Top 10 Behaviors of an Addict

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better- it’s not.”

These were a just a few words shared in one of Dr. Seuss’ stories. We are the projectors of our own destiny. Every individual is handed the keys to their life at birth and sent down the road. A largely shared goal in life is for everyone to want to be happy and to proudly stand behind the person they present as. It’s quite a warming feeling to look at something you produced and know you put integrity and effort into it. Or for somebody to look at you and know who you are and what you’re capable of, and accept you for all your ways- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Essentially the idea is to be able to be yourself and be totally comfortable with who you are while being an overall good person- for lack of better terms. Addiction and alcoholism spring into action and sure love to make this future full of morals and values something, not within reach. It’s one of life’s sad unfortunate mysteries, but the best of human beings out there end up being victims to chemical dependency. It’s a force to be reckoned with as it manipulates mindsets and turns rationality into mush. Soon the pill bottles and devil’s elixirs are piling up and that person finds themselves in too deep with their lifestyle. Yet even while treading water and being dragged under- it can always get worse. Anybody can succumb to the ugly grasp that addictions wrinkly old hands have, but what do we look for in the behaviors of an addict?

Happens All the Time

As human beings, every one of us that has ever lived or is currently living is different from the last. None of us are exceptional, yet we are all unique. Addiction and alcoholism are two different heads on the same seven headed dragon and this dragon usually attacks in the same manner. When worrying of a loved one who might be getting dragged down the wrong road, or even yourself for that matter, it is always pertinent to pay attention to some very common similarities. Cravings are a big part of addiction. As addiction continues to grow for the possessed being, urges and intense feelings begin to insist on imbibing in some form or another. Cravings will drive the person crazy if they do not distract their mind from bloodlust that sets in constantly. Then there’s the physical dependency that comes with addiction. The human body is notorious for surviving. It is known to adapt to stressors thrown in its direction. So when certain chemicals that it’s not requiring are digested every day, the body gets used to it and begins to expect them. This is helpful in theory but not when it’s a harmful substance being introduced daily. The physical dependency will then take hold on this roller coaster and butterfly effect as tolerance for the drug and withdrawals follow in the carts afterward. As the physical need for various chemicals takes hold, so does the tolerance to these substances. As explained beforehand, the body begins to expect and require more and more of whatever is being dumped into its system since it’s not feeling the effects it did originally from the desired substance.

drug addict reaching for heroin

As our butterfly’s wings expand and this tolerance raises, so do the prices as the intended goal is now becoming more and more costly. Financial crisis takes hold as they begin spending more and more to afford this unfortunate habit. What used to cost 1, went to 2, and now is 3.

Financially, this blueprint for feeling good is starting to struggle a bit. As the bank account begins to dwindle and the change in our pockets stops rattling, the silence and emptiness is enough to feel the withdrawals coming on. One of the infamous behaviors of an addict is the physical and mental anguish we watch them go through in regards to their withdrawals. After prolonged usage and tolerance rise, it is expected for the body to more or less go into a type of shock when it’s caught off guard this way. It’s finally starting to expect the poisons and then now they can’t be afforded. Talk about irony at its finest.

So what do you do when you need something but don’t have it? You go looking for it. Another behavior of an addict will be drug seeking and spending way too much time and effort in their lives trying to read about or gain more narcotics. At this point, it becomes their life and everything important goes out the window. Bad decision making and poor judgment become the norm. Due to the drugs coming and going out of the brain and body, emotions and hormones begin to fluctuate and the person becomes prone to being irrational and/or doing whatever it takes to attain more of their drug of choice. These decisions then can range from prostitution, to stealing, to selling drugs or any other criminal activity. Crime isn’t always guaranteed, but when the addict/alcoholic has nothing left, it’s a close bet that it will occur.

Often times the addict and alcoholic will display depression/anxiety and begin isolating and neglecting responsibilities from the outside world. Speaking from personal experience, addiction will get so deep that you become afraid to look in the mirror. You become afraid of letting anybody see you- let alone wanting to see yourself in that state. Embarrassment takes over as the guilt and shame build up. Bills, work, and anything of being a contributing citizen fall to the wayside as the mental illness takes over. Getting high or figuring out how to get high becomes the only behavior of an addict. Nothing else matters as they fight back and look for their plot of greener grass. Sadly, they will never find it if they are slaves to most of these conducts.

Failure Drinks at the Bar Set Too Low

Addiction and alcoholism are permanent but the misery is not. This disease will lead you down a slippery slope, but you’re never too far down to climb back up until death reaches you. Don’t allow the psychological bullying that is to ensue through active alcoholism and stand up and do something that changes your life as you smile proudly. You’re in charge. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and are ready for help, please call 1-877-978-3125 or visit We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.

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