disease of addiction

The sands of time stop for no mortal living creature. We are given such short lives and thrown limitless options on how to pass the hours on the clock. The hours turn to days, the days to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. At the end of the day, everybody is only striving for their little piece of happiness. We all want to be able to sleep comfortably and have a reason to get out of bed every day. Sometimes, though, life just isn’t as simple as that makes it seem. Everybody on this planet has their inner demons that they are constantly battling. We, as in human beings, live in a world where there is so much temptation. So much that is forbidden, yet somehow we have to find a balance with what is acceptable and what is not.

As we progress through the trials and tribulations we know as the game of life, we learn and forget all sorts of new methods and concepts. Human beings are generally adaptive and we learn to survive through adversity, but we are not invulnerable. Life is an unfed beast that will eat you in a heartbeat if one does not stay on their toes. Many of us take the route of partying and trying to accentuate that state of feeling good, only for it to blow up in our faces down the road. Often times when taking this road, many people run into the disease of addiction that was lying dormant inside of them.

Addiction is a warlord of a demon that when awoken will take a hold of the addict or alcoholic’s soul. It squeezes the life out of you and destroys all ambition or anything else one might have going for themselves. It’s a disease in the sense that it never goes away for the addict/alcoholic. There isn’t any known cure for it except working some sort of a 12 step program and attending self-help meetings such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. Even that right there isn’t a cure but only a solution that treats the disease as needed.

The disease of addiction ropes the individual into chemical dependency and/or forming other habits that can be harmful to a person’s health. It tells the affected person to seek harmful patterns and behaviors despite the detrimental results that follow because of poor choice making. As the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says, “Remember that we deal with alcohol- cunning, baffling, powerful”. It takes a strong mental hold and can sway whichever way we go with every step. You see, as human beings, we have the power of choice. We have the option to pick left instead of right, and we can usually pick up what is right and wrong in most situations. Coupled along with our addiction, we have the power to make our world come crashing down on us in a matter of a few split seconds. That’s what this disease does and that’s what it wants. Our power of choice becomes severely clouded while processing all the intoxicants we stuff into our bodies. Addiction and alcoholism will tell us to go with the more thrilling option, regardless of the penalties that might follow suit. It’s up to the addict/alcoholic to recognize when the trouble begins to start brewing up in our attics. Whenever there is a problem, there is a solution- and that solution usually begins with us. The old saying in the rooms of A.A. goes, “life is about 10% of what happens to you and the other 90% is about how you deal with it”. This statement couldn’t be more accurate for those of us with addictive personalities.


Making a Contribution to the Solution

The resolution begins right where the problems usually do, and that’s with our doing. Once an individual can identify the disease of addiction taking over, it is here that the changes can be made to embark on a life of being happy, joyous, and free. First things first, dropping the substances is recommended for all who are serious about overcoming the grasp addiction has on them. After all, it’s these same substances that we cherish that are destroying all the better parts of our lives. Allowing our minds to clear from the haze will really change our perspective on things and allow healthy rational emotion back into the picture frame. Numbing away emotion and our thought processes can really change the outcome of life. Once we start to clear up, it becomes apparent how much of a wreck our lives were turning into. All aspects of life were becoming unmanageable as we sat by powerlessly with not a clue on how to keep moving forward.

So we kick all the intoxicating garbage to the curb and we start diligently changing certain aspects of our life. The disease of addiction never stops and so to keep it at bay we mustn’t either. Fighting off the disease is a life-long battle that really only takes a little bit of work to keep up with. Taking an introspective look at ourselves and diagnosing how the course of events went in a single day shouldn’t be too much to ask for when in concern with life or death situations. What it really boils down to is how much you want that peace of clarity that you can enjoy life with. We addicts/alcoholics try to convince ourselves that we are still enjoying the using lifestyle, but deep down we know how empty and exhausting it feels. We know in our hearts that there is a happier way of life without the burden of needing to ingest chemicals 24/7. Sometimes it really just takes that leap of faith peppered with hope and the results can be extravagant beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Become Informed- Take Action

This ferocious monster of a disease will take anybody it can get. Some are able to live the party lifestyle and at the end of the day walk away from it all and still maintain their sanity. For many of us, this isn’t even close to the case. Our lives revolve around the idea of consuming substances and we struggle to find the good in situations we continuously delve into. There is hope though and struggling doesn’t have to be the guarantee. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-877-978-3125 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life in a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.