What is Aetna and What Do They Provide?

Figuring out exactly what your healthcare plan covers can be incredibly difficult. Most individuals are unsure of which policy they have and how certain policies differ. If Aetna is your insurance provider, we can help you break down exactly what your benefits are based on the specific plan. We have provided this type of service to thousands of people seeking help who are in the exact same situation as you! 

Aetna is one of the country’s leading healthcare providers and is currently based in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded in 1853 and now headed by CEO Mark T. Bertolini, it is also one of the oldest names in the industry and operates under parent organization CVS Health. They sell a variety of products including Medicaid insurance, pharmacy insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance amongst others. They are also active in all fifty states. Aetna covers millions of these different policies for customers through a network of over a million providers. The company employees over 35,000 people and takes in $35 billion dollars in annual revenue. If you have Aetna, you are one of 46 million members enrolled in their program.

One thing to know about Aetna is the lack of short-term plans they offer, ones that could fill in for intermediate periods between insurance coverage such as after college or while transferring jobs. But, their long-term policies are some of the most extensive and affordable. These plans offer several different varieties of treatment options including, short or long term programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and even medical detox. You can reach out to our team to gain a better understanding of these policies.

Does Aetna Cover Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol?

Addressing drug or alcohol addiction is an incredibly important step for someone to take. It is a decision that should be supported by the most efficient method of treatment. Trying to clean the body of substances, or detox is a difficult process that involves withdrawals and requires constant supervision. For a patient that does not need a complete medical detox but still wants 24-hour clinical, psychiatric, and medical aid; they can utilize Coastal Detox’s residential program.

Aetna does offer a number of high deductibles, open-access, and copay-only plans for such rehabilitation. They are all designed to help make the cost of treatment much more manageable, but the costs involved with those options differ tremendously. Coverage is included for various types of rehabilitation, at residential and inpatient treatment centers as well as detox facilities. The vast network that operates under the umbrella of Aetna encompasses over four-hundred and seventy thousand doctors and providers that will be able to address issues of substance abuse. 

Deductible and Copay

The high-deductible option grants preventative care services before the deductible is met and sometimes a health savings account. Open-access allows the patient their choice of doctor and does not require a primary care physician. Copay-only guarantees that primary care physicians and drug costs are covered before reaching the deductible. 

Treatment programs and therapies that are offered are subject to an in-depth reviewal process. Many factors are taken into consideration including; the quality of the care offered, the use of modern treatment methods, and the overall value of the follow-up procedures. Thus, the work is already done for you in terms of comparing each pathway. Some of the most useful aspects of this vast network are the various partnerships that Aetna possesses, such as one with CRC Health Group that specifically is geared towards opioid addiction treatment.

If you are covered with Aetna insurance but choose to venture outside of its network for treatment, please note that it can be notably more expensive and that an out-of-network facility may not be screened or vetted to the point that inpatient ones are. Therefore, it is important to know that there is a risk that you could be overcharged for a poorer quality of service. Also, keep in mind that the duration of rehabilitation changes according to your individual needs and coverage plan.

Coverage for Mental Health Conditions

Aetna gives you access to an array of counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, and therapists to choose from. This is due to their belief that mental illness can oftentimes be the cause of a number of addiction issues and offer benefits in their insurance packages so you can get simultaneous treatment. 

Aetna will use your mental health and physical data records to coordinate care that is more applicable to you and so health practitioners have the information they need to tailor your treatment. This data collection permits them to identify which of their members may need assistance before a health issue worsens.

What Types of Treatment Programs Does Aetna Cover: Inpatient or Outpatient?

Aetna has insurance plans for both. For inpatient treatment, they have a number of pre-screened locations you can choose from that best suit what you are looking for. Outpatient services are not guaranteed to be covered by Aetna. This is largely dependent on the type of coverage you have and the location of the treatment center.

Coastal Detox offers both inpatient and outpatient detox options to help clients dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Outpatient services are purposed for individuals who have personal and professional obligations and cannot stay full-time at the medical facility while inpatient programs give those who need constant supervision or a break from society the option to reside there.

Coastal Detox is Ready to Help You!

If you need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and looking for the best way to detox, let us help! Coastal Detox is here to help you overcome substance abuse. Our team understands the importance of finding affordable yet effective treatment. So, allow us to provide it for you!

Here at Coastal Detox, we work to offer the best care possible for our clients. We believe that each individual who comes here can find total freedom. That includes you! Don’t let fear keep you from moving forward and leaving addiction in the past. Call (877) 406-6623 today to speak with our addiction specialists.