Many people downplay alcohol abuse and addiction, partly because alcohol is legal and abuse of it is so prevalent. Since alcohol is legal, relatively inexpensive, and easy to obtain, it’s especially dangerous for anyone who struggles with addiction.

Our clinical staff knows that the detox process from an alcohol addiction isn’t simply a mind-over-matter proposition. If your body is physically dependent on alcohol, stopping use can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms, which can even be fatal in some circumstances. That’s why our detox center in California provides medically supervised treatment for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

While it might seem strange to treat an addiction to one substance by starting with a prescription for another, rest assured that our treatment methods are proven and safe. Medical staff monitor every step to ensure you or your loved one is as safe as possible throughout the process, and medically supervised detox is actually a recognized approach in recovery treatment. Numerous studies published by organizations such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that, in many cases, medical detox coupled with behavioral therapy is more successful than behavioral therapy alone.

Call us now or request a callback and join the thousands of patients who have recovered successfully from alcohol addiction. The good news is your insurance potentially covers most of the treatment cost. We provide a no-obligation/no-cost review of your insurance.