What is Detox?

When someone you love is struggling with addiction, it can be hard to know how to help. When an individual is struggling with addiction, the prospect of battling it can be a daunting one. Regardless of whether it’s you or a loved one, the very best thing you can do is to educate yourself on the process of addiction recovery

Recovery takes many different shapes and forms for almost everyone. No two courses of treatment ever quite look the same for any two individuals. While certain aspects of recovery are almost universal for everyone, the path to recovery remains unique.

This is why we believe in personalizing the treatment for each individual. This unique recovery journey almost always starts with a detox.

What is Detox?

Detox is often the first and possibly most critical step for most individuals struggling with addiction. Most addictive substances have a profound effect on body chemistry. Detox is not like other types of treatment. The singular and sole purpose of detox is specifically to help the addicted person rid their system of the chemicals affecting them. 

In many cases, it can be medically dangerous to simply stop taking a certain substance. Even when it isn’t medically dangerous, it can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

Detox centers are most often located in hospitals, but even if they aren’t, they are fully licensed medical centers. Detox facilities will employ a range of licensed medical staff that can help an individual struggling with an addiction to rid their system of the substance of their addiction.

Addiction is a complex disease that has any number of underlying causes. At its root, addiction is almost always a means of managing some type of pain. 

Most individuals that struggle with addiction are also in tremendous pain. Sometimes that pain is physical, but often it is psychological or emotional and, in some cases a combination of all three. Before the underlying issues can be addressed; however, an individual needs to be free of the effects of the substance they are using to manage their pain.

Types of Facilities and Levels of Care

When researching treatment options for yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand the different types and levels of care available. Just a few of the many types of treatment available are detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient therapy, group therapy, counseling, and support groups. 

Each facility is generally designed to provide a specific type of treatment and level of care, and not all facilities can provide the same types of care. This is why it is crucial to understand the different levels and types of care offered before choosing a facility.

Detoxing from any substance is rarely going to be a pleasant experience by any stretch, but the goal of almost all detox facilities is to make the patient as comfortable as is medically possible.

While there is just no way to put a pleasant spin on the detox process, the only way out is through. Besides, detoxing in a medically licensed facility is almost always preferable to simply going “cold turkey.” If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, detox is often the first step in embracing a full, rich life of sobriety.

How Long Will a Detox Last?

Detox can last as little as 48 hours but generally lasts from 3-7 days. It can also extend longer depending on whether or not medical conditions arise.

There is generally no intense therapy involved, but instead, individuals are encouraged to go directly from a detox facility to an inpatient treatment center.

What Will My Schedule Look Like During a Detox?

Your exact day-to-day schedule will vary based on the severity of your addiction. In some cases, a detox can last a mere 3 days, while others go through a week-long process. Regardless, we’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as possible the entire time.

Day One of Drug Detox

Our Medically-Trained Staff Will Welcome You

Upon your arrival, you’ll meet the doctors, nurses, and staff that will be with you along the recovery journey. We like to emphasize that our community is centered around support and that these people will be rooting for you the entire time.

One of the first things you’ll likely do is talk with your counselor. This individual will ask about your drug or alcohol use, mental health, and family history to start tailoring a treatment plan.

If you’re staying at the rehab center as part of a residential treatment plan, you’ll also become acquainted with the facility. We’ll show you your room and all of our other amenities. If you choose to do a detox program from home, then we’ll still make sure you’re comfortable with your surroundings when you’re at the facility. 

Medical Evaluation

Substance addictions of all kinds harm your body. Your doctor will complete a physical exam, run a few tests, and ask you more about your past usage. As hard as it might be to talk about your addiction, it’s very important to be completely honest. 

Your doctor will be deciding which medications you may need during your detox, and specific information is crucial for giving the right prescriptions. He or she will also be planning your meals for the next week to begin restoring the nutrition you’ve lost during your addiction.

Beginning Detox

This is the step when your detox will begin. You may be prescribed medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms may also not be prescribed until later. During this stage, you’ll either return home if you’re in an outpatient program or get settled with us at the rehab.

Days Two through Six of Drug Detox

Detox is not an easy step in the process. We want to be honest with you so that we can best help you get through it. Although it’s difficult, you’ll end the process feeling stronger than before.

You may find yourself struggling with withdrawal symptoms and wondering if the pain will ever go away. There are things you can do to keep yourself in a healthy mental state while this is happening.

Nutritious Eating

Many of us tend to forget just how important clean-eating is. Eating a balanced diet nourished our well-being from the inside out. Your body has likely been starved of several key nutrients for a while now.

Our medical staff may prescribe certain vitamins to take to supplement your meals. It’s crucial to drink a lot of water during this time as well. 


