No Two Addicts and No Two Florida Addiction Detox Centers Are Alike

Although doppelgangers exists, they both have different fingerprints, DNA patterns, and social lifestyles unique from one another. Hence, no two addicts or two detox centers are alike, therefore different solutions and unique approaches are needed to address to each individual problem.

A specialized rehab facility, such as Coastal Detox, offers medical evaluations administered when the person signs up for the program, tailored to personal preferences and unique characteristics to ensure the staff truly understands who the addict is mentally. These individual-specific approaches are tailored for each alcohol abuser or drug addict to ensure the proper help is delivered correctly, related to their personalities, social statuses, educational degrees, addiction time frames, and tolerance levels.

What works for one person may not work for another because each body operates differently. Additionally, aside from the unique physical characteristics are the different social challenges they both face. If an addict has endured a rough upbringing by experiencing constant frustration, stress, unfavorable and unlovable family conditions, and eternal sadness their entire life, that person might need a longer stay and a hands-on approach compared to a person who is a recreational drug or alcohol abuser who lived a more productive, ‘happy’ life.

Success depends on many factors.

Although most addicts typically live a similar lifestyle in terms of domestic abuse, theft, depression, health and mental problems, and withdrawal symptoms, they both need different forms of treatment to help facilitate the same type of success. Therefore, attending a luxury rehab facility with staff members who will take the time out to learn about everyone likes and dislikes, ticks and characteristics is the best way to ensure recovery for the addict stays permanent.

Luxury Rehab Centers

No matter if the person is a healthcare professional working in a downtown office or a homeless person shooting up drugs on the streets, they both can seek rehabilitation at a luxury rehab facility if they choose. A luxury rehabilitation alcohol and drug facility have anger management classes, acupuncture treatments, yoga, outdoor natural areas to relax during those uncomfortable flashbacks, and five-star accommodations with semi private carpeted rooms equipped with flat screen televisions, free WIFI, and clean bathrooms that resembles the same quality found in exquisite hotels. The key is providing the addict with the ultimate luxury, comfort, and a positive feng shui conducive for relaxing and healing, so they do not experience a state of shock or have to endure the uncomfortable withdrawal feelings forcefully in an unfavorable environment, such as jail, which will decrease staying clean because of depression.

People searching for the perfect luxury rehab facility can find out useful information by reading the homepage introduction, blog posts, and reading reviews on Google or Yelp posted by real people who attended the facility, for helpful ways of getting an angle on what the facility genuinely has to offer. Moreover, viewing testimonials on YouTube and other video streaming sites from staff members and patients is essential to getting a proper idea of what the institution can offer is helpful.

Feedback from any source is great for making the final choice.

Staff Certifications

Luxury rehab facilities have a full professional staff of behavioral therapists, nurses, and social workers bringing unique skill sets to the table that be utilized to the addict’s advantage. So, if one addict does not vibe with one person, they can connect with another staff member to help them with their needs. Ultimately, the addict will get the help they need because every staff member works in conjunction with each other to ensure the proper recovery methods are executed. Each staff member has different educational backgrounds and expertise in the health fields; therefore a nurse, who may specialize in handling the physical effects of withdrawal symptoms may not understand or properly care for the mental issues that an addict might have, but a behavioral therapist does and will.

The staff members do not treat all addicts with a one-size-fit-all method. They evaluate and execute their ideas, opinions, philosophies, and expertise based on the various psychological testing, clinical neurological evaluations, and DSM assessments to that specific person.

Getting The Proper Help

If the person is abusing people, creating grand schemes to steal items out of stores, and constantly getting arrested for crimes related to their addictions are clear signs help is needed. The road less traveled is a fearful one because of the unexpected obstacles that lie ahead and this is why most addicts tend to shun seeking help because they fear the unfamiliar. However, a luxury rehab facility help eases the pain and create the best likelihood for success. The probability of staying off a substance increases at a rehab facility, compared to quitting cold turkey and staying around influential societal and mental triggers.

Sometimes the person needs to get put in a new environment to help facilitate a successful recovery.

A person who abuses substances for 20+ years need a more intensive therapy consisting of 24-hour monitoring and a longer stay, compared to a recreational user that may need a short-term stay and a less intensive approach. Interestingly, it is the long-term addict who has the better chance of success because they have hit rock bottom, been to hell and back, seen the worst in society and people, but the recreational user might not even think a problem exists, therefore may not stick with the recovery. However, both will get the help they need at a luxury rehab facility.

Transitioning Back Into The Real World

Transitioning back into the real world will be challenging, no matter who the person is. The brain chemistry of the addict has changed and now operating on a normal wavelength producing a new outlook on life.

Read the other articles on this blog for more information about how to stay clean after attending a substance abuse treatment program.

Get Into A Rehab Facility Before It Is Too Late!

There are many people addicted to abusing substances. Approximately 33% of all US students have admitted to trying drugs, so imagine how many are addicted. Drug experimentation in college has quadrupled since the 1990s. And 15 million people are dependent on alcohol and roughly 4 million on narcotics.

Drug and alcohol addiction is an epidemic, do not become a statistic.

Contact the Coastal Detox Center in Stuart, FL at 877-978-3125 for information about detox and staying clean.

*Health insurance accepted.

Real Client Testimonials

  • Every staff member made this process easier. In the darkest hours they shined light. Judy was absolutely amazing. They helped so much and my family will forever be grateful to everyone there. If you or your loved one needs help, rest assured that they will get the best care.

    suzanne w. Avatar
    suzanne w.
  • Thank you Costal Detox, 9 months sober now and loving every bit of it! I hate how mean I was while detoxing but then again it’s all part of the process. The staff were so caring and kind - helpful in so many ways! The environment was so comfortable and pleasing to be in!

    Addison R. Avatar
    Addison R.
  • This is one of the best Detox facilities I have every been too. The doctors and nurses are fantastic and will make you comfortable and treat you individually. The food, rooms and the space itself are all top notch. It is a very safe and comfortable space to get well and all the therapists and staff are so nice, smart and accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Coastal.

    Joshua R. Avatar
    Joshua R.
  • Coastal detox has an amazing staff, they are caring, devoted and caring for their clients. I cannot say enough about there level of care and response to their clients. I highly recommend them to those who need help.

    Donna M. Avatar
    Donna M.
  • Coastal Detox is a great company. I highly recommend this detox to anyone who needs help and or is suffering from substance abuse. Their staff truly goes above and beyond for each and every person, I was astonished by their medical/ clinical and BHT staff!

    kelly d. Avatar
    kelly d.

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