How The Detox Process Works

Considering the journey of combating addiction is something that you should be very proud of. It’s important to know that although this process takes work, you certainly won’t be alone. More than anything, it’s important to understand that addiction is something that can happen to anyone, at any time. It can be triggered by a variety of social, economic, and environmental factors leaving the very best of us victims to its power. But, by joining a rehab facility, you will become equipped to take that power back by surrounding yourself with the support, encouragement and supplies you need to emerge victorious. In the end, you’ll find yourself newly refreshed and prepared to begin again with a happier and healthier life.

How Does Rehab Work?

For many, the biggest question is understanding exactly how rehab works and what you can expect in a day-to-day routine. From the process of detoxing, all the way to a therapy, knowing what lies ahead couldn’t be more important.


Before looking at the day-to-day routine, it’s important to understand that the process of cleansing your body of these harmful substances is integral to conquering addiction during any rehab program. While detoxing, you can expect to experience many physical changes within your body as it works to normalize living without these harmful substances.

Patients tend to experience heightened cravings as well as physiological changes such as excessive sweating, anxiety, hallucinations (hearing voices or skin crawls) and possible seizures. This is all normal. These physical effects can be tempered with the proper medication provided at rehab, making the process far more bearable than experiencing withdrawal alone. For most patients, once the haze of detox is lifted, it is as though they are seeing life clearly for the very first time, knowing that it couldn’t have been done without the proper support along the way.

A Day in the Life

We’ve established a comprehensive and effective schedule that will provide all the support you need. A highly organized day not only helps to minimize anxiety by having clear plans and goals for the day. These sessions and activities have been developed to help you get in touch with yourself and any triggers that may have led to the initial addiction, all with some refreshing downtime planned in there too. Let’s take a look:

Getting Started Bright and Early

As is the case in most rehab programs, getting started bright and early is key to maximizing your productive potential. Enjoying a well-balanced breakfast helps give you the energy needed to get started. Healthy habits, such as arising bright and early, will be an incredible skill-set that will help you to stay invigorated and motivated once you’ve completed rehab, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Following breakfast, you can expect to participate in a group session. This session will introduce many of the topics of treatment, the daily plans, the 12-Step Program and begin the process of healing. Expect to work on unearthing some of the hidden motivations for your initial addiction. Family? Friends? Work? These are all potential triggers that lead us down the path of addiction, and so, are important to understand and confront in a therapeutic environment.

Afternoon Therapy

As you can imagine, the bulk of the day is comprised of various therapeutic sessions, each one taking a different shape depending on the nature of that session. These sessions may consist of:

Refreshing Downtime

Although completing the required therapy and attending sessions is critical to the rehabilitative process, we also understand the need for time to relax the mind, and return to base. During this time, fun activities such as sports will be permitted. Some enjoy their time reading and writing, while others enjoy more personal activities like meditation.

Evenings and On

After eating a healthy dinner, attendees will participate in another fellowship oriented session. These sessions typically revolve around the 12-Step program and are critical to future sobriety after completing the program. The support of the 12-Step program and its members are often quoted as being the lifeblood of many participants continued day-to-day victory against addiction many years after completing rehab.

Other Important Information

Depending on what sort of treatment you complete, there will be certain levels of variability. If you complete in-patient rehab, for example, you will be staying at the rehab facility throughout the entire process. Participants will not be allowed to work to fully focus on their recovery. Afterwards, it is important to continue out-patient therapy, the 12-Step Program and attending regular AA meetings to stay daily equipped in your fight against addiction.

During the in-patient rehab process, cell phones and other potential triggers will not be permitted. Participants will have restricted time to use designated phones to call loved ones, with more time potentially being provided as rehab continues. It is important to understand that the detox process may force you into a very compromising state. Therefore, minimizing any distractions to focus fully on becoming the best possible you is the primary goal.

Conquering addiction, in whatever form it presents itself, is a difficult road that requires a supporting and therapeutic environment. It’s time to jump into the process, and begin your path to a life of sobriety and recovery today.

Real Client Testimonials

  • This is one of the best Detox facilities I have every been too. The doctors and nurses are fantastic and will make you comfortable and treat you individually. The food, rooms and the space itself are all top notch. It is a very safe and comfortable space to get well and all the therapists and staff are so nice, smart and accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Coastal.

    Joshua R. Avatar
    Joshua R.
  • Thank you Costal Detox, 9 months sober now and loving every bit of it! I hate how mean I was while detoxing but then again it’s all part of the process. The staff were so caring and kind - helpful in so many ways! The environment was so comfortable and pleasing to be in!

    Addison R. Avatar
    Addison R.
  • This facility is amazing.I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.The entire personnel from Judy,the director to Annie,the outreach coordinator will facilitate a smooth intake process.Your recovery journey awaits you with an on-site therapist in sight .All the tools are here for your ample needs.The techs know directly who to refer you to.,especially Tony and Karen. Confidentiality and professionalism are their top priority. Take the step

    Joan C. Avatar
    Joan C.
  • Coastal Detox is an amazing facility. Caring and professional staff available 24/7. I was dreading going. Now I only wish I had not waited so long. Top shelf facility and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking freedom from any form of addiction.

    Lindsey H. Avatar
    Lindsey H.
  • The place is super nice with absolutely amazing food. Like 5 star restaurant quality food. The staff and therapist definitely care about every client and want what’s best for them. This isn’t one of the sketchy places in Florida that just has a nice website. It really is a great place.

    nickbruck101 Avatar

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