FDA Shut down online pharmacies

The internet is such a remarkable tool. The dot-com era came in the 90’s with a BOOM! All of the sudden the World Wide Web was introduced and life as we know it was set in motion. Certainly, Tim Berners-Lee had no idea of the lasting impact he would leave on the soon to be new millennium. The internet runs so many aspects of our life today. From banking transactions to artificial intelligence or from the stock market to airports. Hell, the porn industry relies on the internet almost 100%. It’s incredible how dependent we have become upon it.

However, being that it’s the World Wide Web, the internet in all its glory is available in every corner of the globe. This means that anybody can use it for any means deemed necessary. A large fraction of our world sees this as an opportunity for financial gain. Some do it in an honest way, while others lack morality in their pursuit of happiness- or what they perceive to be. Specifically, there are thousands out there that have created online pharmacies. These internet apothecaries tend to be the root of many issues plaguing the United States.

Avoid the Pharmacopia Utopia

Living in a world that is just as dependent on its medications as it’s the internet, it seems like an online pharmacy would be the ultimate convenience. Sadly it is an opportunity to take blind advantage of those that need help and are looking for cheap methods of help. In other cases, these internet drug stores are used to spread illicit prescriptions onto the streets to those that have no business being prescribed. However you look at it, it’s a corrupt method of medical help that is finally being addressed.

These online pharmacies pose as legitimate medical drug stores that are providing much-needed prescriptions at discount prices. Often times these discount prescriptions are expired, counterfeit, or contaminated in some form or another. In other cases, the prescriptions are illicit by U.S. standards or they are FDA unapproved medications. Some of the more commonly seen prescriptions ordered through online pharmacies include:

  • Pain Pills
  • Antipsychotics
  • Nutritional Products
  • Dietary Supplements    

Some of the pharmacies have been solely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of addicts as well as the wrongful distribution of medication to many innocent “clients”. The worst part is that most of the time the people that run these internet dispensaries couldn’t care less. When money cloaks a person’s conscience, at what point will enough be enough?

Operation Pangea X

The Food and Drug Administration is beginning 2018 by launching Operation Pangea X. Those that are actually in charge of the distribution of pharmaceuticals are putting their foot down. The FDA has recognized the full potential a threat like online pharmacies provide in this day of age. The United States is undergoing an opioid epidemic that is loudly feeding an alcoholism contagion. Statistics for overdoses are ever rising while more and more are depending upon other substances as a form of escapism.

Nobody wants to feel anymore. At some point thru the day in and day out, too many people turn on some form of autopilot. Taking substances just becomes second nature as we attempt to have an affair with life and death. What a lot of people aren’t aware of, or they are and just don’t care, it that these prescriptions are crutches that we’ve self-concluded as necessary. Much of the time, the prescriptions abused through the online pharmacies are just band-aids advertised in an effective manner to those that don’t know any better. For those in actual need, the idea of “you get what you pay for” is more applicable. Online pharmacies are just well-disguised scams.

Points for the Home Team

Despite the authenticity of alcoholic thinking or the poor decisions made by some, it in no way justifies those that are trying to profit off the misfortune of others thru. So along with the work of Interpol, the FDA has been sending hundreds of cease-and-desist letters to specific internet domains registered to online pharmacies. The FDA has also intercepted 500+ packages from some of these online pharmacies, while simultaneously having closed more than 3,500 independent sites. It is safe to say that action is being made.

To top all that off, the FDA has tripled their staff members in international mailing facilities. Many of the online pharmacies that provide a threatening stance to the United States are located outside of American territory. Extra government officials like such will increase the chances of illicit substances being caught coming in and out. Whenever there is a demand, there is always somebody ready to be the supply. If money makes the world go round, then you could say some will do anything they can to keep it spinning.

The FDA stamping out all the online pharmacies is a direct response to just that. The United States is finally starting to recognize the addiction crisis that has slowly been sucking the life out of this once proud nation. Operation Pangea X and the actions of the FDA are a sign that preventative measures are being implemented. The changes that is needed won’t happen overnight, but through these actions, hundreds of people will live to see another day.  

Finding Death Online, Finding Life Online

Addiction is a disease that feeds off flaw. Our country is enveloped in it. Greed, fear, selfishness- all of these are prominent characteristics of this nation right now. Nobody planned for things to turn out this way- it’s just kind of happened. There’s no turning back time, so now it’s about future prevention and treatment assistance. There is a way to get away from the ugliness of addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and are ready for help, please call 888-481-1993 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.