When you or a loved one are ready for a life free from substance abuse and addiction, the first step is to rid your body of drugs and alcohol through detoxification.   Going through detox alone is a bad idea that can prove to be very dangerous and painful—, even fatal in some cases.  The fact is that the safest, most effective way to detox from drugs and alcohol is through a medically supervised detoxification within a licensed detox facility.

Coastal Detox is a completely confidential, licensed medical detoxification facility located in the city of Stuart on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast.  At Coastal Detox, our Mission is to help each client Sail Through Detox with safe, highly effective medically supervised detox protocols combined with a wide variety of soothing holistic treatment therapies and compassionate client care within an exceptionally comfortable and tranquil living environment.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, if you have been putting off getting help because you fear withdrawal symptoms or because you don’t know what to expect, call Coastal Detox today.  Let us help you Sail through Detox and chart a new course to brighter future free from drug and alcohol addiction.