Wellington is part of Palm Beach County, which has reported an increasing number of opioid-related deaths. Generally speaking, the state of Florida has been a state with active drug trafficking routes, rings, and consumption. There have been many routes of trafficking coming from other countries found in the area. Additionally, Florida was known for being a little looser with prescription meds as well, all of which might have contributed to the current state. 

But hope is not entirely lost for those residing in Wellington. The constant issues and the history of Florida was not just idly observed by the medical community and those who can help. Because of this crisis and history, there are many options for treatment in Palm Beach County. 

What Makes Florida A Pleasant Place for Rehab

Florida’s status as the sunshine states and unparalleled beaches and landscapes make it a pleasant place for rehab treatment. That, along with the agreeable and more secure community of Palm Beach, makes it ideal for those hoping to recover. There is easy access coming in from other counties and cities into Wellington for those hoping to drive there for treatment. But it can be a great place to move into as well – especially for families with children. 

There are many available in Palm Beach County and Wellington specifically, too. From detoxification to inpatient and/or outpatient programs, people can get treatment right in the city. A lot of these treatment centers also provide therapeutic services that go beyond support groups and therapy. Family therapy, holistic treatments, and wilderness activities are just some of the options available in centers located across the state of Florida.

Wellington, FL Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

From cocaine to prescription meds to opioids, Florida has fallen victim to drug trafficking and the entrance of drugs through the state into the country. Though this history started in the 70s, a lot has changed since then – and not necessarily for the better. Still, cocaine-related deaths are currently one of the most common among drug-related fatalities in Florida. 

Florida’s Opiate Problem

Nowadays, opiates are the main killers in drug-related lethal occurrences in Florida. Palm Beach County specifically has been affected quite strongly by the opioid crisis taking the country. The county has reported a high number of heroin-related deaths and occurrences, having the highest number of heroin-related deaths both in 2016 and 2017. 

But heroin is still not the main issue in Palm Beach County. Doctors believe that the entire county is “an epicenter for certain fentanyl, fentanyl analogs, and heroin overdoses.” The decrease in deaths caused by other substances has been small, whilst fentanyl-related deaths just keep on increasing as time goes on. Data from 2018 stated that there was a 54% increase in fentanyl occurrences and that fentanyl-related deaths increased by 64% in that year alone. 

Florida’s Benzo and Cocaine Problem

When it comes to statewide statistics, Florida has also been dealing with cocaine and benzodiazepine problems. While cocaine-related issues can be attributed to the state’s trafficking history, benzo-related ones are rooted in a different problem. The increase in anxiety diagnoses in the U.S. has affected Florida too, and benzos are being prescribed now more than ever. Still, most cases involving benzos are usually multi-drug deaths.

Benzodiazepine abuse can easily be linked to mental health issues, but that is not exclusive to this drug. About 60% of people in the U.S. struggling with addiction also suffer from another co-occurring psychiatric disorder. This condition is called dual diagnosis, and studies have consistently proven that these disorders can trigger and feed off of each other. In some cases, addiction triggers psychiatric illness; in others, the mental disorders causes addiction.

In Florida, 1 in every 6 adults has reported suffering from a mental illness (16.7%), which puts them at risk considering the easy access to drugs. Binge drinking in Florida has also been a recurrent problem that does not help these adults at risk.

Teen Drug Use in Florida

Among teens and young adults, the main concern is party drugs and drugs that help performance and focus. High schoolers have taken drugs to help them do better in school. As for college students, major universities are known as party schools. Students start binge-drinking and experimenting drugs as young adults, making them at risk of developing an addiction and even psychiatric disorders, as mentioned. 

