While a lot of the focus tends to be on adults when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment, getting teens and young adults the help that they need is equally important. While teenage drug use might not get the attention that it should, it is incredibly important. More and more teens and young adults are experimenting with illicit substances and, as a result, more and more are becoming addicted to those substances. That’s why a priority has been placed on detox and drug rehab for young adults. 

On this page, we will take a deeper look at substance abuse among teens and young adults as well as discuss the different options as it pertains to drug addiction programs for young adults.

How Prevalent is Drug Use Among Teens and Young Adults?

Drug and alcohol use is becoming more and more common by the day among teenagers and young adults. In fact, among the more than 34 million people in this country between the ages of 18 and 25, a third of them have experimented with binge drinking. A whopping 2 out of every 5 have used an illicit substance at least once in the last calendar year.

Unfortunately, many of these teens develop a substance abuse issue as a result of their experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Just how common are substance abuse and addiction in those in this age group? Well here are some statistics:

  • 1 in every 100 young adults has an opioid addiction
  • 1 in every 10 young adults has an alcohol addiction
  • 1 in every 13 young adults suffers from an illicit drug disorder
  • 1 in every 7 young adults suffers from some sort of substance abuse addiction

What Kinds of Substances Are Young Adults Most Likely To Abuse?

While alcohol and marijuana are by far the most popular substances for teens and young adults to experiment with, they are hardly the only ones being used and abused these days. Additionally, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is starting younger and younger. In fact, over the years experimenting with drugs and alcohol has become more prevalent than ever among high school students. Nearly half of all high school seniors in this country have tried an illicit substance at least once by the time they graduate.

The following are the most commonly used and abused substances by teens and young adults:

  • Opioids (1 in 18)
  • Benzos (1 in 22)
  • Meth (1 in 125)
  • Heroin (1 in 200)
  • Hallucinogens (1 in 14)


The increase in teen drug use has resulted in treatment centers all over the country creating specific drug rehab for young adults, including Coastal Detox. At Coastal Detox, we know that everyone detoxes in different ways, including teens and young adults.

That’s why it’s important for young people to attend a detox program specifically for their age group. Drug addiction programs for young adults focus on the issues that teens and young adults go through. They address these challenges in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Why Do Young Adults Turn to Drugs and Alcohol?

young man in drug rehab for young adults

While drug and alcohol use among teens and young adults has never been higher, the same can’t be said when it comes to education. Very few young adults truly understand the ramifications of their actions when it comes to doing drugs and drinking alcohol. 

Many think that they are invincible and they won’t let addiction take over their lives. Others just simply don’t realize just how dangerous the substances they are ingesting truly are. In fact, due to the fact that their bodies and brains are still developing, teenagers and young adults are much more susceptible to addiction than their older, adult counterparts. So, what is it exactly that draws all these teens and young adults to drugs and alcohol? Well, there are many things that factor in.

It Looks “Cool”

Teens and young adults are incredibly impressionable; this is no secret. At their age, they are constantly looking around for not only guidance but also for ways to fit in with their fellow teens and young adults.

Social status and the need to fit in is one of the most important things that teens and young adults deal with. So naturally, if they see people who they think are cool using drugs alcohol, or they see it in movies and on television, they are more likely to try it themselves. 

The most dangerous part of this mentality is, while on the surface drinking and using drugs might seem harmless enough, below the surface those substances are wearing havoc on the body and the brain. They might see someone use and abuse substances and think that they can do it and nothing bad happens. However, everyone reacts differently. So just because that person might not have developed an addiction yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen later.

Peer Pressure

Going along with the theme of the importance of wanting to fit in, peer pressure has been a part of teen and young adult life since the beginning of time. As people get older, they tend to associate ourselves with people who share similar interests. Activities and interests among people constantly evolve and as a result, so is the group dynamic.

If one or multiple people within a group start using and abusing drugs and alcohol they are likely to turn to the others in their group to join them in those activities. After all, it’s not very fun drinking or doing drugs alone. The pressure or the need to feel included and welcome can become overwhelming. It can make the other young people in the group think that they have no other choice but to join in. 


Being a teen and young adult can be a scary time in our lives. Our bodies are changing and we are beginning to experience things that we never have before. Additionally, as we get older more and more things are expected of us by not just our parents and families, but as society as a whole. Our actions start to have real-life consequences and things that we do can impact us for the rest of our lives.

Many of those in that age group don’t really know how to properly deal with all these changes. Unfortunately, many also don’t reach out for help and support. Instead, they turn to drugs and alcohol to help them forget about everything going on, to relieve stress, and even feel a sense of relief and enjoyment. While this might seem innocent enough at first, the body becomes more and more dependant on these substances over time, ultimately leading to an addiction.


Due to the way our society is as a whole, the desire to be the best has never been greater among teens and young adults. This is true athletically, academically, and professionally. Everything is so cut-throat right now and, as a result, people are looking for a leg up on the competition wherever they can. This is especially true with teens and young adults who are looking to get their foot in the door as they begin their adult life.

As a result, teens and young adults are turning to substances that might be able to help them perform better in school or at work such as Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medication. While it might start off as just taking a pill one time to help cram for a test or get ready for a big presentation, they might find themselves turning to these substances more and more often as they chase down success both in school and professionally.

Is There Treatment Available Specifically For Teens and Young Adults?

While addiction among teens and young adults is becoming more and more common, the same can’t be said for the treatment side of things. While over 5 million teens and young adults suffer from addiction, only roughly 500,000 of them seek treatment at a drug rehab for young adults. That includes treatment that may have been received in a hospital, mental health center, emergency room, private doctor’s office, prison or jail, or self-help group. 

Luckily, more and more treatment facilities have started offering programs specifically tailored to teens and young adults, including Coastal Detox.  While specific things like the type of drug, length of use, and several other factors play a role in determining the best kind of treatment, most teens and young adults find success in entering inpatient treatment.

Before any sort of treatment can be done though, the teen or young adult must first undergo detox in order to rid of the body of any and all harmful substances. Due to the nature of detox and it’s effects on the body it is crucial that detox is done under the guidance and supervision and trained medical professionals.

This can take place either a medical facility that offers detox services, a treatment center that also provides detox, or at a detox facility like Coastal Detox. Attempting to self-detox can be incredibly dangerous and even life-threatening.

Are You In Need of Drug Rehab for Young Adults?

Addiction is just a prevalent in teens and young adults as it is in older adults, yet it gets treated significantly less often. If you or someone you know is a teen or young adult who suffers from substance abuse and addiction, we have specialized programs just for them. Contact us today to learn more about our detox services as well as our other drug addiction programs for young adults.