Before you know it, you’ll start feeling better. Once the initial discomfort subsides, you’ll be able to partake in regular programming. Programming can include group therapy sessions, holistic healing activities like yoga, 12-step meetings, and recreational activities.

You’ll also meet with your counselor and doctor regularly to ensure that everything is going smoothly. We encourage you to communicate with our medical staff about any discomfort you’re feeling. Our trained staff will make sure everything is going smoothly and help you along the way.


Sleeping is vital to your body’s internal processes. You want to make sure you rest up so you can give your body time to heal. 

Day Seven of Drug Detox

Congratulations! At this point, your body has purged itself of the toxins. You may still feel fatigued with lesser withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to be patient with yourself as you move through the recovery process. Some days will be harder than others. 

But you can get through it.

Preparing For Treatment

Treatment may have already started during your detox. Now, you’ll transfer to a full treatment schedule either at the facility you’re currently in or a different one.

Detox is not the end of the journey. Therapy, support groups, and a structured routine are all steps of the process that will help get you back on your feet.

What Drugs Can Be Prescribed?

Different medications are used to treat various withdrawal symptoms. Medication prescribed will also vary based on the patient. These medications can include:


Benzos reduce anxiety and irritability. Anxiety is a common side-effect of withdrawal from many drugs, such as alcohol and opiates. Benzo prescriptions will be carefully monitored by our staff as they can be addictive on their own.


An addicted individual will struggle to produce natural amounts of happiness-inducing chemicals in their brain. Consistent use of drugs creates a chemical dependency inside of your brain.

Relying on drugs for a euphoric rush leaves addicts feeling depressed when it’s gone. People in detox often experience depression. Zoloft and Prozac can help reduce depressive feelings until the brain can produce happiness-inducing chemicals on its own again.


Clonidine is used to treat alcohol and opiate withdrawal. Clonidine reduces sweating, cramps, muscle aches, and anxiety. It can also aid in fighting against tremors and seizures.

Can I Have Visitors During Detox?

Most detox facilities will have strict rules in place regarding visitors and the use of cell phones. Individuals in detox are in an incredibly vulnerable position because detox can be extremely uncomfortable. Taking detox seriously will set you up for a successful treatment once it’s over.

Real treatment cannot begin until an individual has been freed from the hold of the substance of their addiction. While some individuals may have loved ones that want to see them while they are in a detox center, this is not generally permitted or advisable. 

Individuals are also not encouraged and often not permitted to leave the detox facility in the middle of treatment. Not only can it be medically dangerous for them to do so, but doing so is almost a guarantee of not getting any further help or treatment. Most detox facilities will take strong measures to ensure that once treatment begins, the patient does not leave until the detoxification process has been completed.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

After an in-depth review of your needs by our staff, we’ll create a treatment plan that’s tailored for you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s crucial to treat addiction from the inside out. Each patient and their circumstances are unique.

There are many benefits to a comprehensive treatment plan, including detox. Some of the many benefits are:

Seek Help and Call Us Today

No matter how lost you feel, you have the power to turn your life around. We are here to support you throughout the entire journey. From the dedicated staff to a beautiful residency, Coastal Detox can be your partner along the recovery process.

Our trained medical staff will attend to your needs and help give you the tools for a purpose-driven and sober life. Our goal is to set you up for long-term success with the right knowledge of how to cope with addiction. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact us here or call us at (844) 387-1286 to begin your recovery journey today.

Real Client Testimonials

  • This is one of the best Detox facilities I have every been too. The doctors and nurses are fantastic and will make you comfortable and treat you individually. The food, rooms and the space itself are all top notch. It is a very safe and comfortable space to get well and all the therapists and staff are so nice, smart and accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Coastal.

    Joshua R. Avatar
    Joshua R.
  • Thank you Costal Detox, 9 months sober now and loving every bit of it! I hate how mean I was while detoxing but then again it’s all part of the process. The staff were so caring and kind - helpful in so many ways! The environment was so comfortable and pleasing to be in!

    Addison R. Avatar
    Addison R.
  • Every staff member made this process easier. In the darkest hours they shined light. Judy was absolutely amazing. They helped so much and my family will forever be grateful to everyone there. If you or your loved one needs help, rest assured that they will get the best care.

    suzanne w. Avatar
    suzanne w.
  • My loved one went to went to Coastal Detox and did awesome there. Great clinical and BHT department. Staff is wonderful as well as the food. Every client gets one on one attention from staff members. The holistic services are very effective. Highly recommend Coastal Detox.

    Haley O. Avatar
    Haley O.
  • Coastal Detox is a great company. I highly recommend this detox to anyone who needs help and or is suffering from substance abuse. Their staff truly goes above and beyond for each and every person, I was astonished by their medical/ clinical and BHT staff!

    kelly d. Avatar
    kelly d.

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