What is Beacon Health Options?

Beacon is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with another seventy sites in the United States. They employ close to 5,000 people who operate a twenty-four-hour response system for members and providers. Of their 180 employer clients, 43 are Fortune 500 organizations. They boast over sixty individualized plans that appeal to special interest groups like Medicare and Medicaid recipients. The name Beacon Health Options stems from a 2014 merger between ValueOptions and Beacon Health Strategies into a single, powerful healthcare unit.

Despite the fact that Beacon is one of the country’s largest independent providers, the public knows little about the company and its history. Here is some background information. For the past three decades, this brand has spearheaded groundbreaking programs in behavioral health. They are active in every state and serve over 40 million people. Beacon’s coverage also includes substance abuse management, an employee assistance program, clinical mental health, and special programs catered to individuals with depression and autism. They give members access to a network of highly specialized addiction facilities such as Coastal Detox that provide the necessary care.

Coastal Detox’s mission is to provide you with the means to detox from drugs and alcohol, and to address mental health issues in a compassionate environment. Whether it is emotional support or supplemental medication, we facilitate the process so you can achieve your goal of recovery. We know that this transition is stressful enough physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why we work with insurance providers like Beacon Health Options to ease the financial burden of treatment. However, it is often hard for clients to understand the coverage provided by Beacon and so we will break down your insurance plan.

Drug Addiction, Alcohol Rehabilitation, and Mental Health

We at Coastal Detox pride ourselves on the relationship we have with Beacon Health Options due to our shared outlook on mental illness and substance abuse. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about one in five adults currently lives with a mental illness, and 4.2% of grown-ups in this country have a serious mental illness. Other statistics show that illegal drug usage increased from 8.3% of the population in 2002 to 9.4% in 2013, with heroin abuse skyrocketing in the past ten years. These figures are the reason why we are adamant about making sure patients can effectively address their issues so that such trends can be reversed and decrease over time.

Beacon Health Options provides coverage for both mental illness and addiction because they, like Coastal Detox, see the two as being interlinked. Many people who overuse drugs and alcohol also find themselves struggling with mental disorders. This is referred to as a dual-diagnosis case and requires a very particular type of treatment method. These individuals need to have the right resources to help them deal with the effects of all of their vices in a comprehensive way.

Aside from providing clinical treatment, Beacon is also active in creating social change. They have the Stamp Out Stigma program that is purposed to make mental illness more widely accepted and understood by society. This is a type of campaign that Coastal Detox endorses since there should be no shame in having mental illness and no judgment towards those who have it. That is why our detox treatment tackles both the physical and emotional aspects of addiction.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

Coastal Detox offers inpatient and outpatient services. Inpatient care involves an individual receiving around the clock, 24/7 treatment at a facility like ours. Most people that opt for this path to recovery need constant monitoring due to the physiological impacts of weaning off addiction. Cleansing your body of dangerous substances like drugs and alcohol can be painful with the withdrawals. Without persistent care, it’s very easy for a person to relapse. Since the body’s tolerance lowers the longer the addict abstains from using, relapsing can actually be deadly. 

In some cases, medicine is needed to lessen cravings to make the process easier. This is a major defining feature of inpatient services since that medication can be regulated so it does not become another form of addiction. Meanwhile, outpatient care gives you the ability to leave and go home. You can attend daily meetings with doctors or participate in individual and group therapy sessions, but those are limited to scheduled blocks in the day. There is no need to live at a hospital or facility.

Beacon Health Options provides coverage for both options since they specialize in mental and behavioral health, as well as substance addiction. This distinguishes the company and also makes them more equipped to direct individuals to the type of resources they need to best deal with their unique circumstances. The amount of time you can spend in inpatient and outpatient care is hugely dependent on the type of plan you have. But overall you will receive coverage either partly or in full for medical detoxes, inpatient, and outpatient services.

In-Network and Out-of-Network

Beacon Health Options usually stipulates that members enroll in facilities like Coastal Detox that fall under their network of treatment centers. While you can venture outside of these pre-screened providers, the costs will have to be paid out-of-pocket. The only exception to this would be in the event that a person experiences an emergency or utilizes an out-of-network center unknowingly. For example, if an in-patient healthcare professional sends a sample of blood to an out-of-network laboratory to be processed, the patient would not be held responsible. Of course, all of these differences in coverage depends on your plan.

Contact Coastal Detox

Whether you or someone you know is seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and looking for the best way to detox, Coastal Detox is the place for you! We know how vital it is to find rehabilitation that is catered to your specific needs and is both effective and affordable. 

We are ready and waiting to work with and for you to plan out the best possible treatment plan! We are open twenty-four hours and one of our highly trained addiction specialists is waiting for your call at (877) 406-6623.