The Benefits of Getting Sober in Florida

If somebody looked me square in the eye 5 years ago and explained that Florida would soon be my new home to be- they would’ve been greeted with a slew of insults and been told they were down-right bonkers. Yet that was in 2012 and here I am typing this article on the sunny shores of the pan handle state. Being from the mountains, the idea of Florida always left a bitter taste in my mouth. Left to my own devices, I would’ve never boarded a plane and arrived in this paradise that feels like Dante’s Inferno. Also left to my own devices, I more than likely would not be seeing the light of day. Attempting to and getting sober in Florida saved my life and thousands of others that find themselves en route to the bottom of the United States where the rest of us seem to be baking away in the sun. If it is not apparent, my contempt for this very state is still very high. Yet the benefits of getting sober in Florida and how grateful I am hold a magnitude far greater than the sweat dripping off my brow.

Chasing Warmth

South Florida is quite an incredible place to live and what a time to be alive it is. There is so much to do with so many places to go and so many people to see- the possibilities are endless. However, there is a large demographic of people that wind up down here every single day for the same reasons: to enter recovery and start over. The thing with alcoholism and addiction is that we are never entirely alone. We often convince ourselves that nobody understands what we are going through or that we were the only ones to got a bad hand of cards in this deck we call life. If we could open our eyes long enough to see the truth, we would realize that there are others who have been in our shoes and made it to the other side. Getting sober in Florida is an amazing idea because of the amount of chemically dependent individuals that all fellowship and band together as they triumph over this epidemic we call addiction.

Take for instance the city of Delray Beach- where I currently reside. This city is literally the recovery capital of the world. Not just the United States, but the world. In 2008, the New York Times declared it to be “the largest and most vibrant recovery community.” If that’s not advocating for the benefits of getting clean and sober in Florida, then I’m not sure what is.

Treatment centers and halfway houses are only a part of what makes getting sober in Florida the place to go for chemical dependency treatment.  A gargantuan recovery community has sprung up as a result of the large numbers of people recovering from addiction and maintaining Florida and various places like Delray Beach as their new place of residency. Getting sober in Florida almost feels like being in a protected bubble. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s plenty of rope to hang yourself with. Let’s be real here- drugs and alcohol are everywhere you go if you look for them. At the same time, though, living in this orange juice producing state provides more opportunity to connect with others in the fellowship and assorted anonymous programs being held all over.

sober friends at the beach

Then there’s the aspect of what recovery actually takes for us. For wonderful things to come, a great deal of work is consistently needed for the rest of life. This may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s better than the alternatives most of us face: incarceration and/or death. To maintain sobriety and avoid the act of reversion, we as addicts and alcoholics have to stay introspective and often do things and go places we really don’t want to. It starts becoming about what you need more than what you want. Aside from the facts already delivered, this, of course, brings up the idea of old playground and play friends. Changing our surroundings and living situations can make the world of difference. As human beings, we are just naturally adaptive and influential people. We will remain the same as the people we find ourselves hanging around unless we separate ourselves from the pack and find a new path with the other outcasts. Addiction and alcoholism are quick to alienate us as people and create tendencies in us that others don’t necessarily understand. Only those who have been through it truly understand the monster that is addiction. Why not surround ourselves with those that can really lead this horse to water?

Look- at the end of the day, getting sober in Florida is one of the best chances an alcoholic or an addict can give themselves. Giving the state a chance and high tailing it here can provide opportunity beyond your wildest dreams. There’s a plethora of Alcoholics and Narcotics Meetings, IOP’s, treatment centers, detoxification facilities, and halfway houses that all serve to help fellow addicts and alcoholics. There’s an amalgamation of people who have been to the depths of hell and back in addiction as they walk around sober with gigantic smiles on their faces. There are options and tons of prospective ways to essentially restart one’s life in a new location- away from all sorts of negativity and drama. There’s amazing sunny weather and it’s beach season literally all year round. There’s too many “there’s” to keep going. At the end of the day, sometimes life is about taking a leap of faith and listening to the advice of others despite what our inner demons are telling us. Be open to change and change will come. Getting sober in Florida will be the change your addiction doesn’t expect. This is your battle. You decide who wins.

We’re More Than Just Orange Juice

There are many states in the U.S. to pick from, but if it’s recovery and help that’s being sought- look no further. Addiction and alcoholism often catch us off guard and send us spiraling before we even know what happened. Fortunately, Florida has options and there are things that can be done for help. If you or a loved one has been struggling to make the next step, call 1-877-978-3125 or visit We have trained specialists on standby ready to help you start detoxing as comfortably as possible and send your life in a direction you can proudly stand behind.

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