Residential Detox Treatment at Coastal Detox

Coastal Detox offers detoxification services to ensure individuals are successful in overcoming their physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. These crucial parts of treatment help the individual focus only on recovery without worrying about cravings for substances. Withdrawal symptoms can be lethal, so it’s important medical professionals oversee these processes to prevent relapse within an addict’s family circle due to discomfort experienced during withdrawal periods from substance abuse.

Coastal Detox is a leader in the treatment of addiction. With an expert medical team and counselors, our facility helps clients work through detox with leading-edge treatments and therapies to make it a very comfortable experience. While in residential detox, individuals may receive medications to help them recover from addiction. 

Residential Medical Detox

We offer medical detox in South Florida for drug and alcohol addiction. Our program is supervised by doctors, nurses, and therapists who provide 24/7 support. Our patients receive the right level of care at all times during substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. 

The unique needs of each patient are assessed through a comprehensive intake process. This helps guide our team to create a personalized medical detox treatment tailored to suit every case uniquely. Our medical detox protocol makes detoxing a comfortable, safe, and effective experience.

Addictions Our Residential Detox Program Specializes in Treating

Many people who struggle with substance abuse have mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Our detox center is staffed by professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by those living with these conditions to ensure they get help for both problems at once.

What Can I Expect During Residential Detox?

When you first enter the program, we develop a treatment plan for your individual needs to help with any concerns about potential symptoms or how long it will take before you’re done.

The Residential Detox Process

At our medical detox center, you can enjoy comfortable lounge areas with flat-screen TVs and digital cable in each hotel-style patient room. Also, nutritious gourmet meals are served to help heal the body throughout withdrawal symptoms.

Here at our Florida detox facility, patients can begin their healing process in an upscale atmosphere where they are comfortable and stress-free. 

Residential Detox Program Amenities Offered at Coastal Detox

Our residential detox program offers a wide range of amenities for you to enjoy while you stay with us. Your comfort and care are our top priorities.

How Long Does Residential Detox Last?

The typical length of stay for Coastal’s residential detox program can last up to 14 days. Our compassionate team of substance abuse treatment professionals creates a customized treatment plan based on each client’s individual needs. 

Each client also has continuous access to our highly experienced team of medical professionals. This team includes psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, and behavioral health technicians. This around-the-clock care ensures that each client’s needs are addressed 24/7.

Once finished with residential detox, the next step should be an addiction treatment program that aids in a long-term recovery solution.

How Do Medical Detox Specialists Help at a Residential Detox Center?

Upon your initial intake, we will be monitoring your vital signs and mental well-being. This is performed by checking vital signs and speaking with the patient through a psychological assessment. Once it has been determined that medical detox is the best decision for your individual treatment plan, you will be administered prescription medications to begin the residential detox process. 

Coastal Detox is a nationally recognized and accredited detox program. Our team of medical detox professionals has extensive training and has been performing medical detox solutions for an extended length of time. We operate an around-the-clock medical detox treatment center that is able to assist patients with any detox withdrawal symptoms that may occur. 

Our team is prepared for anything and everything as it pertains to drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment. 

What Types of Withdrawal Symptoms Can I Expect?

Withdrawal symptoms will differ depending on the substance from which you are recovering. Alcohol and drugs such as heroin often require more attention during a detox program, however, it depends on how often and how long a person has used these substances. 

Common withdrawal symptoms experienced during medical detox include:

Due to the intense nature of some of these withdrawal symptoms, it is highly recommended that individuals do not attempt to detox at home. A residential detox center will stabilize individuals accordingly and monitor their well-being for ongoing recovery. 

What is the Next Step After Residential Detox? 

At Coastal Detox, we recommend our clientele to attend an inpatient or residential addiction treatment program. Here is where you will work on long-term recovery through a wide variety of therapy programs. Addiction treatment therapy teaches an individual how to live a life free from substance abuse. 

Residential addiction treatment programs are similar to residential detox as an individual will be surrounded by 24/7 support from addiction treatment specialists. Residential programs have the greatest rate of success in long-term recovery from substance use disorders. 

Do I Need an Addiction Treatment Program Once I’m Free of Withdrawal Symptoms?

Yes, you should attend an addiction treatment program after detox. After all, you may be free from psychological symptoms of substance abuse, but psychological ones will still be there. So, while you no longer feel any drug or alcohol withdrawals, the reasons you started abusing drugs or alcohol are still present. 

Detox is the first step in getting free from substance abuse. However, an addiction treatment program will help you learn to avoid addictive behaviors. Treatment and therapy programs will help you uncover what made you susceptible to addiction and how you can recognize and avoid those triggers in the future. 


Benefits of a Residential Treatment Program in South Florida

In some cases, clients are unable to attend a residential treatment program. There are still many wonderful outpatient treatment options available. 

Outpatient treatment is an excellent option for people who cannot be absent from work or home life for an extended period of time. This form of addiction treatment offers flexibility in therapy options and allows those enrolled to sleep at home. 

Outpatient treatment is generally less expensive than residential treatment, however, your first priority should be what’s best for your recovery plan. In many cases, insurance will cover your treatment. 

What Types of Therapies are Available in an Addiction Treatment Program?

