What is Cigna and What do They Provide?

Understanding and learning about insurance can be hard. Here at Coastal Detox, we can help to break down the insurance companies we accept. We accept plans or policies offered by various insurance companies, including Cigna! Many people have health insurance but are unaware of the specifics of their plans. Individuals are also often unaware of what an insurance plan truly offers.

Cigna may be your health insurance provider. If so, those of us here at Coastal Detox are here to help! We can break down the benefits offered to you with Cigna in regards to your specific plan. Thousands of others that have come to us for help with their struggles with substances were able to understand what their own plans offered to them and how we can serve them. 

Cigna is a global health insurance provider covering over 30 countries and jurisdictions. Globally providing health insurance for 95 million people around the world and providing 40,000 people with employment. 

Cigna’s corporate headquarters are located in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Before becoming the insurance company we know now in 1982, they were two separate entities. One corporate entity known as the Insurance Company of North America (INA), based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was formed in 1792. The second entity, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG), was signed into law by the Governor of Connecticut in 1865.  In 1991 David Cordani became a part of Cigna Corporation becoming the President and CEO in 2009. Since taking over he has grown the company financially as well as in business.  


They sell a variety of products including HMO/PPO/& EPO health insurance, Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans, supplemental insurance ( i.e. coverage for copays/deductibles), dental insurance, and employer insurance plans. 

Cigna, although global, is only offered in 17 states but is able to be used in any of them. They do not offer any short-term plans. Short-term plans are those that could fill in for intermediate periods between insurance coverage. Like those used after college or while transferring jobs. However, their long-term policies are among some of the most affordable on the market and are very easy to supplement with additional coverage. They come in a variety of options and differ in the ways they address treatment, detox, and mental health. We will help you make sense of those differences.

Does Cigna Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Drug an alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on a person, their lives, and those around them. By facing the struggle to overcome addiction we are taking a large leap in the right direction. As important as that leap is, sometimes there are barriers that hold us back. One of them may simply be not understanding our insurance coverage.  

Taking the steps to better ourselves should always be in the most efficient method we can. That includes attending treatment centers. Cleaning our bodies of substances, also known as detox, is a difficult process. Detox isn’t pretty, it comes with withdrawals. Which withdrawals do require constant supervision and medical help. Some patients however do not need a full medical detox. For those patients Coastal Detox offers a residential program, a twenty-four hour clinical, psychiatric, and medical aid. 

Cigna does offer a number of insurance policies ranging from bronze to platinum. All of them cover the Ten Essential Health Benefits within the ACA law. Meaning no matter if the coverage is high deductible or a copay-only plan rehabilitation is included. The plans and policies are each created specifically to help make cost of treatment much more manageable. The costs that are involved with their variety of plans differ tremendously. Coverage is included for various types of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation types such as those within residential treatment centers, inpatient treatment centers,and those within detox facilities. The vast network that operates under the global umbrella of Cigna encompasses over 1 million relationships with health care professionals (clinics and facilities) that are able to address issues of substance abuse.

Many insurance companies require preauthorization before granting coverage for attendance to a treatment center, especially in cases of substance abuse. Preauthorization, which can be known as prior authorization or even prior approval, refers to when an insurance company needs to gather proof and the reasoning to decide or determine whether or not the service or the equipment involved is medically necessary. Preauthorization for medical purposes is always a cumbersome experience no matter what struggle we are facing. With Cigna insurance preauthorization is not a requirement through out-patient services. However, with some services and some types of treatment for rehabilitation preauthorization is required. By receiving a pre authorization before hand is always recommended to save anyone seeking treatment in unexpected costs. 

Cigna has a variety of options within their policies. As for their high-deductible option, it grants preventive care services before the deductible is met. Sometimes being assisted with a health savings account, a savings account for taxpayers with a high-deductible account . Open-access policies allow the patient their choice of doctor and does not require a primary care physician. Copay-only policies guarantee that primary care physicians and drug costs are covered before reaching the deductible. 

Programs offered in these various networks go through an extensive screening process. They must be screened and then ranked by their uses of modern treatment, quality of care, and follow-up procedures. The ranking of the many programs offered within the area can sometimes be the hardest part. With their system in place the work is already done for Cigna’s policy holders. At least in terms of comparing each pathway to their success. Some of the most useful aspects of this vast network are the variety of partnerships that Cigna possesses. With these partnerships they are able to provide seminars and valuable information found on their website geared towards substance abuse and addiction treatment.

If you are covered with Cigna insurance there is eligibility through their HSA (health savings account), FSA (flexible savings account), and HRA (health reimbursement account) reimbursement. However,  those that decide to go to treatment centers outside of Cigna’s network can be far more expensive. Facilities that are out of their network lack the bonus of being screened or vetted. At least to the extent that those within the network are. The importance of knowing which facilities are within the network is both cost effective as well as previously ranked. Being sidelined by an overcharge for service with a far lower set of standards is outrageous and unnecessary.  An important side note to remember is the length of stay. The length can change dependent upon your or your loved ones needs as well as the coverage offered through the policies.

Is Mental Health Included in Your Insurance Coverage?

Due to rehabilitation serves falling beneath Cigna’s behavioral health category Cigna offers its policyholders access to an array of mental health services. Mental health service options such as counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, therapists, and web information. All of which is through their Behavioral Health Awareness Program. This is due to Cigna’s belief that mental illness can oftentimes be the cause of a number of addiction issues. Therefore offering all of these benefits in their insurance packages so you can get simultaneous treatment, both meantally and physically. 

Cigna wants it’s policy holders to receive the best treatment according to the policy holders needs. Therefore they use the policy holders mental health data records and their physical data records to coordinate care that is more applicable to them. This then provides the health practitioners with the important documentation needed to tailor specific treatment. The idea of a health insurance provider collecting personal data may be scary. It does enable them to better identify which of Cigna’s policy holders may require treatment or assistance before a health issue worsens.

Does Cigna cover Both Inpatient and Outpatient Services?

Cigna insurance offers a plethora of plans. Their policyholders can rest knowing that they have plans for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. As mentioned previously, Cigna offers a large network of locations that have been ranked and accepted by them as screened treatment centers. This is for both outpatient and inpatient treatment centers. However, remember that some treatment services do need to be preauthorized before hand to not be surprised with unexpected costs.

Coastal Detox offers both inpatient and outpatient detox options. Each are able to help those struggling with substance abuse disorders. Outpatient services are designed for those with personal and/or professional obligations. Essentially for those struggling that are unable to be within our treatment center full-time. As for our inpatient facility, those struggling that need constant supervision for their health or even a break from the constant hustle and bustle of life within society have the option to stay here. 

Coastal Detox is Ready to Help You!

We here at Coastal Detox know how vital it is to find rehabilitation that is catered to your specific needs. A treatment center that is not only effective but also affordable. Whether it is you, or someone you know, seeking treatment and the very best way to detox from drug or alcohol addiction, Coastal Detox is the place for you!

We are ready and waiting to work with and for you to plan out the best possible treatment plan! We are open twenty-four hours and one of our highly trained addiction specialists is waiting for your call at (866) 406-6623.