The addiction recovery journey is a process with many opportunities to learn and grow. As you work to continue overcoming addiction, know that there may be challenges and difficulties. However, treatment and therapy help to equip you with the tools you need to stay on track. But medical detox and inpatient treatment are just the beginning!

The work you do over the next 12 months and years following will determine your success on your road to recovery. This is where our recovery management plan and program come in!

Learning more about recovery and how to live life without substance use is absolutely necessary. But at Coastal Detox, we understand that it can be difficult to learn everything about the journey ahead. Recovery can be challenging and sometimes seem overwhelming. But we are here to help guide and encourage you through this new chapter of your life!

recovery management programThe Importance of a Recovery Management Plan

Most people who get professional help for addiction first go through a detox process. During this part of the recovery process, individuals work to cleanse and free their bodies from the toxins of drugs and alcohol. This helps to prepare individuals for the next phase of treatment in that it eliminates substance use. It allows recovering people with an addiction to shift their focus from substance use to treatment.

While in treatment for addiction, individuals can develop the skills they need to remain free from addiction. Relapse prevention techniques, emotion management skills, and more may develop during this process.

It’s undoubtedly true that addiction treatment helps people in these ways. But, it’s essential to understand that continuous guidance is necessary. Often, especially in the early stages of life after treatment, triggers cause people to relapse. But, with continued support and access to recovery resources, individuals can stay on the path to recovery!

Here at Coastal Detox, we understand that those who are working to overcome addiction need support and guidance throughout their addiction recovery. The truth is that recovery doesn’t end when treatment ends. So, both during and after rehab, individuals should have hope and help. The best way to ensure this is to establish a plan.

This is where a recovery management plan would come into play. Those who are working to end substance dependence and addiction should never feel alone. They should never feel unsure about the next step or their overall recovery.

Recovery management programs and services grant people access to the resources they need to avoid relapse and work through triggers.

How an Addiction Recovery Management Plan Can Help You

Again, recovery management is about helping individuals remain on the right path. The ultimate goal is to provide people with encouragement, motivation, and support throughout recovery. A recovery management plan should address each need in an individual’s life to end substance abuse.

Recovery management can be very beneficial. Firstly, having a plan will automatically equip you with stability, which is necessary for recovery. Those with a stable plan will experience a sense of security and safety as they walk into the wonderful but very new territory of recovery.

Another benefit of having a recovery management plan is that it offers guidance. Many times, people who work through the early stages of life after addiction feel lost. It can be challenging to navigate through early recovery. There are many lessons to learn and many obstacles to overcome. There are countless hurdles to jump through and plenty of skills to develop. Unfortunately, many individuals find all of this quite discouraging and, as a result, suffer a relapse.

But with the proper measures and a good plan in place, individuals in recovery can continue moving forward. They can have the guidance they need to stay the course!

Finally, an addiction recovery management plan offers individuals the opportunity to determine and explore healthy ways to improve their overall mental and emotional health. Sometimes, recovery management incorporates therapeutic approaches and holistic, medication-free practices.

Some individuals may find that the best way to deal with triggers is to exercise, play an instrument, participate in group therapy, or speak directly with a counselor. Relapse prevention and recovery management are all about helping people find the best ways to stay free from addiction. So, a recovery management program can certainly help.

Coastal’s Recovery Management Plan

  • Comprehensive discharge planning and support
  • A dedicated Peer Recovery Support Specialist is available 24/7
  • First 90 Days: weekly 1-on-1 with Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • 90 days – 12 months: Bi-monthly 1-on-1 with Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • Goal setting, assessments, and positive affirmations
  • Supportive phone calls with family & loved ones
  • Available to ALL clients at absolutely ZERO cost for the first 90 days!
  • No contractual commitments are required

Identifying the Goals of Our Program

One of the most essential things a treatment center can help you do is establish goals. While in recovery, it will be imperative for you to set and achieve your own personal recovery goals. Having milestones to reach and objectives to meet will provide you with motivation and encouragement as you move forward. So, here at Coastal Detox, we’d like to identify the main goals of our recovery management program.

The recovery management program at Coastal Detox aims to:

  • Help ensure commitment and adherence to individual discharge plan
  • Assist in establishing a local recovery community
  • Set and measure goals necessary for maintaining sobriety
  • Identify the signs/behaviors of potential relapse and provide support

Sail Through Recovery With Coastal Detox!

Whether you’re experiencing addiction or you’ve just completed treatment, support is a necessity. Addiction is a serious disease, one that we should never take lightly. Those who suffer from substance use disorders should understand the importance of getting help through professional treatment. So, if you are looking for rehab in Florida, Coastal Detox is here to help!

Our team recognizes the value and significance of having support during and after the treatment process. We know that each individual who comes to our facility for help deserves to live addiction-free. So, it’s our mission to provide the very best of care, offering quality programs and services to our clients.

Perhaps you have been wondering whether you should reach out for help. Or maybe you are currently going through rehab but feeling uncertain about the next step. In either case, please know that Coastal Detox is ready to assist you.

If you want to find hope for long-term recovery, let us offer our services. Our state-of-the-art facility provides struggling individuals with a safe, supportive environment. The team here at Coastal is equipped to walk beside you as you journey from addiction to sobriety. So, if you are looking for hope, now is the time to find it! For more information on Coastal’s Recovery Management Plan, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Begin your road to a new life right now!