UMR Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment at Coastal Detox 

UMR insurance

Figuring out health insurance is almost always confusing, even to those who work in the medical field. The majority of people have some sort of health coverage, either provided through their jobs, or they have acquired it privately. Like most of us, many people do not know what their plan is and what type of care it covers. United Medical Resources, known as UMR, is a health insurance based company, but most often serves as a third party resource. 

In addition to your primary health insurance, UMR insurance provide healthcare coverage for services that may not be available through your primary plan. UMR insurance is not a typical insurance company, and yet is very efficient in providing mental health coverage. United Medical Resources act as a third-party administrator for certain companies. They exist to manage insurance based claims make sure they are followed through correctly. 

To make it easier to understand, if you are told that you are provided health care that has United Medical Resources, or UMR, as their coverage insurance, the following is likely the case. UMR insurance is used when your place of employment has reached out to this company to manage their claims and make sure the correct payments are made. Usually this is seen when a business insures itself with other larger insurance  companies, and allow them to act like an umbrella over requests and deductibles for care such as mental health or addiction treatment. 

Variety in UMR Insurance Policies

UMR insurance makes quite a few different policies, services, and claims more financially available. Then they provide the appropriate coverage for any array of health care needs. On this page, we will break down the opportunities for specialized care, and in which ways UMR insurance plans cover your individualized addiction treatment requirements. 

The majority of people with UMR healthcare coverage have drug and alcohol addiction treatment included within its plan. UMR services more than 3,000 other health insurance providers, and doesn’t exclude those that also offer coverage for addiction and mental health. Drug and alcohol treatment resource centers often work with UMR insurance coverage in addition to any primary companies you may have enrolled in. 

Based on your specific plan with UMR insurance, the type and amount of treatment available, your coverage can vary, and below you will see why. We are here to make this as easy as possible to understand, placing you one step closer to rehabilitation through drug and alcohol treatment centers. 

Addiction Treatment and Mental Health for Wellness with UMR Insurance

There are many reasons someone might make the decision to receive drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. After the decision is made to seek rehabilitation, the next piece of the puzzle that must fit into place, is how to cover the expenses of specialized programs offered by the rehab facility. Following along, you must find out which options are covered by your insurance. As a subsidiary of larger insurance companies, UMR insurance makes it possible to include additional services by adding more privilege to the types of care offered. In order to achieve rehabilitation, UMR insurance considers addiction treatment very important overall, and therefore, important to health coverage in general for overall wellness. 

UMR Insurance has Professional Treatment Options for You

UMR insurance stands firm with drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers, and recommends that a person in need of detox or assistance with other rehab programs, can be covered. However, UMR insurance is a third party provider, so keep in mind that though they advocate for specialized treatment to be made available, what is actually available to you depends largely on the policies of the predominant health insurance company. 

Treatment Options Typically Covered by UMR Insurance

Most health insurance policies include some sort of coverage built into every plan. In the event that a program is recommended, as part of your recovery treatment, UMR insurance services are available under your current deductible. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at which options are typically included in UMR’s insurance policy, that are utilized by members. Members of major health insurance companies that take UMR insurance often find these services under their coverage provisions:

  • Inpatient detox treatment, along with residential services
  • Some partial hospitalization treatment programs
  • Day treatment options
  • Local outpatient detox
  • Intensive outpatient rehab benefits 

Please note, that in order to have assistance through United Medical Resource, specialized care must be proven to be medically necessary.  Furthermore, programs must be authorized under both your primary insurance carrier’s regulations and what is available through UMR insurance. Usually, drug and alcohol addiction management and treatment must be referred by you primary doctor.

How UMR Insurance is Available to Provide for You Today

Receiving the best possible care at the time you need it most is the ultimate goal to recovery. UMR insurance is regarded as allowing for more broad health treatment options, and remains popular because of that. Being connected to the most helpful accredited addiction treatment specialists is the key to a successful and fulfilling life of recovery. Drug and alcohol resource centers understand the peace of mind provided when assisting you with treatment options that fit into your health coverage policies. At UMR, pricing drug and alcohol rehab treatment is looked at from all angles to ensure that it remains affordable for anyone seeking help toward a life of recovery. 

UMR Insurance Policy Coverage for Help with Substance Abuse

Coastal Detox works with UMR insurance, and takes pride in being able to assist you on your journey to health and wellness through drug and alcohol treatment resources. There are a variety of things to consider when determining what treatment and rehab services are right for you to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. 

When discussing options for substance dependency and treatment, you will come across two alternative options that are usually considered successful in treatment centers. Rehabilitation outlets confirm that inpatient and outpatient treatment are both successful, however, one may benefit some more than others, based on your specific requirements for care. Because addiction is a complex disease, it requires very individual avenues of medical supervision. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Considerations with UMR’s Insurance

In the eyes of UMR insurance, addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse uses two avenues that have time and again succeeded patients in hopes of rehabilitation. UMR insurance works in part with insurance companies that lean more in the direction of inpatient, as opposed to outpatient care. This is for reasons such as 24 hour supervision and the guarantee of safety during a vulnerable time such as when detoxing. UMR insurance also allows for patients to be provided with room and board at several rehabs, having food and support, included in the cost as well. 

