Humana Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment at Coastal Detox

Figuring out health insurance has always been a difficult task. The majority of people know that they have some sort of health coverage, but do not know what their plan is and what type of care it covers. Humana is a health insurance carrier that provides coverage for not just the health aspect, but also recognizes the importance of wellbeing as a part of overall health. Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and needing treatment is difficult enough. Humana offers quite a few different policies and services that provide coverage for an array of care needs. On this page, we will break down the opportunities for specialized care and which plans to cover your specialized addiction treatment requirements. 

Variety in Humana’s Policies

The majority of people with Humana health coverage have drug and alcohol addiction treatment included within their plan. Humana serves over 13 million customers and is one of the topmost opted for health insurance plans available. It comes recommended by drug and alcohol treatment resource centers and is regarded among the top of the list. Based on your specific plan, the type and amount of treatment available for coverage can vary. We are here to make this as easy as possible to understand, placing you one step closer to rehabilitation through drug and alcohol treatment centers. 

Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Wellness Deserves Coverage According to Humana

Making the decision to receive drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is the first step. The second step is figuring out how to cover the expenses of specialized programs offered by the rehab facility, and how much is covered by insurance. Humana Behavioral Health is a portion of coverage offered by  Humana medical insurance company. As a subsidiary of Humana, Humana Behavioral Health makes it a point to include an overall mind-and-body stance on a person’s health and wellbeing. Including holistic treatment, they consider addiction treatment as a very important factor of overall health, and therefore, important to health coverage in general. 

Humana Behavioral Health has Professional Treatment Options for You

Receiving the best possible care at the time you need it most is the ultimate goal to recovery. It’s also an important understanding of the Humana Behavioral Health department’s policymakers. Making mental health and addiction treatment as available as possible, Humana offers more than 65,000 licensed care professionals to make it possible for them to offer care to the most customers as possible and as efficiently as possible. Types of medical professionals provided to you include:

Being connected to the most helpful accredited addiction treatment specialist is key to a successful and fulfilling life of recovery. Drug and alcohol resource centers understand the peace of mind provided when assisting you with treatment options that fit into your health coverage policies. 

How Humana is Available to Provide for You Today

Humana Behavioral Health takes pride in being able to assist you on your journey to health and wellness through drug and alcohol treatment resources. To do this, Humana does its best to provide you with answers to your questions and concerns by making available the following: 

For any additional drug or alcohol treatment concerns, please visit the Humana Behavioral Health section of your Humana insurance policy. 

Humana Policy Coverage for Help with Substance Abuse

There are a variety of things to consider when determining what treatment and rehab services for drug and alcohol addiction are covered by Humana. A few of the top-rated factors taken into consideration when looking at you Humana Health coverage include:

Please make it a point to discuss recommended treatment options with drug and alcohol treatment centers in order to acquire the information on the most beneficial plan available to you. 

Treatment Options Typically Covered by Default

Most health insurance policies include some sort of coverage built into every plan. In the event that a program recommended as part of your recovery treatment, add on services are available to purchase in addition to your deductible. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at which options are typically included in the average insurance policy being used by members. We usually notice that the services below are part of the most commonly purchased Humana policy plans: 

Please note, as directly stated by Humana: “In order to be covered, expenses must be medically necessary and specified as covered.”

In-Network vs. Out of network with Humana Health Coverage

Some of the plans provided by Humana for drug and alcohol rehab treatment do not provide coverage or mental health facilities that are out-of-network. Meaning, there is a certain radius of coverage based on the current residing location. Usually, the terms for the network that is covered is based on the location that the policy was purchased in, due to different price ranges in different areas of medical facilities, and what they charge per service.  However, Humana generally does not restrict its coverage by geographical locations and is subject to change.  

Getting Coverage Approved for Substance Abuse Treatment 

There are instances where Humana will approve coverage for treatment programs that are out of the range of service. Keep in mind, this is not a usual exception unless referred by your primary health care physician. Referrals for drug and alcohol rehab treatment are mandatory. Because of the rarity of circumstances, doctors do not often find out of network services necessary, due to the availability of local rehab treatment centers. Having to request out of network care is not often a common occurrence. That said, patients are reminded that they can be held responsible for the costs of higher co-payments. Humana will at times require you to cover somewhat higher deductibles in out-of-network facilities.  Also, keep in mind that Humana could hold you responsible for the complete out of pocket cost, so please check with your carrier to create a proper plan of action. 

When to Have Alternate Coverage or Financial Preparedness with Humana

There are circumstances where Humana will grant coverage to out-of-network services, however, taking appropriate action with your doctor is important to be considered applicable. Other services that do not fall under Humana’s Health Care policies include:

Remember, having a referral from your doctor is mandatory to be eligible for any kind of coverage.

