How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

What is Fentanyl and How Does It Work? Fentanyl is a drug classified as an opioid, like morphine and heroin. Opioids are all drugs that come from the opium poppy plant. While some of them can be made from opium poppy directly, others are manufactured in labs.  Opioids act directly

self care in recovery from addiction

Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Self-care is made of measures you take to improve your well-being and general health. While it is often used in a context outside of addiction, self-care is an important part of addiction recovery. People will often use the term self-care to describe minor actions, such as a spa day or

coastal detox and covid-19

Coastal Detox Preventative Measures for COVID-19

Due to the recent appearance of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Coastal Detox wishes to inform you, our valued client, that our facility is taking the necessary steps to avoid the spread of the virus. We understand that you or your family may have concerns about safety and health as they relate

how do drugs affect neurotransmitters

How Do Drugs Affect Neurotransmitters?

Illegal and legal drugs work on the brain in a variety of ways. One of the ways they work is they change the way that neurotransmitters work in the brain, which changes the user’s emotions and, ultimately, the way they think and behave. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that are sent

is heroin a stimulant

Is Heroin a Stimulant? Understand the Effects of Heroin

The answer to “Is heroin a stimulant?” simply put, is no. Heroin is a depressant that slows down processes of the body controlled by the central nervous system. Heroin directly affects brain function and breathing to the point of slowing down or stopping both. Body temperature and blood pressure can