Sebastian is a charming city based in Indian River County, Florida. This coastal city is known for its rich nature, warm weather, and plenty of fun activities to partake in. For example, Sebastian Inlet State Park is one of the hottest spots in the city. It’s best known for its surfing culture. If you’re into all sorts of wildlife, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Pelican Island in Sebastian is the nation’s first wildlife refuge. It is one of Florida’s authentic Treasure Coast communities. Another great stop for nature-lovers is the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. Whether you’re into nature, beaches, or are simply looking for some restaurants with delicious food, Sebastian is the city for you.

However, it’s important to note that Sebastian, Florida is no stranger to the drug epidemic sweeping our country. Communities are suffering, and it’s time we take action. Sebastian, Florida is home to many drug and alcohol treatment resources

From therapy at rehab to detoxification, rehab centers in Sebastian are plentiful when it comes to resources. Keep reading to learn more about how you can begin the journey towards long-term sobriety with us today. 

Drug, Alcohol Treatment Resources in Sebastian, Florida 

Detoxification is generally the first step of any treatment program at rehabs in Sebastian, Florida. Detoxification (detox) is the process of ridding your body of all traces of drugs and/or alcohol while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. 

Detox helps patients:

  • Ease the discomfort of withdrawal.
  • Help with any serious medical issues as they arise.
  • Offer the most comfortable solution as someone works through the discontinuation of drugs or alcohol.

Detox must be done in a medical setting. Withdrawal symptoms range in severity depending on the addiction and patient. Withdrawal can have fatal consequences if not done correctly. In other words, dropping the addiction “cold-turkey” is a decision you should stay away from. 

We aim to provide a safe environment for medical care during detoxification. This is a matter we take seriously. Before the core of treatment can begin, detox must first be completed.

Sebastian, Florida is home to many drug and alcohol treatment resources, with detox often being the first step. 

Getting Help in Sebastian: How to Choose the Right Treatment Center

Finding the right drug and alcohol treatment resources in Sebastian, Florida begins with doing some research first. Educating yourself on rehabilitation will only help you make a more informed decision. Rehab centers in our community vary in their focuses and amenities. Each patient has a unique set of circumstances, as well as preferences in terms of their lifestyle.

The most crucial detail to look for is an accredited facility that offers personalized treatment. At Coastal Detox, every single one of our patients undergoes a personalized treatment plan, unique to them. Of course, the key components of treatment will remain the same for everyone at our facility. 

These key components are the core of any quality treatment program. These evidence-based methods include resources, such as:

  • Behavioral counseling
  • Medication with support from a trained staff
  • Evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues (dual-diagnosis), such as depression and anxiety
  • Long-term/After-care programs to prevent relapse and ensure lasting sobriety

When it comes to Sebastian drug and alcohol treatment, there are many resources available to help you recover. The levels of care include residential treatment, partial hospitalization (PHP), and outpatient treatment. Feel free to give us a call to get a more in-depth understanding of what each level of care offers.

In the meantime, here’s a more detailed look at the levels of care Coastal Detox offers.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Sebastian, FL

Inpatient Rehabilitation 

If you’re struggling with a mild to severe addiction, inpatient rehab may best suit your needs. Inpatient rehab, also referred to as residential treatment, is the highest level of care we offer. Patients will live at our facility and follow a structured daily routine every day. The treatment program will take place each day, with weekends trip and ways to learn sober fun along the way.

This type of treatment tends to be anywhere from 28 to 90 days. Depending on the severity of addiction, the length of treatment will vary. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Full-on intensive care may not be the best option for you. That’s why we offer PHPs – the middle man between inpatient and outpatient rehab. A PHP is more flexible, with less hours involved. PHPs require patients to partake in about 4 to 8 hours of treatment each day. Individuals in partial hospitalization programs still receive the key components of treatment, such as medical support and a variety of therapies.

Outpatient Rehabilitation 

Outpatient rehabilitation offers the most flexible kind of care. You may have responsibilities outside of rehab, such as a career or child that you must attend to. Outpatient treatment programs allow you to mold treatment more easily into your life. Many patients also complete outpatient rehab as a step-down after finishing a more intensive level of care. 

