Underestimated Coping Skills in Sobriety

In this giant rat race, we are constantly breaking our backs for currency or financial interest. However, all the gold and silver on this planet couldn’t teach you how to be a better person. Patience is of so much value in this world that constantly tests us just for kicks. Things never go the exact way we have them panned out in our mind, but how could they? Life is the one calling the shots- not us. Let’s be honest here. We all have our patience and sobriety tested from time to time. It has happened before and will happen again whether invited or not.

However, the most crucial part of the test is how we end up reacting to it. It’s important to learn various coping skills in sobriety so as to avoid letting that fuse burn out and causing somebody to go postal like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Being prepared and having just a couple of the tools available on your belt will help push alcoholic thinking back.  

Sometimes we can withstand the largest pains and hardly flinch at the damage done. Then other times it’s the simplest thing that throws us over the edge of acceptance and back into the pits of addiction. Harboring specific coping skills in sobriety is the key difference between recovery and white knuckling abstinence for some. With endless possibilities, some of those coping skills in sobriety range from:


Express Yourself

Some of the best free therapy one can find is a pen and some notebook paper. It may be hard for some to get into, but scribbling down thoughts onto paper is an extremely beneficial thing for those of us who have wandered over to the sobriety side of the road. Really, it’s a good hobby for anybody to pick up because it gives us an opportunity to reflect our thoughts, emotions, and expressions of any sort.

For many, there are things we want to say and are just not able to articulate them correctly or even process them as a dialect. It’s often found that writing out the things circling our minds is the most productive way to communicate with ourselves even. Now, this doesn’t mean we have to stop conversing with ourselves- I talk to myself on a regular basis.  However, this side of things can give a different approach as you view the things visually that you’ve been romanticizing or going over and over in your head.

woman journaling

Drawing a Line

Then there’s the aspect of taking that pen and paper and turning some of these thought out words into doodles. For many people in recovery, particularly myself, art is a hobby or something to pick up that can ease frustration and relax a person. In a sense, it is like a form of meditation for many as they lose themselves in the art process and use it as a coping skill in sobriety. The great aspect about art is that it is a form of expression that releases the creative right sided part of our brains and doesn’t have to just stop with a pen and paper. Throw some colors and other random objects in there and you have a recipe for serene entertainment. Alas, not all people can get their rocks off with a little bit of self-reflection expression- it just doesn’t do it for them. Some need a more introspective approach for practicing coping skills in sobriety.

Coping with Others to Cope with Self

Just the act of becoming sober allows us to see things in a brighter, clearer perspective. Once we have started to look at things this more optimistic manner, then we start trying to pay it forward- or at least that’s the idea. Everybody needs a little bit of help here and there- just as we did in our recoveries. After all, the coping skills in sobriety that saved us didn’t all appear in a dream.

A wise man once said that life is like a table filled with all sorts of different drinking glasses. Our job on this planet is to keep those glasses of water full so that others can be happy. Yet at the same time, we have to keep our pitcher full to do so. Therein lays a wonderful ingredient to the masterful recipe of life. In my own experience, I know I feel warmest and most content when making somebody else happy. This is a very much underestimated coping skill in sobriety that can bring out a little sunshine in the cloudiest of days. The good makes you forget about the bad, a simpleton rhetoric that stays true to the end.

It Feels Good to Feel Good

One favorable method used often to cope with the world’s teeth gritting tribulations is exercise. I’m sure most who are reading this have heard of a “runner’s high”. This is not a figment or some extravagant myth. After you get your heart rate up and running for a little bit of time, this is when the endorphins will begin to release. This is the point where we start obtaining that feeling like when we used to get while getting high. It’s a rush in its own sense, but much healthier of a rush that is the body’s natural production of endorphins providing such. Exercise has always been a huge stress reliever and a way to let loose from the reigns of life for a little bit. Go ahead, pick the right tunes and try to give it a shot. Most would be surprised at how much weight these things will take off your shoulders if you can master just a few of these coping skills in sobriety.  

Struggling to Cope with Life Itself?

No more white knuckling it. No more grinding your teeth. No more clenching your fist. There are healthy ways cope with life out there if we take the time to recognize them. Getting high or drunk off a handful of chemicals never solves any of our problems in the end. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 888-481-1993 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

Real Client Testimonials

  • Coastal detox has an amazing staff, they are caring, devoted and caring for their clients. I cannot say enough about there level of care and response to their clients. I highly recommend them to those who need help.

    Donna M. Avatar
    Donna M.
  • This facility is amazing.I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.The entire personnel from Judy,the director to Annie,the outreach coordinator will facilitate a smooth intake process.Your recovery journey awaits you with an on-site therapist in sight .All the tools are here for your ample needs.The techs know directly who to refer you to.,especially Tony and Karen. Confidentiality and professionalism are their top priority. Take the step

    Joan C. Avatar
    Joan C.
  • The place is super nice with absolutely amazing food. Like 5 star restaurant quality food. The staff and therapist definitely care about every client and want what’s best for them. This isn’t one of the sketchy places in Florida that just has a nice website. It really is a great place.

    nickbruck101 Avatar
  • Coastal Detox is a great company. I highly recommend this detox to anyone who needs help and or is suffering from substance abuse. Their staff truly goes above and beyond for each and every person, I was astonished by their medical/ clinical and BHT staff!

    kelly d. Avatar
    kelly d.
  • Thank you Costal Detox, 9 months sober now and loving every bit of it! I hate how mean I was while detoxing but then again it’s all part of the process. The staff were so caring and kind - helpful in so many ways! The environment was so comfortable and pleasing to be in!

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    Addison R.

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