alcohol psychosis

Can Alcohol Induce Psychosis? How Does This Occur?

A very serious but rare condition that can be brought on by the consumption of alcohol is alcohol-induced psychosis. While many drink alcohol to relax or to have a good time with family and friends, many are unaware of the many risks that are associated. There are many negative effects

5 signs of alcohol detox

Is Your Liver Detoxing? 5 Signs of Alcohol Detox

The liver is the organ responsible for removing toxins in the body during detox. The most important question to answer is what are the signs of alcohol detox? Being able to know when your liver is detoxing, is an important step in recovery. Excess binge drinking or chemical consumption means

addiction treatment

What Can I Expect at an Inpatient And/Or Outpatient Detox Program?

Table of Contents Addiction Hurts. Addiction Treatment Heals.First Step In Recovery: Detoxification (Detox)Controlling Withdrawal Symptoms With Medical DetoxAlcohol Detox: Commonly Used MedicationsDrug Detox: Commonly Used MedicationsChoosing An Inpatient Or An Outpatient Detox Program: What’s The Difference?Inpatient/Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Will Your Insurance Pay For Detox?Coastal Detox: A Florida Treatment Program Ready

8 Signs Someone You Love is Hiding Their Alcoholism

Many of us drink alcohol for recreational or celebratory purposes which doesn’t result in alcohol addiction or alcoholism. On that same token, some of us have drank more than we intended to on occasion, this is considered “normal”. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to the idea that we should

insurance for addiction treatment

Get Treatment for Substance Abuse: Coastal Detox Provides In-Network Coverage

Here at Coastal Detox, we understand the importance of insurance coverage for all health-related matters. Specifically in our field of addiction treatment. Having insurance that understands the necessity of covering addiction treatment centers is extremely important. Visiting a treatment center for addiction or substance use disorder can be costly. Especially