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Addiction is a disease where the patient feels a compulsive need to obtain and consume their substance of choice. This could be alcohol or a drug. This compulsive need harms both the addict and their family.

We’ll also take a look at what the statistics are for drug abuse in Florida. Lastly, we’ll tell you what you should consider before choosing a center.

Right now, there’s an epidemic of drug use in the United States. Because of this, getting people professional help to treat their addiction is more important than ever.

Below are the treatment resources in Florida.

1. Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Florida

Florida is one of the states where there are countless new cases of drug abuse happen every year. However, some facilities specialize in treating addiction. Florida is no exception.

Treatment resources in Florida vary according to the substance and the demographics of the patients. Below, we will discuss where and what type of treatment you can find in Florida.

How Many Treatment Centers are in Florida?

There are quite a few rehab centers in Florida. Rehab resources show that you can find hundreds of treatment centers in the state. This, of course, includes our own resources which are centrally located.

If you’re considering getting drug and alcohol treatment in Florida, you have a variety of centers to choose from. If you want a Florida detox, you’ll find something tailored to your needs below.

What Types of Treatment Centers are in Florida?

The types of Florida treatment facilities differ in the type of treatment they offer. For example, facilities like Recovery Village offer dual diagnosis treatment. This means that if you are suffering from both addictions as well as another co-occurring psychological issue, you can receive all-around comprehensive care at their facility.

Other facilities offer transitional residence and aftercare. This means that after completing the detox or the rehab program, you are able to get temporary residence and care. This helps you adjust to life while fighting addiction.

There are drug rehab centers in Florida that cater to men. For example, the Recovery Boot Camp for Men is a rehab center that focuses on male drug addicts. The members of staff are also on the road to recovery and act as peer counselors and mentors for the patients.

Sunspire Health Recovery Road is another similar center that focuses on treating addiction in men. It tailors the rehab experience to issues unique with men, both with physical and mental health.

Other rehab centers focus on the treatment routes that they use. For example, the Artesian Wellness and Recovery Centers focus on the use of medications and chemical help to assist with recovery.

Lastly, there are all-rounder facilities. These handle all types of substances and patients. These types of facilities are usually large and well-staffed.

This allows them to create and tailor a program for each individual rehab candidate that walks in. An example of such a Florida rehab center is Coastal Detox. Coastal Detox offers programs that help patients recover over the span of a year.

This means that even if the addict meets their treatment goals early, the center provides support and aftercare for up to a year. This diminishes chances of relapsing.

It also helps addicts recover in a slow and easy process. This way, you will be able to adjust to life outside the center easily.

What Programs are offered in Florida?

There are many different programs offered in Florida. There are generalized programs that cover all the possible types of addictions. These match the areas to focus on based on the patient.

For example, there is the Recovery Management Program offered by Coastal Detox. This program offers comprehensive planning and support and dedicated 24/7 support specialists. It also offers weekly one on one meetings with the support specialists in the first three months, followed by bi-monthly meetings after that.

Additionally, it allows for contact with family and friends outside the facility throughout the stay. There are also more specific programs. For example, the program at Sunspire Health Recovery is tailored towards men with co-occurring mental health issues.

This means that it specializes in dual diagnosis for men. Other programs like those offered at 12 keys rehab. At 12 Keys, the facility focuses on spirituality as well as the physical and psychological parts of rehab. This is targeted more towards those looking for holistic addiction management.

2. Florida Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle.

There is a marked issue with substance abuse in Florida. Even though it’s known as the Sunshine State, it’s also home to thousands of drug abuse cases. However, not all hope is lost.

Even though there is increasing substance abuse, there is also an increasing amount of people in recovery every day. There has been a total of 79,322 admissions into drug rehab centers in Florida in the past. This number is always increasing.

The opioid crisis in Florida is one of the most serious ones nationwide. It covers both prescription and illicit drug use. The use of prescription opioids has increased even though authorities have made efforts to slow it down.

For example, the rate of prescriptions to opioids has been decreased from 83.5 percent to 66.6 percent recently. Despite these numbers, around 5000 Florida residents died from an opioid overdose over the span of one year.

3. Recovery Meetings in Florida Near Me


  • 6:15 AM, Fresh Start, Joes Suburban Club, 11601 Downs Loop
  • 6:30 AM, AA 101 Group, Apostle’s Lutheran Church, 200 Kingsway Rd


  • 10:00 AM, Came To Believe Group, Fountain View Estates, 8800 Berkshire Ln
  • 10:00 AM, One Day At A Time Group, The Lock-Evans House, 14232 11th St


  • 11.30 AM, Old School Group, Crystal Lakes Plaza, 18125 US-41
  • Noon, Nooners Group, Our Club, 3218 W Gandy Blvd

4. Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Florida

Drug treatment in Florida is mostly in-patient. This is because detoxification is a process that is difficult to stick to. The patients need to be isolated from their harmful environments. This way they have no exposure to the routes they use to get drugs or alcohol.

Most outpatient drug treatment occurs after the patient has completed the initial program and is in aftercare.

5. Getting Help in Florida: How to Choose the Right Facility

Choosing a facility in Florida depends on your demographic, price range, substance, and focus. Some facilities offer luxury programs. Other facilities offer budget programs, especially those accepting Medicare and Medicaid.

Make sure to pick a facility that has a program for the substance you are addicted to, whether it is a drug or alcohol. You should also pick a facility focusing on your values, whether they are spirituality, family, or medical science.

6. Mental Health Services in Florida

If you need mental health services in Florida, you can enroll in a drug treatment facility with dual diagnosis recovery. You can also attend mental health treatment separately.

For example, there are facilities like Coastal Detox and Sunspire Recovery that deal with a dual diagnosis. You can use these for mental health treatment.

Treatment Resources in Florida

The friends and community could also be affected by addictions. That’s because this obsession with the substance makes them feel like they would do anything to get more of it. They could even harm themselves and the people around them.

This information should be useful when exploring treatment resources in Florida.

For more information, you can contact us to talk to a specialist.

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