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10 Ways to Say No to Alcohol at a Party

If you are giving up drinking, it can be very difficult to refuse drinks when you are at a party or a bar. You may find people pouring wine freely, or pushing cocktails on you. Often events like weddings, funerals and birthdays can be triggers for alcoholics. Family members who

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How to Get Sober: Your Step-by-step Guide to Finding Treatment and Staying Clean

For those who struggle with addiction, it can often seem like there’s no hope at all. Being trapped in a self-destructive cycle takes its toll on the addicted individual, ruining lives and relationships for as long as the addiction continues. There is help available for those who are wondering how

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10 Ways to Make Staying Sober Easier After Rehab

Although one in seven people will face addiction, only 10% will receive help. If you’ve found yourself in part of that 10%, hopefully you’re already on the right path by having completed rehab. Unfortunately, your road to recovery isn’t over just because your time at rehab has come to a close. You’ll likely