Depending on where you attend a residential treatment program, therapy options should include some of the following options:

Individual Therapy

One-on-one counseling allows the patient to talk solely with their therapist about things they may not feel comfortable sharing among others. This helps patients to process the emotional side of past situations that may have led them to addiction.

Group Therapy

Group counseling takes place in a group meeting setting. Primarily verbal to allow patients to interact with one another and share stories of their recoveries and experiences while using. This gives the patient support from people going through similar situations.

Trauma Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on understanding how the traumatic events in an addict’s life impacted their addiction. After this type of therapy, a patient should be able to understand their emotional and behavioral responses to certain situations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT encourages patients to change their destructive patterns of behavior. It is one of the most successful forms of therapy and allows patients to develop problem-solving skills.

Relapse Prevention

It teaches patients about the emotional and environmental triggers that can cause an addict to relapse. To prevent them from winding up on the same path they were before, they learn what and who to avoid relapse.

Motivational Interviewing

This is similar to CBT this form of therapy helps motivate patients to modify behaviors. Therapists encourage patients to recognize their worth and steer clear of behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

Wellness Groups

These groups give patients a creative or physical outlet to focus on besides alcohol or drugs. For instance, they could discover a love for painting, rock climbing, or playing guitar. These can also be performed in group settings. This enables people to connect with other individuals going through the same things they are.

Family Therapy

In these programs, family members and the patient can learn a better way to cope with recovery. All parties can share thoughts and feelings on the subject. The program helps to bring family members closer together. This shows the recovering addict they have a long-lasting support system after rehab completion.

As part of an accredited residential treatment program, each client will find a wide array of treatment therapies. Licensed clinicians present therapy approaches that can help each client learn how to live a healthy, fulfilling, sober life. 

Learning How to Recognizing Addiction

Addiction typically isn’t a purposeful thing. A simple choice to “try something once” can end up becoming a constant subconscious decision to continuously use. An individual may become addicted to a substance, whether it is drugs, alcohol, or both. Once this occurs, the person might deny that it has even happened. 

Often, people who abuse alcohol or drugs will convince themselves that they can stop their use at any point. They may even try to convince others who confront them about the situation of the same. In reality, the substance has taken over control of their life. As a result, they have no concept of life without drugs or alcohol.

Recognizing that addiction has occurred is a key first step to choosing how to solve the problem. Our team of medical professionals here at Coastal can then help you start your addiction treatment in Florida.

Residential Detox for Addiction

There are endless options for those who are ready to overcome their addiction. Once you enter our facility, the staff walk with you every step of the way. From the very beginning of the process, we’ll be here for you to ensure a full and safe recovery. If you believe you need assistance with deciding how to start your residential detox in Florida, please do not hesitate to contact us to get started today.

Connor Barton
Connor Barton
The staff here is amazing. Caring and attentive. I finally kicked the sticks and couldn’t be happier.
Jacob Rashid
Jacob Rashid
So nice to have Grandma back to her old self. She has struggled with xannies for as long as I can remember. The staff were so attentive and met her where she was, not where they wanted her to be. Thank you Coastal Detox!
Tara Payne
Tara Payne
I struggled with alcohol addiction for most of my life. After many tries nothing worked.It was my 43rd birthday and I wasn't gonna see 44 if I didn't get help. I called around and found Coastal. So glad I did. I am so grateful for EVERYONE there. This beautiful facility is not just a detox. They actually have programs to help you learn to live a sober life and enjoy being yourself again! Entire staff is awesome! (Ms Diana ❤️ and Mrs Karen ❤️)They really understand how your feeling as most are in recovery also. If your looking for some help please give them a call. I give them 10+stars. Five months sober now!!! Thank you Coastal!!!
Bob Hawkins
Bob Hawkins
The entire staff of Coastal is great, the therapists, the nurses, the techs, everyone. It’s a great environment to begin your recovery in. As an added perk, the food is some of the best you’ll ever have thanks to the chefs.
Tony Givens
Tony Givens
My experience at coastal detox was very good, the staff there is terrific. They helped me get through the process of detox in a safe and professional manor.
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
It been almost a year!! Thank y’all
Matthew Mcnulty
Matthew Mcnulty
This is the top tier Rehab/Detox center in Southeast FL. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Their attention to detail is impressive. They specialize in treating alcohol abuse among several other conditions. If you or a loved one are looking for a blueprint on how to sober up…Coastal Detox will lead you there.
Mary Katz
Mary Katz
My experience with Coastal has been one of empathy, kindness and family. From Admissions to Nurses to techs I have never felt so cared for. Food and drink 24/7. Coastal is a place I went twice. First time 14 days next 6days later for another 11. At 59 and umpteen detoxes Coastal by far is Heaven Sent! As a Nutritionist and Trainer, I'm so happy to be back....the Mary ,who was lost:)
vicky ehr
vicky ehr
Great place . Helped me so much I am a 64 year old woman and this place got me sober with dignity and kindness. I highly recommend it plus the food is incredible. Rooms are really well laid out. 2 guys to a room . Each bed has its own t.v with head sets so you dont bother your roomate. Take an extra pillow and comfort blanket from home. At least 3 pairs of pj’ s sock and shoes and comfortable clothing fit. You do your own laundry there. I will send you the link to look at. After thinking all morning this is hands down the place for you. Lots of young people and fantastic therapists. For my wonderful son who suffers. From addiction the way I do.

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