Lake Worth

Lake Worth is not one of the most populous cities in Florida, not like Miami or Fort Lauderdale. So like cities of the same size, Lake Worth only offers a few different choices of treatment centers. Smaller cities tend to have fewer options for their residents available for addiction treatment. 

Nonetheless, those who need urgent help or intervention can count on centers in the cities or nearby. There are a few places that offer detoxification and residential treatment in Lake Worth. Some of the centers also offer psychological support beyond just recovery. They also help people with anything from anger management to PTSD and depression. About 60% of addicts also suffer from a mental disorder, so this is of utmost importance for a full recovery.

Another good thing is that a lot of these centers have services focused on a certain demographic. Some offer help for adolescents; others have programs designed to support LGBTQ+ patients as well. Many of them also have philosophies supporting multiple ideologies, such as Christian-based beliefs. Although there are few options, they are very diverse and aim to help by specializing in issues that affect specific groups.

The extra activities offered by a few of these centers are also another plus. Multiple programs have activities like art therapy, holistic treatments, etc. While those are not mandatory, they make a difference in the long run for most patients.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Lake Worth, Florida

The state of Florida has been linked to several waves of drug abuse and trafficking in the last few decades. One of the most serious ones being cocaine back in the 80s, as Miami was a point of entry into the country. Although cocaine abuse in the state has dialed down since then, it is still a recurrent problem in the state.

Back in the 90s, Florida was also a source for prescription medication that would be used all over the country. That is because they were more easily obtained in Florida than in other states as well. Prescription opioids became a huge issue all over the U.S., starting the first big wave of the opioid crisis. Still, they currently aren’t the main culprit of opioid-related deaths, albeit still often abused.

Fentanyl is the biggest menace to many cities across the U.S., and that includes Lake Worth. Since the 2010s, numbers reported have constantly been increasing. Authorities reported a rash of overdose cases involving the drug earlier in 2020. In 2018, there was a 54% increase in occurrences of fentanyl in the county and a 64% increase in deaths. Professionals believe fentanyl-laced heroin has been the cause of this, implying this opioid crisis is far from over.

Looking into the mental health scenario in the state, odds are things will stay the same without proper initiatives. Almost 1 in every 6 adults in Florida report suffering from a mental disorder, which makes them a risk group for substance abuse. And the problem is not just with the adults in the state.

Younger people have been engaging in substance abuse at ages as early as 12 years old. Marijuana and vaping have been most popular with middle- and high-schoolers in Florida. Another issue is prescription drug abuse. Kids start taking drugs like Ritalin or benzos very early on, and that can lead to misuse and trafficking. Although they can be safe to take, without proper supervision, it might be risky.

Lake Worth, FL Recovery Meetings Near Me 

  • Lambda North, 18 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3705
  • Bryant Park, Gazebo, 1 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3725
  • First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-1816
  • Lake Worth Beach, 10 South Ocean Boulevard, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3939
  • Common Ground Coffee Shop, 12 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3705
  • Saint Luke’s Methodist Church, 165 Ohio Road, Lake Worth, FL 33467-3827
  • 14 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3705

Addiction Treatment Options in Lake Worth, Florida

Currently, there are more than 150 options for inpatient and outpatient programs in Florida for residents to choose from. Nevertheless, there are more options for outpatient treatment centers than inpatient ones in the state. Outpatient treatment programs are usually longer, usually going from 120 days to more. Residential/inpatient programs, however, can last as little as 28 days. Unfortunately, only about 75 of them offer a common 90-day program option. Residential programs tend to be more expensive, and can only end when the doctor sees fit.

As for outpatient treatment, there are multiple service settings available, depending on the patient’s needs. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient are two more intensive options, requiring more visits than basic outpatient. There are both non-private and private options. The number of sessions and their duration will directly affect how long the patient needs to receive treatment. This will also affect the final cost of the program.

Getting Help in Lake Worth, FL: How to Choose the Right Facility

When choosing a rehab facility, you must first consider medical needs. After a proper medical assessment with the team, patients get to know what program would be best for them. This assessment will address factors like level of addiction, family history, drug history, medical and health issues, additional mental disorders, etc. Usually, you will get to have an assessment before starting the program. 

The second factor to keep in mind is the location. If you’re in Lake Worth, is that where you want to stay for treatment? Would you be willing to move? Once that is decided, it is important to factor in time for treatment. Patients need to know how much time they’d have for treatment, if they need to take time off work, etc. 

Finally, potential patients will figure out what service setting they will need. This will depend on the assessment and the resources available to the patient. This will affect the cost, total duration, measures that need to be taken before starting, and a lot more. People who have insurance are able to get coverage for treatment, even if not in full. Insurance providers are obligated by law to offer coverage for rehab services. However, the total coverage depends on your plan and policy. 

It is possible to make treatment more affordable even without insurance. Those without insurance can check their eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid. There are also state- or federal-funded rehab programs available to help pay for treatment. If you are not eligible for any of those, you can try other resources: payment plans, sliding scales, rehab grants and/or scholarships, personal or private loans, crowdfunding, or using a credit card.

Mental Health Services in Lake Worth, FL

Mental health is a big part of aftercare, and so having access to licensed professionals is a big deal. A few dozen psychiatrists and therapists are available in the city of Lake Worth alone. Residents have a few options to choose from, though the number of psychiatrists is very little. Therapists, on the other hand, are easier to find. There are many also available in cities nearby, though that we require a bit of a drive.

As mentioned, there are centers in Lake Worth that offer psychiatric and mental health support. Many of them list multiple, even severe disorders on their page, like borderline. They also provide services for dual-diagnosis patients who are very common.

Mental health care is vital before, during, and after a substance abuse treatment program. For starters, addiction has a psychological aspect to it, and mental disorders can lead to substance abuse. In fact, relapse is a process, and before physically relapsing, people go through mental and emotional relapse. Taking care of your mental health is crucial to stop you from using substance abuse as a coping mechanism, and to break toxic cycles of behavior.

Get Sober Safely and Comfortably At Coastal Detox

No matter where you are in your journey to addiction, you can get the help you need to keep going. Whether you have or if you have not even started, there are programs designed to help you out. We at Coastal Detox offer multiple options to cover all the different needs you might have. From detox to reference for aftercare, our team is prepared to give you their full support throughout recovery.

We are located in the city of Stuart, Florida, right off the state’s Treasure Coast. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art accommodations and technology to ensure your comfort. The menus offered are all planned out and made by chefs, as all meals are made to be nutritious and delicious. All of this, along with our zen garden and holistic room, make us one of the best facilities available in Florida.

If you or a loved one want to know more about our services or schedule a tour, contact us today. Our team will be glad to answer any of your questions and provide all the information you would like. No matter what you’ve been through with addiction, everyone deserves help, and anyone can get it.