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4 Support Groups for Families

Life can sometimes best be compared to a series of games that you have to master in this limited time frame you’re given. There’s the aspect of it being like a puzzle that you have to figure out- except there are new puzzle pieces always appearing. Then there’s the Monopoly


Why Are Addicts so Good at Justifying Actions?

The late great Theodore Geisel wrote in one of his many many works, “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” This man is also known by many as Dr. Seuss. He was a brilliant man who conveyed simple life lessons in his books. With this excerpt,

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Why Hitting Rock Bottom is the Catalyst for Sobriety

The one thing that is guaranteed in life happens to be that nothing is guaranteed in life. Living on an overpopulated planet of roughly 8 billion people, we pause to stop and think just how different everybody and everything really is. Everybody has different mindsets, personalities, and ambitions as they

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What You Should Do on Your Last Day of Detox

Do you ever sit back and think about just how enormous this planet actually is? Even as over populated as it is with polar ice caps melting and space beginning to dwindle like the last few crumbs in your bag of chips, there is still so much uncharted terrain out


5 Ways Addicts Play the Victim Role

One of mankind’s largest mistakes is their ability or inability to shut their mouths. Most human beings love to talk and talk as they subconsciously become infatuated over the sound of their own voice. Really, think about it. A large percentage of the time when in conversation, a great handful