Medical Detox: Do Drug Detox Programs Actually Work?

Every year, over 20 million people in the United States struggle with addiction. But only about ten percent of them (2.5 million people) actually seek and receive treatment at a specialty facility.

If you’re dealing with an addiction and need help getting clean, it’s imperative to seek help as soon as possible.

There are many different types of treatment facilities you can visit to get the help you’re looking for, including drug detox programs.

If you’ve never heard of a drug detox program before, or if you just want more information to decide if this kind of program is good for you, keep reading. All of the basics about these programs will be explained below.

What are Drug Detox Programs?

Many people assume that the only way to overcome a drug addiction is to give up your drug of choice cold turkey and suffer through the withdrawal symptoms.

This method does work for some people. But, for others, it can be ineffective, dangerous, and even life-threatening.

When you’re habitually using a strong drug like heroin, for example, the withdrawal symptoms you experience when you suddenly stop using the drug can be so painful that some people actually die.

Drug detox programs offer an alternative to traditional detox programs. They utilize prescription medications like the drug Suboxone to minimize withdrawal symptoms and help an individual wean themselves off their drug of choice.

How Do Drug Detox Programs Work?

Many drug detox programs are inpatient programs. This means that you will actually stay at a special facility overnight for a specific period of time.

These kinds of programs allow the addict to detox in a safe environment under the supervision of qualified medical professionals.

When you first arrive at the facility, a special detox plan will be created for you, and you may be prescribed medication. This medication will be distributed to you on a regular basis by a medical professional to aid you in the detox process.

How Long Does the Program Last?

There’s no set duration for drug detox programs. But, they typically take place in an inpatient setting, and the initial detox usually lasts between 24 hours and ten days.

The detox period is often part of a more comprehensive addiction treatment program. Drug detox programs may involve other treatments to help you cope with the detoxification process and learn how to cope with triggers appropriately to avoid relapse.

When you stay in a drug detox facility, you’ll likely have access to group and individual therapy. You’ll also have opportunities to spend time outdoors and enjoy healthy meals that can aid in the detox process as well.

Medications Used During Drug Detox Programs

There are many different medications that physicians will prescribe to help addicts get through the detox process safely.

The following are some of the most common drugs used in these programs:

  • Suboxone: This drug reduces heroin cravings and blocks the effects of heroin use on the brain.
  • Methadone: This is a less potent opioid painkiller that helps reduce cravings for heroin and other opiates.
  • Buprenorphine: These days, this is often used in place of methadone because it’s easier to transition off of.
  • Antabuse: This drug interferes with the body’s ability to absorb alcohol.
  • Naltrexone: This drug reduces the effects of alcohol, as well as alcohol cravings

People who are abusing benzodiazepines often receive less potent versions of these same drugs. These versions allow them to wean themselves off of the drugs to which they are currently addicted.

Who Should Use a Drug Detox Program?

Not everyone needs to participate in a drug detox program to overcome their addiction. The following people are most likely to benefit from this type of program:

  • Those who have a physical addiction to a specific drug (or drugs)
  • Those who would experience severe discomfort if they tried to go through withdrawal without assistance
  • Those who face serious health risks if they try to go through withdrawal without assistance

People who are addicted to the following substances most often utilize drug detox programs:

  • Heroin
  • Prescription painkillers (Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines

People who abuse club drugs and inhalants may also require a drug detox program to get clean.

Benefits of Drug Detox Programs

There are lots of reasons to consider a drug detox program, including the following:

Consistent Structure

When you’re trying to overcome an addiction, structure is everything.

When you’re participating in an inpatient drug detox program, you don’t have a lot of free time. This stops you from finding ways to obtain your drug of choice or even thinking about it. This, in turn, minimizes your chances of relapse.

Consistent Support and Supervision

In addition to having a consistent structure, inpatient drug detox programs also provide you with 24-7 professional support. You’ll have access to counselors, doctors, and nurses who can help you through the most difficult aspects of the recovery process.

Many people who go through detox programs also experience severe mental withdrawal symptoms — depression, anxiety, etc.

It’s especially important to have access to mental health professionals during this time in order to stay safe and avoid slipping into unhealthy behaviors or patterns.

No Negative Influences

When you participate in an inpatient drug detox program, you’re also free from negative influences. You’ll be surrounded by other people who all have the same goal as you — to get clean and live a healthier, happier life.

Time to Focus on Yourself

An inpatient drug detox program gives you time to focus exclusively on yourself and your recovery. You don’t have to split your focus between your recovery and other everyday stressors like work or family problems. This can improve your chances of getting clean and staying clean.

Enroll in a Drug Detox Program Today

Now that you know more about what to expect from drug detox programs, do you think this is the right approach for you? There are a lot of benefits of drug detox programs, including access to 24-7 medical and mental health support.

If you think that a drug detox program is appropriate for you and your needs, contact us at Coastal Detox today.

At our facility, we use a combination of holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatments to promote a safe, healthy detox.

Connor Barton
Connor Barton
The staff here is amazing. Caring and attentive. I finally kicked the sticks and couldn’t be happier.
Jacob Rashid
Jacob Rashid
So nice to have Grandma back to her old self. She has struggled with xannies for as long as I can remember. The staff were so attentive and met her where she was, not where they wanted her to be. Thank you Coastal Detox!
Tara Payne
Tara Payne
I struggled with alcohol addiction for most of my life. After many tries nothing worked.It was my 43rd birthday and I wasn't gonna see 44 if I didn't get help. I called around and found Coastal. So glad I did. I am so grateful for EVERYONE there. This beautiful facility is not just a detox. They actually have programs to help you learn to live a sober life and enjoy being yourself again! Entire staff is awesome! (Ms Diana ❤️ and Mrs Karen ❤️)They really understand how your feeling as most are in recovery also. If your looking for some help please give them a call. I give them 10+stars. Five months sober now!!! Thank you Coastal!!!
Bob Hawkins
Bob Hawkins
The entire staff of Coastal is great, the therapists, the nurses, the techs, everyone. It’s a great environment to begin your recovery in. As an added perk, the food is some of the best you’ll ever have thanks to the chefs.
Tony Givens
Tony Givens
My experience at coastal detox was very good, the staff there is terrific. They helped me get through the process of detox in a safe and professional manor.
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
Jodi Silverman Goldberg
It been almost a year!! Thank y’all
Matthew Mcnulty
Matthew Mcnulty
This is the top tier Rehab/Detox center in Southeast FL. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Their attention to detail is impressive. They specialize in treating alcohol abuse among several other conditions. If you or a loved one are looking for a blueprint on how to sober up…Coastal Detox will lead you there.
Mary Katz
Mary Katz
My experience with Coastal has been one of empathy, kindness and family. From Admissions to Nurses to techs I have never felt so cared for. Food and drink 24/7. Coastal is a place I went twice. First time 14 days next 6days later for another 11. At 59 and umpteen detoxes Coastal by far is Heaven Sent! As a Nutritionist and Trainer, I'm so happy to be back....the Mary ,who was lost:)
vicky ehr
vicky ehr
Great place . Helped me so much I am a 64 year old woman and this place got me sober with dignity and kindness. I highly recommend it plus the food is incredible. Rooms are really well laid out. 2 guys to a room . Each bed has its own t.v with head sets so you dont bother your roomate. Take an extra pillow and comfort blanket from home. At least 3 pairs of pj’ s sock and shoes and comfortable clothing fit. You do your own laundry there. I will send you the link to look at. After thinking all morning this is hands down the place for you. Lots of young people and fantastic therapists. For my wonderful son who suffers. From addiction the way I do.

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