dangers of fentanyl

Life comes and hits like a brick sometimes. We get to hustling and bustling around in the streets and often life comes and brings along the unexpected. Then there’s the part of distinguishing the unexpected and deciding what we can change and what we can’t. What we may need to have a part in, and when we may need to keep our noses in our own business. Addiction and alcoholism are one of those things that will smack you upside of the head when you’re not paying attention. It’s so easy to get sucked into alcoholic thinking and chemical dependency and before you know it, you’re reading off Step 1 and wondering how your life became so powerless and unmanageable. It happens to the best of us, it really does.

Along with the unexpected curve balls that life throws at us, we mustn’t forget injuries being the root of a lot of problems. Time and time again you have somebody who’s gotten hurt and they are immediately prescribed some sort of pain killer to deal with aches and stings accompanying the injury. Much of the time, people start taking these pain killers as a “cure all” for their injury or symptoms revolving around it. What some are unaware of is how painkillers are for pain but not treatment purposes usually. They will only mask the pain- whether were still taking them for physical purposes, or it has become for emotional numbing. Either way, pain killers are the duct tape of the pharmaceutical world and only last for so long before problems like drug withdrawal, addiction, and side effects begin to occur.  The dangers of fentanyl and other prescription opiates are always looming if you decide to mess with the powers that be.

The Pain That Causes More Pain

In all reality, the dangers of fentanyl and other painkillers tower over that of most other narcotics. The tricky thing about the prescription opiate is that it is theoretically legal when prescribed by a practicing physician. It is used usually in extreme medical situations due to its abnormally high effectiveness. Unfortunately, the drug is often abused for its euphoric properties and can be found on the streets in many places. Fentanyl has often been viewed at as a father or rival to that of morphine or heroin. It’s stronger in the majority of cases than either of the before mentioned drugs. This likeness is due in nature to its highly addictive qualities, the health-related risks it can induce, and its potency. In fact on one side, in a lot of cases, dealers will cut their heroin with fentanyl just to make their product that much stronger. On the other side of that are the overdoses and people dropping like flies for getting a product stronger than expected.

Fentanyl patches

The deaths don’t just stop with heroin though. Even in legal situations, tons of deaths happen annually in professional settings from improper medical use and distribution of the alleged narcotic. The product comes in many different forms including patches, lollipops, IV liquid form, or even in standardized pill form. Sadly, this allows the drug to be more easily accessible outside of a doctor’s office. This, in turn, misconstrues and confuses addicts and alcoholics who think they are familiar enough with the drug. The difference between a medical dosage and a dose that kills you is balanced on a very thin line. Medical professionals are taking a risk at their best judgment when using the narcotic on a patient. Records show that the dangers of fentanyl are 50 to 100 times stronger to that of morphine. That includes everything. The chemical make-up is created to hit the person in pain hard and fast, therefore usually not lasting for too long. This is where the deaths start racking up. Due to its strong man deliverance and short life span, people will start taking more for the same desired effect while the drug is still coursing through their system. Most are oblivious to the fact that just because you can’t feel it the same, that doesn’t mean it’s still not coursing through your bloodstream.

The reality of the circumstance is that different people will become addicted at different rates. Nobody goes through the same addiction because everybody’s addiction is their own. Do not be mistaken though that everybody will eventually wind up in the same boat more or less with continued fentanyl use. The effects from the dangers of fentanyl will turn one’s whole life upside down as the physical aspects take hold. Lengthy opiate abuse will put kinks in the digestive system causing bowel obstruction and/or constipation. Followed along with the bathroom issues, usually comes a weakened immune system and fatigued state. Oh! Don’t forget about the nasty withdrawals that come from being physically dependent. See, but then there’s also the mental torture it will put you through. Fentanyl will steal your soul and create you into an entirely different being, and one that nobody in their right mind is in favor of. With continued abuse comes varying levels of paranoia and delusions. Sometimes our personalities will change and we don’t even recognize the individual making eye contact with us in the mirror. Social withdrawal and isolation will take place as motivation and self-esteem start to flap around in the wind.

The hurricane of a drug will do more than just cause some torment and agony. It will take your life in whatever way it can. If not overdose, respiratory distress and heart failure are always close options to follow. In some cases, enough of the drug in one sitting will destroy the brain and put that person in a coma. Living in a vegetative state for the rest of life just for a good high doesn’t seem to make much sense when broken down that way. It’s pretty clear to say that playing with fentanyl is a death sentence and to not be joked about lightly.  

The Dangers Are Everywhere

Be it fentanyl or any other narcotic, addiction and alcoholism is a brutal disease that will take over every aspect of your life if allowed. The dangers of opiates and other drugs will always be present, but there is a solution to any hole dug up. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-877-978-3125 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.