away.

As your body gets completely clean from substances, all of the hormones and emotions that you’ve been suppressing through substance abuse start functioning properly again. As a result, you may also feel a little overwhelmed with all of your newfound feelings while in detox. 

The Importance of Comfort

Having a proper setting where you can be comfortable and at ease is always a plus while in detox. The goal after becoming clean and sober after detox is to leave the discomfort behind and live in a more calming and relaxed condition, hence the detox massage.

Allowing your body to enjoy this peaceful state is rewarding. Therefore, your mind and body will thank you for it later on down the road of life. Maintaining a tranquil and comfortable physical form while in detox will help put your body at ease as well. Once the body is calmed, it will sleep more restfully. 

By getting more restful sleep, you’ll have more energy throughout your day. Before you know it, your detox and addiction treatment will be over and your body will feel brand spanking new.

Give Your Life a Massage

As much as you plan your life, addiction and alcoholism can grab you up by the ankles and flip your whole world upside down. Just know though that when you seek out detox, there are alternative approaches that you can use.

Luckily, here at Coastal Detox, we can provide you with some of these alternative detox approaches. Thus, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and want to attend detox and rehab, contact Coastal Detox today. Our team of specialists is ready to take your calls.