10 Reasons Why Nutrition in Sobriety is a Game Changer

The ants go marching one by one- Hurrah Hurrah. Walking as blindly through life as the next person, nobody on this planet knows the meaning to our existential crisis or our purpose- at least as far as those who haven’t gone completely mad are concerned. However, I think it’s safe to say that everybody just wants to be happy, whatever their version of that means. We all crave our own little slice of paradise. For some of us, meaning alcoholics and addicts, we wanted a few too many slices.

Let’s face the reality of the situation though: so many of us turned to the use of narcotics and alcoholic beverages to provide that sense of ease that we so deeply longed for, but then the record player skipped and were the only ones left at the party. We couldn’t go to the bathroom to even look ourselves in the mirror. Life had become bland, tasteless, and sobriety- let alone nutrition in sobriety, was the last thing on our minds.

Time Changes Everything

Eventually, for all addicts and alcoholics, addiction attacks the vessel and it becomes a matter of abandoning ship or going down with it. Hopefully, most aren’t too far gone and they decide to pick life over death and at least try something.

All the drugs and booze did was comfortably numb us to the point where there was this irrational sense of immortality at times. Aye aye aye, the places chemical dependency can/will take the brain. If we can make it to the sober side of things, we begin to recognize our transience more so than ever. Taking care of ourselves in the long run and preserving our health becomes the main focus in recovery.

Focusing on nutrition in sobriety can honestly be the difference between maintenance and facing a relapse believe it or not. The mind and body are connected in more ways than we realize. They feed into each other as far as a healthy body means a healthy mind, and vice versa when these vital organs are falling apart.

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A Nutritious Sobriety

Nutrition in sobriety has much of a large effect on your health and well-being. Good nutrition in sobriety, of course, isn’t just important for keeping your waistline slim. The list of benefits goes on for days:

  • Repairs and revitalizing. Healthy foods can help the body to regenerate itself
  • Better heart health, thus preventing heart disease or other complications down the line
  • Increased blood circulation helping you feel less lethargic
  • Improved and stronger bone health
  • Better energy levels and less fatigue throughout the day
  • Better weight control- believe it or not, more food helps you lose weight(it’ just a matter what you’re eating)
  • Increased brain productivity and focus
  • Regular urination and bowel movements- no more constipation from narcotics
  • Better sleep at night as the body is put into a different sense of ease
  • Overall sense of health and happiness from the body getting what it craves- you’ll feel it

Nutrition in sobriety is important for it’s an example of the lifestyle choice and commitment that recovery takes. Recovery isn’t just a matter of dropping the substances, but changing the people we were. Alcohol isn’t the problem as they say- it’s our alcoholic thinking in the end.  

Choosing to be healthy is a major decision, and those once addicted to any illicit substances can tell you that much. Addiction and alcoholism tend to lead the user to various forms of debt that can’t afford a lifestyle of nutrition. When the choice of drugs or food is put on the table, would the addict even care to eat?

Soul Food

Good nutrition in sobriety helps the body overcome the damage that it has suffered- as mentioned earlier. Proper nutrition can help anyone recovering from addiction feel better because the nutrients can help strengthen them and give them energy from the vitamins and minerals their body craves. The right nutrition in sobriety can even help repair organ damage (the brain). Hmmm. Can you imagine why the brain would even need repairing in the first place?

Nutrition can also play a part in a person’s mood. Changing your diet can- with the right substances going in it- change your brain structure physiologically and chemically believe it or not. Imagine being able to improve your mood simply by eating a healthy diet. Great- now go do it. Feeling better can affect all aspects of your life.

Those who have poor dietary habits have been seen as prone to relapse. Poor dietary habits can be from eating garbage all the time or not eating nearly enough- but the results are the same. Lacking in food and specific nutrients will change anybody’s temperament and rationale. Eating frequent and healthy meals can help avoid said situation, so the person recovering can focus on his future instead of past cravings. Nutrition in sobriety is a basis to live by for those in recovery, sure, but it is also a way of life for any being that cares enough about their future health. We’ve got this one long life to live, might as well take care of ourselves in the best that we can.

How Can I Get Involved in a Nutritional Education Program?

Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a long road, but one that is worth battling every step of the way. Adding good nutrition to your recovery program can help you recover faster and with a healthier mind and body. If you think you’re ready to add nutrition in sobriety and/or a nutritional education program to your newfound road of recovery, our specialists can help you learn more.  If you or your loved one is ready to leave substance dependency behind and start this way of life, please call 888-481-1993 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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