Wellington, FL Recovery Meetings Near Me 

  • Saint Michael’s Church, 1925 Birkdale Drive, Wellington, FL 33414-5809
  • Billy Bob’s Club, 14587 Southern Boulevard, Loxahatchee Groves, FL 33470-9222
  • The Meeting Place, 655 North Military Trail, #4, West Palm Beach, FL 33415-1305
  • West Palm Hospital, 2201 45th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407-2047
  • Lambda North, 18 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3705
  • Lake Worth Beach, 10 South Ocean Boulevard, Lake Worth, FL 33460-3939
  • First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460-1816

The county of Palm Beach has put in a lot of effort into trying to lessen drug-related issues and raise awareness and prevention. Needle exchange programs and ERs made for overdose victims are some of the measures taken to deal with the opioid crisis and other problems caused by drugs. The Palm Beach Awareness Coalition, founded in 1982, has also been created in order to work on preventative and awareness initiatives with the community.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Wellington, FL

Across the state of Florida, there are more than 150 options for both inpatient and outpatient programs to choose from. But as it is in many other states, outpatient treatment centers are more numerous than inpatient ones. Residential/inpatient programs in Florida can last as little as 28 days and go on for 120 days or even more. Nevertheless, the more common 90-day option is only available in about 75 of them. The longer the duration, the rarer they are. 

For outpatient treatment, people looking for treatment can find both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient options. There are plenty of non-private options and well as private ones. The former alternative can cost anywhere from $3,000 to as much as $15,000. The duration and cost of the program will both depend on how many sessions the patient does a week and for how long.

Getting Help in Wellington, FL: How to Choose the Right Facility

The most important thing to consider when picking a rehab facility is the patient’s medical needs. They will need to have a medical assessment with the team before starting treatment in order to know what program they would need. This assessment can help figure out the level of addiction, medical and health issues, family history, drug history, any additional mental disorders, etc.

Location is the second thing to consider, as well. Once you know where you’d like to go, come to the other factors. Patients must know how much time they’d have for treatment, as it will affect your routine, work-life, studies, etc. Next, potential patients need to know which service setting they will need. This will depend on the assessment, and the type of program will affect the final cost.

This final cost, in turn, will be affected by the financial options and/or limitations of the patient. Anyone who has insurance can count on some level of coverage for treatment. All insurers must provide some kind of coverage, though it will depend on your plan and policy. 

Those without insurance still have ways to make treatment more affordable. You can check your eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid, as well as state- or federal-funded rehab programs. In case these are not options for you, you can rely on other resources: rehab grants and/or scholarships, payment plans, sliding scales, private loans, crowdfunding, or using a credit card to pay it off little by little.

Mental Health Services in Wellington, FL

Wellington has around 130 therapists available in the immediate area to continue therapeutic treatment. But when it comes to psychiatrists, they are a little harder to find in Wellington. Still, finding others in more populated areas nearby can be easier, even if they would require a drive that is a few minutes longer. 

Taking care of one’s mental health issues can be a great help for people to avoid psychiatric-related issues in the future. For those who have had issues with drug addiction and/or mental disorders, it is a need. However, there is no need to wait for a crisis in order to get psychiatric treatment. Therapy can help specialists find a problem early on, diagnose its cause, and recommend a course of action before any problems. 

And that is especially recommended for people suffering from dual diagnosis, or with a family history of it. Because one disorder triggers the other, having a psychiatric disorder alone can put someone at risk for substance abuse. Treating a mental illness can help prevent addiction in a way. And the same goes for people with substance abuse disorders, too. Treating one could mean preventing the other.

You Can Get More Than Just The Help You Need at Coastal Detox

Anyone hoping to recover in Florida can truly get the help they need. If you are hoping to get the treatment you need with the comfort and privacy you deserve, however, that is not guaranteed in every center. However, we at Coastal Detox can provide just that: quality rehab treatment in quality accommodations. 

We can provide you with everything someone would need, even for longer-term treatment programs. From luxurious facilities and chef-prepared meals to gyms, zen garden, and common areas, your experience with us is meant to put you at ease. Recovering can be hard, so we want to make everything else easier.

We accept most major insurance providers, and we have partnered up with many of them in order to provide affordable program options. If you need to find out more about coverage and financial options for treatment at Coastal Detox, we can help. If you want more information or want to take a tour, contact us today. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.