What are the 3 Stages of Relapse? Learn to Recognize the Signs

There are three stages to relapse, emotional, mental, and physical. These stages can start long before the person is aware that they are slipping into the relapse pattern. The relapse process happens gradually. Sometimes it can even take months from the start of relapse to the time the person picks

tylenol and alcohol

Alcohol and Tylenol: A Harmful Combination

Mixing Tylenol and alcohol can be risky. By taking both substances you’re risking such illnesses such as kidney disease, liver toxicity, and/or pancreatitis. If there is a problem with mixing alcohol and Tylenol, alcohol treatment is an excellent option to get yourself or a loved one the help deserved to

quit drinking

10 Tips On How To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake Or Quit Drinking

Congratulations! The first tip to reducing one’s intake of alcohol is to realize that there is a need to quit. Whether you regularly awaken with a fuzzy memory of the night before while drinking. Or if there is the regular prospect of an all-consuming headache flavoring your morning coffee, you

help an alcoholic

8 Ways That You Can Help Your Loved One Who Abuses Alcohol

Helping an alcoholic seek treatment or simply cut back on drinking is a difficult task. For everyone, there are different reasons you’re looking to help.  Maybe you are still cleaning up the broken glass from the ornaments shattered when Uncle Charlie knocked over the Christmas tree after finishing off that


Flakka: What Is It?

Flakka is a man-made drug which causes a high similar to cocaine. It has a similar effect as “bath salts,” but flakka has the potential to be a much more dangerous drug than cocaine.  Flakka is versatile in its many forms of ingestion. Flakka can be smoked, injected, snorted or