Inpatient services call for therapy sessions daily. UMR insurance structures their mental health plans around the success noted by inpatient services. They provide valuable coverage for inpatient treatment, implying that it is not only the most successful on average, but provides the most peace of mind for all involved. The major downfall to this of course, is that it is required that a person seeking help must have the necessary amount of leave from work or home responsibilities. 

UMR Insurance Outpatient Programs are Popular but Not Always Covered

When enlisting in the services provided by UMR insurance, it is important to remember how their affiliate programs deem outpatient rehab to be more strenuous. Outpatient programs require an extreme amount of self control to be exhibited by a patient, especially during detox. UMR insurance likes to avoid uncomfortability by imposing the burden of responsibility on a drug addicted person in an already challenging time. 

However, outpatient treatment can be beneficial under certain circumstances. A great example of this may be when a person achieves successful detoxification, and requires help only to maintain their sobriety. Another instance would be pending family obligations or court ordered programs that must be completed during the same time frame outside of the facility. Those addicted to drugs or alcohol, who prove to be able to resist social and emotional pressure and avoid falling back into a lifestyle controlled by substances, do well in these rehab treatment programs. 

In the event you find it difficult to be surrounded by peer pressure and temptation while on your road to recovery, inpatient care over outpatient programs may be more suited to your recovery needs. 

In-Network vs. Out of network with UMR Insurance

Health insurance, specifically UMR is designed to provide coverage within the location that a person resides. This can vary from county to county, although usually it is looked at by state. Some of the plans provided by UMR insurance for drug and alcohol rehab treatment do not provide coverage or mental health facilities that are out-of-network. Meaning, there is a certain radius of coverage based on the current residing location. Usually, the terms for the network that is covered is based on the location that the policy was purchased in, and also which major insurance you originally enrolled in. Due to different price ranges in different areas of medical facilities, and what they charge per service, co-pays and additional fees may apply.  However, There are many insurance companies that do not restrict their coverage by geographical locations, and is subject to change. Coastal Detox looks forward to providing you with the information you need to find treatment centers in and around your location. 

Getting Coverage Approved for Addiction Treatment 

There are instances where UMR insurance will approve coverage for addiction treatment programs that are out of the range of service. Keep in mind, this is not a usual exception unless referred by your primary health care physician. Referrals for drug and alcohol rehab treatment are recommended and are usually mandatory. Because of the rarity of circumstances, doctors do not often find out of network services necessary, due to the availability of local rehab treatment centers. Having to request out of network care is not often a common occurrence. That said, patients are reminded that they can be held responsible for the costs of higher co-payments. UMR insurance will at times require you to cover somewhat higher deductibles in out-of-network facilities.  Also, keep in mind that any insurance could hold you responsible for the complete out of pocket cost, so please check with your carrier to create a proper plan of action. 

When to Have Financial Preparedness with UMR Insurance

There are circumstances where UMR insurance will grant coverage to out-of-network services, however, taking appropriate action with your doctor is important to be considered applicable. Other services that do not usually fall under UMR health insurance policies include:

  • Any recommended over-the-counter medications or herbal supplements.
  • New age, unconventional, or unapproved practice or therapy based on regulation treatment procedures.
  • Private drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers, including luxury programs.
  • Any sort of executive treatment

Remember, that having a referral from your doctor is typically mandatory to be eligible for any kind of coverage.

UMR Insurance and Inpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It is important that patients review their policy allowances prior to organizing care. Unlike outpatient care, inpatient coverage varies greatly from plan to plan, and may not be offered at all. Additionally, whether or not inpatient care, or residential programs, will be partially or fully covered, if coverage is available at all, can be impacted by the location in which the treatment is being requested in. Over all, if applicable, inpatient services can and will only be provided within the customer’s network, and with your doctor’s referral. Let us at Coastal Detox help you find the treatment you need. 

Learning About Your UMR Insurance Benefits for Drug Rehab

Finding you way in the insurance network can be frustrating, but we’re here to help. At Coastal Detox our knowledgeable team is ready and waiting to guide you through the processes of admissions. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your UMR health insurance, leaving you with a better picture of what your benefits are for drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Coastal Detox is Ready to Provide the Help You Need

If you need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, Coastal Detox is eager to help you, or someone you love, win the battle over substance abuse. We understand how valuable it is to have all the information you need about recovery. Let us assist you in getting the best affordable and effective treatment.

At Coastal Detox, providing the best care possible for our clients is our ultimate goal. Every person suffering from the holds of addiction can rest assured that we’re prepared to provide the best path to freedom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Coastal Detox is here for you and reminds you that you are not alone. For any and all inquiries, please call us today at (877) 406-6623 to speak with our addiction specialists. Don’t let addiction take another precious day.