There are two forms of outpatient rehabilitation programs: standard programs and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). With standard programs, there are no commitments required. There are patients that may receive several hours of therapy and treatment per week, while others may get over 20 hours of therapy and treatment. It’s a form of short-term rehabilitation. 

With IOPs, patients are expected to put in at least 9 hours of work each week. In any case, we work around the patient to create a schedule that suits them best. 

Mental Health Services in Sebastian, Florida 

When it comes to drug and alcohol treatment resources in Sebastian, support groups are a crucial part of treatment. Support groups allow those battling addiction to give and get support. 

Support groups are encouraging communities that help addicts connect with those going through similar challenges. Recovery can feel isolated. If you feel like nobody understands, we assure you that there are many people that do.

Support groups typically meet at least once a week. At Coastal Detox, we’ll help connect you with the right support group for your addiction. 

Sebastian, Florida Recovery Meetings Near Me

Sebastian is a community full of drug and alcohol treatment resources. We believe in supporting those overcoming addiction. One of the best ways to give and get support during the recovery process is through recovery meetings. Regardless of the addiction, there’s a recovery meeting for you. 

No matter what you’re struggling with, there’s a recovery meeting for you. We encourage you to find the positive in this journey. Connecting with fellow peers that understand what you’re going through is a major help. Giving and getting support is a powerful tool in regaining fulfillment and purpose. Help yourself by helping those around you.

Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of recovery meetings and how they can help you. 

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings 

AA meetings are well-known for their 12-step approach. These meetings target alcoholism and alcohol use disorders (AUD). AA meetings are centered around the belief of a higher power, which is why they have a faith-based structure. 

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, AA meetings can help you get the support you need from people who understand what you’re going through. You can find this encouraging community near you here.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

NA meetings have the same concept as AA meetings. They’re 12-step programs with a faith-based approach. The main difference is that NA meetings focus on drug addiction. NA meetings are open to all sorts of drug addiction. Whether it’s opioids or methamphetamine, NA meetings will have their doors wide open for you.

The main difference is that these meetings target all kinds of drug addiction. Whether it’s opioids, cocaine, or heroin – these programs are made to help you.

You can find supportive NA meetings near you here.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Family and friends of recovering addicts deserve support and care too. Al-Anon and Nar Anon meetings in Sebastian are mutual support programs for people whose lives have been affected by an addict. 

When constantly worrying about somebody else’s needs, it’s easy to forget about your own. However, taking care of your mental health is crucial. The more whole you are, the more you have to give.

Those who tend to join these meetings include:

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Siblings
  • Coworkers
  • Friends

You can find encouraging al-anon and nar-anon meetings in your community here.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Perhaps a faith-based approach isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, then no worries! SMART recovery meetings have a science-based approach to their support groups. These types of meetings are all about learning applicable methods to help with the toxic behavioral patterns centering addition. 

Those who attend SMART Recovery meetings will learn how to:

  • Discipline their thoughts and emotions
  • Work through cravings
  • Calm down with relaxation techniques
  • Hold themselves accountable

You can find SMART recovery meetings in Sebastian here

Sebastian, Florida Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re Not Alone in This Struggle

Just like many other states, Florida is suffering from drug abuse as well. This epidemic has hurt communities nationwide. It’s time for us to pay attention and help those in need of recovery. Research from the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Statistics states that Florida’s unintentional and undetermined drug overdose deaths more than doubled from 2014 to 2016, with 2,175 deaths in 2014, 2,805 in 2015, and 4,672 in 2016. 

Florida’s opioid overdose rate has tripled since the turn of the century according to Florida’s Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council 2016 Annual Report, and “there has been a substantial increase in deaths associated with fentanyl and heroin-related drug use.”

Unfortunately, Indian River County has been severely impacted as well. Did you know that the numbers in Indian River County dipped from 25 in 2014 to 17 the next year, rising to 27 in 2016. Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said in July, the county is in an “opioid epidemic.”

The bright side is that Sebastian, Florida has many drug and alcohol treatment resources to help addicts. No matter where you’re at in your addiction, we can help. If there’s a will, there’s away. Our attentive medical staff will care for your needs and provide you with the tools for a purpose-driven and long-lasting sober life. 

With the right support and treatment, you can conquer addiction. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact us here or call us at (844) 387-1286 to begin your recovery journey today.

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