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One of the things your body needs to function properly is amino acids. These are chemicals that help transport and store nutrients in the body. A large proportion of the cells in the body, the muscles, and tissues are made up of amino acids. They help give cells their structures and focus on carrying out important functions in the body.

Are Amino Acids Important?

Amino acids are very important to the body. They influence almost every aspect of your health. For instance, they transport and store nutrients, influence the glands and influence the tendons and functions of the organs. They help heal the body when you’re hurt, repairing tissue and closing wounds. They remove waste deposits in the body to help the body’s metabolism.

How Many Are in the Body?

There are around 120 to 130 grams of amino acids in the amino acid pool in the adult male body. Nearly every issue within the body can be explained by an imbalance in the body’s metabolism and amino acids.

The entire pool of amino acids is broken down and altered around three to four times daily. The body has to receive more, which may be broken down from protein in protein biosynthesis, either through your diet or your use of dietary supplements.

What Foods Contain Amino Acids?

Most of the time, you can get the amino acids you need by eating meats like turkey, chicken, or beef. Eggs are also high in protein, which is needed to synthesize some of the amino acids your body craves. By switching to a protein-heavy diet, you can often jumpstart your body’s amino acid production, helping you balance the side effects of a body lacking in these necessary components. Dairy products such as milk and cheese also contain essential amino acids.

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What Depletes Amino Acids?

As your body is unbalanced from addiction, you may not be eating properly. Certain amino acids may be lacking or depleted since your body doesn’t have the nutrients needed to create them.

Why Is It Important to Replenish Them?

When your amino acids are low or unable to be accessed properly by the body, you struggle in many ways. You may not feel awake, could struggle with mood swings or depression, or could have other problems with your metabolism. Low blood sugars, cravings, and other issues can be a result of an unbalanced system.

How Can You Balance Your Amino Acids?

To balance your amino acids, you need to work on your diet. Some of the amino acids you should replenish include:

  • L-Tryptophan, which is necessary for the production of serotonin. This is the body’s natural anti-depressant, so if it can’t access the correct amino acids, your mood could be affected negatively. When your serotonin levels aren’t right, you can suffer from problems like panics, sleep disorders, cravings, compulsive thoughts, and irritability.
  • L-Glutamine is a brain balancer. It helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and helps you think more clearly and with energy. If you miss this amino acid, you might feel shaky and dizzy, especially if you have to wait too long between meals. You likely crave things like sweets and alcohol in this case, because your body wants to boost a low blood sugar level.
  • DLPA D-Phenylalanine, which encourages a longer life span for endorphins in the body. These are pain-relieving chemicals in the body. If you don’t have enough endorphins, you may feel sad, have crying spells, have fragile emotions, and be sensitive to pain. If you are deficient, you may crave sweets, nicotine, or alcohol.
  • GABA, which is an anti-stress chemical. When it’s lacking in the body, you suffer from physical tension, emotional tension, and anxiety. You may crave carbohydrates and alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine if you’re missing GABA chemicals.
  • L-Tyrosine, which helps your body produce catecholamines, which include things like epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These are always neurotransmitters your body needs to focus, concentrate, and feel clear. If you are fatigued, lack motivation, are apathetic or struggle with depression, this could be an amino acid missing in your body. People with this deficiency tend to choose to participate in risky behavior, unsafe sex, or may gamble to feel more awake.  

How Can I Get Help With My Addiction Recovery?

If you want to learn more about working with nutrition, your recovery center can help. Call us today by dialing 1-877-978-3125 to speak with someone now about how altering your diet and nutritional supplements can help you with your recovery, or visit us online at We can help you find the kind of nutrition replacement you think you need and work with you until you find a program that works for your needs.

*Please note: Amino Acid Replacement is available to residential treatment clients only and is provided, off-site via a vendor partner. This service is only available with a cash pay upgrade.