Coastal Detox and Health Insurance

Our medical detox center is purposefully designed to help people recover from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and mental health disorders. The newly constructed 15,000 square foot facility employs highly qualified and passionate doctors, therapists, nurses, and other health care professionals who stay on-site around-the-clock to provide patients with assistance. The center is licensed by the state and utilizes customized detox programs based on each client’s medical history, substance abused, and specific individual needs. This plan is created by our treatment experts who work tirelessly to ease the discomfort, anxiety, and pain of the withdrawal process. You should know that medical detoxification is not a punishment for pursuing sobriety and we want to ensure that you are as comfortable and supported as possible. We use a variety of tools to help facilitate the transition to treatment, from emotional support to prescribed medication.

Coastal Detox and Magellan Health

We work with insurance providers like Magellan Health to make sure that you can afford the best type of treatment available. Recovery cannot be restricted to the rich and well-connected, it should be a right available to all that does not land you in tremendous debt. Magellan will try to keep therapy and detox affordable. But most are unaware of what their insurance covers, how to access those different benefits, and how to know they must pay in order to get help. We will do the hard work for you and break down Magellan’s policies so you can enroll in treatment with full clarity.

What is Magellan Health?

Magellan Health is a Fortune 500 health insurance company and pioneer in the field. The company has built a reputation on addressing the needs of special interest populations, providing full pharmacy benefits, and quickly adapting to increasing complexities in mental health treatment. They invest time and money to incorporate technology into healthcare since innovation could tackle health issues in ways that were previously overlooked. On the other side of advanced technology, Magellan places heavy emphasis on developing those integral relationships with people who make us happy, healthy, and keep us growing. The company was founded in 1969, is currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and rakes in billions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis. Over 33 million people in the United States are customers covered by Magellan Health.

Does Treatment Need to Be In-Network?

Every insurance provider usually has a built-in network of healthcare professionals and services These are individuals that have been vetted thoroughly to have their credentials confirmed. Magellan Health offers a wide array of insurance plans. Just as the policies under those plans change, so do their requirements. Some will demand that you only see providers in-network while others are much more lenient. The general trend is that the latter will be more expensive.

Magellan Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse

One distinguishing characteristic of Magellan is the attention they give to behavioral health. This makes them experts in providing care specifically geared towards mental health. The company has become a highly desired partner for many other healthcare providers since their specialization in behavioral health makes them well equipped to offer better coverage. Magellan also has a lexicon of more than 77,000 mental health partners, several of which are rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics or health professionals who specialize in treatment for addiction.

Magellan and Substance Abuse

Does Magellan Health cover substance abuse? Yes. Magellan Health actually offers extensive coverage for addiction treatment. They boast numerous programs that were created to lower instances of substance abuse. Some plans focus mainly on addiction treatment while others view addiction as just one of the many steps towards bettering overall behavioral health. These include but are not limited to early detection programs, employer assistance programs, and employee assistance programs. The company also provides members with access to huge quantities of information so that they can look at their own situations to detect early warning signs. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Coastal Detox offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment services. Inpatient care is where patients receive around the clock treatment at our residential facility. Most people who opt for this require constant surveillance due to the painful consequences of weaning their mind and bodies off of drugs and alcohol. Without this attention, it is much easier for someone to relapse. 

Sometimes prescribed medicine is needed to lessen cravings. Inpatient services give you the benefit of being able to regulate that medication so it does not become another addiction. On the other hand, outpatient care permits you to leave and go home. You can attend daily meetings with doctors or participate in therapy sessions, but those are limited work weeks. Some of the services universally recognized in television shows include:

  • Therapy
  • Supervised drug and alcohol detox
  • Addiction treatment medications
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Aftercare programs

Costs of Magellan Health

Most Magellan Health policy packages set aside a large amount of coverage for both inpatient and outpatient services. Regardless of your specific plan or how much it covers; members will still have to pay co-pays and meet deductibles. Some might even have to pay all fees associated with out-of-network providers. The best way to figure out what your expense will be is to contact a representative at Magellan and speak to him or her directly about your insurance policy.

Contact Coastal Detox

Whether you or someone you know is seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and looking for the best way to detox, Coastal Detox is the place for you! We know how vital it is to find rehabilitation that is catered to your specific needs and is both effective and affordable. 

We are ready and waiting to work with and for you to plan out the best possible treatment plan! We are open twenty-four hours and one of our highly trained addiction specialists is waiting for your call at (877) 406-6623.