Does Tribal-Care Cover You?

Although addiction can be a very stressful burden to carry just on its own, paying for the treatment to overcome the disorder can add even more stress. When seeking financial assistance for addiction treatment, most individuals don’t know much about the amount of coverage their provider can help them with. At Coastal Detox, we can review your plan and ensure that you receive every ounce of financial help you are able to obtain from your insurance provider.

Tribal-Care Benefits for Treatment Services

As an independent insurance agency, Tribal-Care strives to find the best plan for their policyholders through different insurance policies. Not only does the agency focus on providing services for companies, they also seek to specifically serve Native American tribal communities. They aim to provide services to individuals within this community to ensure their best interests are met. 

For those seeking financial help for their substance abuse treatment, Tribal-Care is able to help extensively. The coverage they are able to provide will depend on the certain coverage plan the individual is under. Tribal-Care is a great option when considering insurance policies for addiction treatment. 

It may seem overwhelming to learn about all the financial help you can receive from Tribal-Care for your substance abuse treatment. Fortunately, our team at Coastal Detox has helped countless potential patients realize they are mostly to completely covered by their policy. All you need to do is call one of our specialists, and they will research any and all payment options for you!

Is In-Network Necessary?

There are many financial situations where in-network companies associated with Coastal Detox will be necessary to help fund the treatment. Choosing an in-network provider versus an out-of-network provider can increase the chance of being able to attend rehabilitation programs for the amount of time necessary the patient requires to fully recovery from the substance addiction. 

Because it is an in-network provider, our Coastal Detox specialists are able to review your Tribal-Care plan and quote a treatment payment once pre-authorized. The amount will reflect the coverage your Tribal-Care plan provides. 

Other Benefits of Tribal-Care

Not only is a Tribal-Care policy beneficial to your stay in our treatment center, it is beneficial to your overall health and your life beyond rehab, as well. Tribal-Care caters to all your financial, mental health and physical health situations.

Because it is an independent agency, more choices are given to their members. They are not bound to just one insurance company; so many plans from many companies are looked at in order to find the best coverage a certain individual might require. This also helps to find the best pricing when it comes to what insurance policies are available. 

Tribal-Care also has a large focus on giving companies’ piece of mind when they offer benefits to their employees. The agency works diligently to provide solutions for 401k retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, group dental insurance, group health insurance, disability plans and much more. They understand that business owners need to work with their employees just like their employees work with them.

Reviewing Your Policy

At Coastal Detox, an independent review of your Tribal-Care coverage will determine:

  • Which alcohol and drug rehabs you are eligible for
  • How long you can attend the program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Which level of care will be covered

By allowing us to review what expenses your Tribal-Care plan will cover at our facility, our team at Coastal Detox is able to identify all the factors to help you determine whether treatment is going to be affordable or not. This will help you understand how much you can expect to pay out of pocket for treatments.

Coverage for Detox and Treatment

When it comes to substance abuse treatment and the different types each individual requires, the costs will vary. Detoxification will be more expensive at an inpatient facility than at an outpatient facility. The same will be true for treatments and therapies.

But Tribal-Care can help to lower the cost of medical detox and treatment. But, it depends on the plan the policyholder has chosen. Pre-authorization, the length of stay at the facility and treatments necessary will determine the coverage Tribal-Care provides.

Coverage for Mental Health

Treatment for substance abuse disorder, more often than not, goes hand-in-hand with treatment for a mental health disorder. This is why the cost of treatment can become too high for individuals who need help treating their disorders. Tribal-Care can help cut down the cost of dual-diagnosis treatments. They can give their policyholders a hand when having to pay for both sets of treatments.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Coverage

There are two different types of addiction treatment. The most notable is inpatient treatment. In this kind of program, individuals live at their treatment facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the recovery process.

The other is outpatient treatment. Those who are in an outpatient program do not live at their rehab center. Instead, they may still engage in day-to-day activities. For example, some individuals might go to school or work. But, they do so while attending treatments for a certain amount of hours per week.

Whether a potential patient goes through an inpatient or outpatient treatment program will depend on his or her medical and mental status.

The cost of inpatient treatment is usually much higher than the cost of outpatient treatment. Depending on what type of treatment a person requires, Tribal-Care will cover up to the entire amount that a policyholder needs. The only thing required by the policyholder will be paying the deductible towards the treatments.

How Coastal Detox Can Help

Our team at Coastal Detox is here to find the best treatments and programs to ensure healthy recovery.  We understand the importance of being a treatment facility that suits your health needs your budget at the same time. We will work to help you find every option that best suits you.

If you or someone you know is suffering substance abuse and is seeking help, we are here to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling (877) 406-6623.