The city of Titusville is located in an area without many resources available for those dealing with addiction. Other cities closeby face the same issue – numerous cases of addiction with little proper support. Multiple websites will show less than 10 search results for addiction treatment centers and rehabs in Titusville. This can make it difficult for residents to feel like they have a way out.

Addiction Resources in Titusvillve

This doesn’t mean that people struggling with addiction in Titusville can’t get the help they need. Many people opt for going to another city for residential addiction treatment, and it might be better that way. For those looking for outpatient help, there are cities nearby with options for treatment as well. 

Titusville residents have some centers to pick from to get help detoxing as well as psychiatric support. Some of the options available are also faith-based, focusing on Christian beliefs and philosophies. There are also strictly outpatient centers providing help for all kinds of needs. A lot of the centers also specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, which is quite common among addicts.

Titusville, FL Addiction Statistics

As it’s been with the rest of the country, Titusville has suffered greatly with the current opioid crisis. The sudden and severe increase in drug occurrence and overdoses in the country started around 2016. By 2018, Florida and other states were already reporting staggering high numbers of incidents and deaths. The main culprit in this crisis, not just in Brevard County but in general, has been the drug fentanyl.

But interest in drug abuse has not only grown among opioid users. Just before fentanyl use started spiking across the country, Brevard County dealt with the increased abuse of other drugs. From 2015 to 2016, there were more cases of abuse among users of methadone, heroin, tramadol, morphine, and cocaine as well. According to doctors, people start going for cocaine and heroin because they are cheaper options.

Brevard County Substance Abuse 

The substance abuse-related stats for Brevard County paint a worrisome scenario. Brevard has the sixth-highest rate of crude overdose deaths in Florida. Hitting a 17.3 overdose death rate, residents in Brevard are 44% more likely to die of an overdose than the average American.

Another issue surrounding drug abuse in Brevard County is mental health, as mental disorders and substance abuse are connected. Many people turn to substance abuse to cope and help deal with mental disorder symptoms and challenges. In 2018, 1 in 5 adults in Brevard County reported being diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. Unfortunately, only 13% of adults in Brevard County are actually getting help and treatment for their disorders.

When it comes to younger residents, there has been experimenting reported by middle- and high-schoolers. Alcohol is the most commonly consumed substance among both groups. Vaping comes in second for the former group and marijuana for the latter. As for mental health, 19% of parents said their children (5-17) needed mental health services in 2019. While this means they are getting help, it also shows a big risk group for future or current substance abuse.

Titusville, FL Recovery Meetings Near Me 

  • North Brevard Sharing Center, 4495 South Hopkins Avenue, Titusville, FL 32780-6680
  • Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, 414 Pine Street, Titusville, FL 32796-3542
  • 1139 Lake Drive, Cocoa, FL 32922-8644
  • Space Coast Recovery, 1215 Lake Drive, Cocoa, FL 32922-6293
  • 415 West Merritt Island Causeway, #3, Merritt Island, FL 32952-4885

Multiple authorities and institutions have suggested and drafted possible solutions for the substance abuse issue in Brevard. NARCAN deployment has taken place in order to instruct people on how to proceed in case of an overdose. 

And the same goes for mental health issues – Brevard has taken measures to address it more directly. Brevard Public Schools created a mental health assistance plan to improve quality and access to mental health assistance services in schools.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Titusville, FL

Looking at the few options available, there is quite an equilibrium between inpatient and outpatient options in Titusville. However, they seem to be very limited due to a lack of centers in the city. As mentioned, some of them are faith-based, which is good news for those who want it. On the other hand, it might make it harder for those with different religious beliefs. But picking a service setting has more to do with medical and psychiatric needs than anything else.

For those suffering from severe symptoms of addiction and/or withdrawal, inpatient programs are highly recommended. They’ll have access to medical and psychiatric help 24/7, with a team at the ready to help in any emergencies and with pain management. This is also the ideal option for those with a high possibility of relapse or who have relapsed before in outpatient treatment.

Moderate or mild addiction cases, however, might not require such an intensive level of care. Patients can choose from multiple outpatient service settings and will be able to go home every day. Though they’ll only have to come to the facilities for sessions of treatment, the duration and number of weekly visits vary. Partial hospitalization programs might require 5 to 6 visits, while intensive or basic outpatient programs need only 3 at the most. 

Getting Help in Titusville, FL: How to Choose the Right Facility

After doing an assessment, people need to search for a center that offers that type of program they need. Their medical needs should be their first priority. That said, they also need to consider how much time they’ll have to receive treatment. Time off work and/or school might be needed, depending on your health care provider’s recommendation. Those residing in Titusville might want to consider out-of-city options since there are very few to pick from.

Once that is all figured out, there is one final item to access: payment. The final cost varies depending on the program you pick and the insurance plan you have. All insurers provide some level of coverage, as many rehab services are considered essential benefits. Medicare and Medicaid both provide coverage for different rehab programs and services. However, the services covered have some limitations, and eligibility varies from state to state.

Those who do not have insurance can still make payments more affordable. Payment plans are a great way to make the payments less “painful,” as well as paying with credit cards. Government grants and/or programs for fundings for rehab are available to those who are eligible for it. Another option for people with good credit would be to get a private and/or personal loan or use home equity. 

Mental Health Services in Titusville, FL

As mentioned, the sad reality is that there are very few resources for people dealing with addiction in Titusville. This is also reflective of the number of addiction professionals in the city and the vicinity. And the main issue is that this is also the reality when it comes to mental health professionals in Titusville. Thus, making it harder for recovering addicts to continue their aftercare and for them, keep working on their mental health. This can make them more prone to relapse.

Having few options for psychiatrists and therapists to choose from is a problem from present addicts – and future ones. People suffering from mental disorders are more likely to turn to substance abuse to cope with their illness. They are a risk group for addiction, making them possible dual-diagnosis patients. Additionally, if they already suffer from addiction, not getting psychiatric help can trigger other mental disorders, too. Co-occurring disorders feed off of each other due to a cycle caused by symptoms and chemical imbalances from both.

Get The Help You Need at Coastal Detox

If you or a loved one are in Titusville and need help overcoming any kind of addiction, you can get it in Florida. If the options available in Titusville do not suit or needs, you can always look for help in a new city. We at Coastal Detox are a few miles away, and our programs were designed to fit everyone’s needs.

We are located in Stuart, off of Florida’s Treasure Coast, surrounded by safe communities with a nice urban feel to the city. Coming to from Titusville, you are right by exit 133 on Florida’s Turnpike Southbound.

Our center has state-of-the-art accommodations from chef-cooked menus to luxurious rooms. Additionally, we offer many amenities to make your stay much more pleasant, including zen gardens, gyms, and the Holistic Room. Our goal is to make your transition into sobriety as comfortable as possible.

As for our programs, we offer treatment for numerous substances. We have even designed an executive program for those who need to balance time between work and receiving treatment. Additionally, we provide holistic treatment as part of our services, as it’s been proven effective in addiction treatment.

If you want to find out more about our options or want to have a tour of the facilities, contact us today. Our team can answer any of your questions and guide you through all requirements and options. We understand that moving somewhere new might be a challenge, and we want to show you that recovery is worth the change.