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What to Expect in the Emotional Rollercoaster of Early Sobriety

Can you picture an amusement park? Cotton candy and cheap life-sized versions of stuffed animals everywhere. There’s the faint smell of throw up and loud screams echoing about in the background. The bulk of your time spent standing in line for hours for the ride that last 2 minutes. Ah,


Signs of Codependency and How to Break the Cycle

Drugs and alcohol will take down just about anybody that dances with the devil for too long- but then there are addicts and alcoholics. In pertinence to that thought, society often forgets that love is one of the strongest drugs in existence. The right kind of love will manipulate time,


5 Signs Fear is Running Your Life and How to Overcome It

It’s easy to see that we exist in a world where change is instinctual and every individual out there is unique in their own methods. It can be hard to see eye to eye with everyone when we are all genetically so adapt and dissimilar. Can we relate to this

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10 Reasons Why Rehab Romances are a Terrible Idea

At the end of the day, nobody wants to be entirely alone in this world. Some people might be more introverted and prefer a state of isolation, but even those people still crave companionship to some degree. It just ties into our primal nature and genetic makeup as human beings.


Why Family Support is so Important to Sobriety

Ah the family dynamic, a forced relationship that has been challenged and changed for thousands of years through different ethnicities, trials, and tribulations. This is a type of relationship that stands as a priority above all. Blood is thicker than water- isn’t that how the saying goes? Everybody and their