learning to start over in recovery

Addiction is extremely devastating when it infiltrates your life. Loss of employment, a lack of socialization, and feelings of anxiety and severe depression are all common issues you are likely to experience once you have developed an addiction to a substance. When you enroll in a medical detox program, it is important to seek out a center that provides mental health treatment throughout the process. With the right mental health treatment during your detox program, learn how to face your addiction and any obstacles or challenges you face head-on throughout your journey to sobriety.

The Importance of a Medically-Supervised Detox Program

Detox programs available in traditional rehabilitation facilities are extremely important if you have struggled with an addiction to substances that trigger physical withdrawal symptoms and reactions (such as heroin or addictive prescription medications). A medically-supervised detox program is beneficial as it provides you with medical professionals who are trained in the field of addiction and understand what the body requires while detoxing and eliminating a substance at an appropriate pace.

When you have an addiction to a substance that causes adverse physical reactions and withdrawal side effects, detoxing is vital to prevent seizures, strokes, and in severe cases, heart failure. Monitored detoxing ensures you are in the right hands and that your body is functioning normally while you slowly remove the substance(s) from your body and brain. Without a medically-supervised detox program, facing withdrawal symptoms can quickly become painful, unbearable, and even lead to death.

Types of Mental Health Treatment Provided in Detox Programs

Mental health treatment that is provided in a detox program often varies with each individual’s needs. When you first arrive in a detox program, an evaluation is necessary to learn more about underlying issues and causes of your addiction. A mental health evaluation also provides doctors and surrounding therapists with the necessary information to create an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

Individualized therapy with a therapist who has a thorough understanding of addiction is helpful with the detox and recovery process while in treatment. Speaking one-on-one to a professional who understands addiction and how to overcome it is a way to feel a sense of relief without feeling bombarded with negative emotions such as shame and guilt. Learn to communicate openly and honestly with a therapist while you are in the detox process to discover the root cause of your addiction and how to prevent potential triggers in the future.

Group therapy is also often available for individuals who are going through a medical detoxing process, providing you with a safe space to express your feelings and challenges with others in similar situations. Attend group therapy sessions to make new connections while feeling less alone while you push through any unpleasant reactions or adverse effects that manifest while you are detoxing and cleansing your body.

Planned activities are common in detox programs and recovery facilities. Relearn how to find joy in activities and hobbies that were once pleasant to you. Learn how to delegate your time while filling your schedule with more activities to feel more fulfilled and productive each day. Scheduled hobbies and activities are also optimal when you want to prevent the temptation of turning to drugs or alcohol again while you are completing the detox program you are enrolled in.

Live with a routine and daily schedule again to keep yourself busy without feeling the urge to use alcohol or drugs while you are detoxing and living a sober life. With a steady sleep schedule, reduce insomnia, agitation, and the inability to focus. Begin eating a healthy diet while providing your body with enough calories to sustain you while fighting the adverse effects you may feel during the detox process. Eating healthy and getting a good night’s rest each day is imperative to ensure long-lasting results even after you have completed your medical detox and addiction recovery programs.

Benefits of Mental Health Treatment While in a Detox Program

Before choosing a medical detox program that is best for you, it is important to understand the benefits of obtaining mental health treatment simultaneously. When mental health treatment is available, it is much easier to face and overcome withdrawal symptoms and the temptation you may feel to return to using drugs or alcohol. Some of the biggest benefits of mental health treatment while you are in a detox program include:

  • Discover your self-worth and self-confidence again while battling both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms during your detox.
  • Medically-supervised detox monitoring to ensure the health and safety of your body and mind while eliminating substances.
  • Safe spaces to speak with individual therapists regarding your feelings of sobriety and addiction without judgment.
  • Zero-tolerance zones to prevent temptation and to keep you focused on rebuilding your life in a more positive and productive manner.
  • Group meetings and sessions to connect with other individuals who struggle with addiction and have situations similar to your own.
  • Spend more time indulging in healthy hobbies, activities, and habits that were once a source of joy in your life.
  • Implement a steady sleep and eating routine to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it requires for a full and successful recovery.
  • Learn how to control your thoughts through breathing exercises and meditation. Avoid allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed or out of control regarding your future and the direction of your life. Meditation and breathing exercises are not only beneficial during the detox process, but also with any aftercare programs you are interested in completing.

Medical detox programs offer mental health treatment to individuals to prevent the worsening of anxiety, depression, and isolation. Having the right mental health treatment while detoxing and overcoming your addiction is a way to regain control of your mind and body to truly live a happy and fulfilling life again.

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