Humana and Inpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It is important that patients review their policy allowances prior to organizing care. Unlike outpatient care, inpatient coverage varies greatly from plan to plan, and may not be offered at all. Additionally, whether or not inpatient care, or residential programs, will be partially or fully covered, if coverage is available at all, can be impacted by the location in which the treatment is being requested in. Overall, if applicable, inpatient services can and will only be provided within the customer’s network, and with your doctor’s referral. 

Humana Qualifications and Mandatory Fees

Humana requires that policyholders are responsible to make co-payments for services that are not fully covered. Some of these payments are predetermined fees that must be met before any kind of coverage may start. As with most insurance companies whose assistance is enlisted for drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment, patients must meet the maximum annual out of pocket expenses, as set forth by the terms of their policy agreement. This is known as maximum out of pocket deductible, which must be reached before receiving additional assistance with treatment. 

Finally, Humana health insurance places a year minimum, that a patient must be a policyholder before the individual is able to use its benefits for rehabilitation purposes. 

Humana Aftercare Treatment Process

At Humana, it is understood that after receiving treatment from an inpatient rehabilitation facility, the need for care is not always over. Humana provides support for the month following having been discharged. 

The trained representatives at Humana will be sure to assist you with any follow-up checkups that are necessary.  After being discharged, a person’s success in recovery largely depends on understanding and following through with the rehab treatment centers suggested support. Team members at Humana will be available to assist you with community support programs, such as finding meetings for  AA or NA, and also provide you with convenient locations available to fill any necessary medications and observe the guidelines for appropriate prescription usage.

Coastal Detox is Ready to Provide the Help You Need

If you need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, Coastal Detox is eager to help win the battle over substance abuse. We understand how valuable it is to have all the information you need for recovery. Let us assist you in getting the best affordable, effective treatment.

At Coastal Detox, providing the best care possible for our clients is our ultimate goal. Every person suffering from the holds of addiction can rest assured that we’re prepared to provide the best path to freedom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Coastal Detox is here for you and reminds you that you are not alone. For any and all inquiries, please call us today at (877) 406-6623 to speak with our addiction specialists. Don’t let addiction take another precious day. 


Connor Barton
Connor Barton
The staff here is amazing. Caring and attentive. I finally kicked the sticks and couldn’t be happier.
Jacob Rashid
Jacob Rashid
So nice to have Grandma back to her old self. She has struggled with xannies for as long as I can remember. The staff were so attentive and met her where she was, not where they wanted her to be. Thank you Coastal Detox!
Tara Payne
Tara Payne
I struggled with alcohol addiction for most of my life. After many tries nothing worked.It was my 43rd birthday and I wasn't gonna see 44 if I didn't get help. I called around and found Coastal. So glad I did. I am so grateful for EVERYONE there. This beautiful facility is not just a detox. They actually have programs to help you learn to live a sober life and enjoy being yourself again! Entire staff is awesome! (Ms Diana ❤️ and Mrs Karen ❤️)They really understand how your feeling as most are in recovery also. If your looking for some help please give them a call. I give them 10+stars. Five months sober now!!! Thank you Coastal!!!
Bob Hawkins
Bob Hawkins
The entire staff of Coastal is great, the therapists, the nurses, the techs, everyone. It’s a great environment to begin your recovery in. As an added perk, the food is some of the best you’ll ever have thanks to the chefs.
Tony Givens
Tony Givens
My experience at coastal detox was very good, the staff there is terrific. They helped me get through the process of detox in a safe and professional manor.
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
It been almost a year!! Thank y’all
Matthew Mcnulty
Matthew Mcnulty
This is the top tier Rehab/Detox center in Southeast FL. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Their attention to detail is impressive. They specialize in treating alcohol abuse among several other conditions. If you or a loved one are looking for a blueprint on how to sober up…Coastal Detox will lead you there.
Mary Katz
Mary Katz
My experience with Coastal has been one of empathy, kindness and family. From Admissions to Nurses to techs I have never felt so cared for. Food and drink 24/7. Coastal is a place I went twice. First time 14 days next 6days later for another 11. At 59 and umpteen detoxes Coastal by far is Heaven Sent! As a Nutritionist and Trainer, I'm so happy to be back....the Mary ,who was lost:)
vicky ehr
vicky ehr
Great place . Helped me so much I am a 64 year old woman and this place got me sober with dignity and kindness. I highly recommend it plus the food is incredible. Rooms are really well laid out. 2 guys to a room . Each bed has its own t.v with head sets so you dont bother your roomate. Take an extra pillow and comfort blanket from home. At least 3 pairs of pj’ s sock and shoes and comfortable clothing fit. You do your own laundry there. I will send you the link to look at. After thinking all morning this is hands down the place for you. Lots of young people and fantastic therapists. For my wonderful son who suffers. From addiction the way I do.

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