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They say that all human emotion boils down to two base feelings: love and fear. They are both very extreme components that can be the root to any of our rational or irrational decision making. A fear of buses would give you the common sense to hop out of the way as one comes barreling at you on I-95. However, if you’re on the other side of that coin, a passionate love for buses may have you decide that jumping in front of and splattering all over the windshield was your destiny.

Fear and love lead us to strange places, but the first of the two is generally more controlling. For addicts and alcoholics, fear will drive us into a chemical dependency that will also keep us from taking the next step to better ourselves. We tend to build up these walls and create more problems than actually exist. Of those, financial is at the top of that list. Fortunately, there is State Assistance in Florida to help for such monetary issues that we use as an excuse to avoid ourselves.

Your “X” on the Map

The panhandle state, also known as Dante’s Inferno to most of us, has a lot of benefits when it comes to finding state assistance in Florida. Sure the summers are long and hot…..and the winters are long and hot, BUT it has its list of other pros and cons just like any other state.

South Florida specifically is the recovery capital of the world that has hundreds of addicts and alcoholics arriving in its airports on a daily basis. Walking down the sidewalk in a busy town like Delray Beach has it nearly impossible to avoid somebody who is in recovery. But the big question is: how did they make it work?

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Collect $100 and Skip Jail

If we are fortunate enough to make it away from the dark side and be granted this opportunity for a new life, we might as well take advantage of all that is being offered to us. State assistance in Florida can be one of the key factors into keeping one’s head above water in this world full of sharks. If we’re lucky enough to get clean and not land in a pine box coffin, most of us find ourselves here in debt and needing serious fiscal help.

State assistance in Florida comes in big and small packages, but just has to be looked for. The southeasternmost state has an array of options to help those in early recovery such as pecuniary help for paying rent, utility bills, free food, medical care, and other forms that are made available. Existing options for state assistance in Florida include but are not limited to

  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Florida Lifeline Assistance Program
  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Florida Discount Drug Cards
  • Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program
  • Temporary Cash Assistance

The best part is that this list of help offerings doesn’t stop there. There are even more programs for state assistance in Florida that can tremendously help somebody in early recovery if they allow themselves to take advantage of such and are ready to come out from hiding under their rock.


Life shouldn’t be as difficult as we choose to make it so much of the time. This statement couldn’t be more than true for addicts and alcoholics of course. We tend to find the thin line in things and then either try to tightrope walk over across it, or we pull out a large pair of scissors and snip away at the lines keeping us from toppling over and falling victim to life.  

So even though we are professionals at making bad decisions, allowing some state assistance in Florida to help us is a start to making good choices. As mentioned previously, so many of us arrive in recovery completely broken and with flies darting out of our wallets/purses. We had enough to pay for treatment and get our IOP or halfway houses set up, but now what are we supposed to do?

State assistance in Florida has guides such as the Florida Lifeline Assistance Program that can be a determining factor in somebody being able to maintain their daily practices. For instance, FLAP helps provide and option for those in need to receive free phone or cellular service. It’s a Lifeline program(phones) that provides either a $13.50 credit per month on a phone landline bill or it will provide approximately 60 free cell phone minutes per month. None of us should be surprised that phones are now a necessity to get by in this world. State assistance in Florida makes it so that we can still get by as we try to recover the broken pieces from our previous life.

There are always a lot of variables that can depend on whether or not somebody is eligible to receive state assistance in Florida, but of course, it’s better to check than to keep things like this in the unknown. With some state assistance in Florida- the person may need to be a resident for up to a year. Then there are other timetables that make it so a person just needs to have a legal mailing address and they can sign up for whatever state assistance in Florida that they please. The options are there for a reason. For us addicts and alcoholics, it’s about utilizing the help that is offered to us.

Struggling to Find Help?

No more white knuckling it. No more grinding your teeth. No more clenching your fist. Everybody needs help and assistance of some sort in this life. We can’t make it through life completely on our own, and we damn sure can’t get completely sober on our own. Life needs help. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 888-481-1993 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.