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10 Relapse Prevention Tips

Life is a guarantee that is certain: nothing is guaranteed and it’s certain that it isn’t. The part that’s essential to life is remaining aware as to what is and isn’t out of your control when it comes to understanding such confusion. The only guarantee is life is a life worth fighting for. The sun will rise up, the rain will pour down, and birds will chirp- all things that are going to happen whether we like it or not. 

For those in recovery, knowing all about relapse prevention tips and being conscious of yourself creates all the difference in the world for maintaining recovery. Most of us find ourselves here when our usage and debauchery finally catches up and the necessary steps are needed to keep the ball of life moving. This usually entails dropping all forms of drugs and alcohol from the table and enrolling ourselves into some sort of anonymous program. Then we start working the 12 steps, getting a sponsor, and participating in various addiction services- sounds familiar?

Of course, most of us are all too versed in this drill. We know what we’re supposed to do, but can we commit to the concept 100%? The idea now is to stay on the road and not let the little speed bumps and interesting paths along the way deter us from our intended direction. Relapse can happen to anybody despite your clean time and the fear of using that revolves around it. Knowing certain relapse prevention techniques and constantly being one step ahead of your addiction is the only true way to refrain from the powerlessness and unmanageability at hand.

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

What a lot of individuals fail to realize is that relapse prevention isn’t just abstaining from picking up a drink or a drug, but it is also the mindset that comes along with sobriety. The performance of relapsing starts in the mind and is a conscious or sub conscious thought process that has to be entertained- the same goes for relapse prevention. We begin to play with the idea of getting drunk/high or reminiscing about what it was like. Beware these thoughts because they are the dangerous ones that will bring emotion into the mix and completely throw you off guard. Our brains begin obsessing over that feeling of euphoria that we so readily crave and we begin the process of relapse without realizing it. Relapse prevention means having to go that extra mile and putting effort into things like

  • Calling somebody when cravings are heavy
  • Going to meetings when you least want to
  • Avoiding old friends and playgrounds
  • Finding new hobbies and forms of entertainment
  • Utilizing therapy

Beware these thoughts and struggle with them to the best of one’s ability. When the clock strikes and this occurs, leave your glass slipper behind and run. Addiction is the ugly step sister that wants you to remain miserable.

relapse prevention

The Reality of Tomorrow

Most people in the rooms live by the mindset of “just for today” because it is easier to comprehend a 24 hour day in terms of relapse prevention than it is to analyze somebody’s entire life and looking so far into the future. Nothing in this world is permanent except for death. For some, it helps to alleviate anxiety and stress when they maintain the mindset of just getting through one more day. Sometimes the triggers and cravings can be intense enough to cripple somebody into such a manner. If we can just get through this next hour without getting high, then we’re hitting the intended goal- that’s the idea. Knowing this and knowing that we are not shackled to recovery once we pick that route can be comforting at times. The demand isn’t going anywhere- narcotics and booze will always be here.

Find Your Voice

Another one of the most powerful relapse prevention tools is the right to be heard. Reaching out to people- especially other addicts and alcoholics is how recovery started. Alcoholics Anonymous was started when two alcoholics, (Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob), sat down and started comparing and talking to each other about their drinking dilemmas. Upon relating to each other and sharing their stress and strife was when they were able to begin comprehending each other. It’s often when we begin talking about our issues and venting to another person, we start to feel some little sliver of clarity. A few other things that might help to provide that piece of mind are

Whether it’s another addict, a therapist, or your higher power- just speaking with another can lessen the cravings or demented thoughts that may be appearing. Recovery teaches us that we’re not alone and relapse prevention shows that this is something we can actually accomplish. To some degree, everybody just wants to be understood. To not feel alone, that’s what we’re all striving for. It’s in our active addiction and alcoholism that we begin to feel lonelier than the number one as we push away loved ones and the part of ourselves that seeks righteousness. Relapse prevention is possible if we are willing to take action.

Proper Problem Prevention

Addiction and alcoholism cause a slew of problems in our life that will never get better unless acknowledged. Relapse prevention takes challenging the beast of alcoholic thinking head on. In a backward way of thinking, relapse cannot happen unless we are to get clean first. If you or your loved one is ready to leave substance dependency behind and start this way of life, please call 888-481-1993. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.