detox center in fl

South Florida has some of the of the best specialists on hand to help you get your life back on track. Many people, in the eastern united states, choose this area for themselves, or their loved one, because of the relaxing environment offered and the friendly community they meet. You want that special person in your life to beat this addiction and come out victorious, so it’s important they find a detox center that will work.

However, many find themselves without a lot of funds due to their addictive pasts, so they don’t seek help. Or they don’t know where to go to get help for their problems. It’s important that they realize all the solutions available to help them get their life back in order. Payment plans are one way to go. Sometimes, a government-funded plan will help, but, not everyone has that option, so they come to us asking whether the insurance policy through their place of employment, will cover it.

The good news is that many insurance companies will cover a detox center. The Affordable care act, put in place by a previous president, Barack Obama has helped get treatment programs, and mental health services, covered under most policies as a legitimate medical condition. What services are covered and how much they cover differs with each policy plan though. If your insurance policy covers rehab, contact the company for more information about the coverage.

The next question we get often concerns the plans we accept for our services. You’ll find that we accept many of the major insurance companies offered by many of the South Florida area employers. For a list of the companies we accept, check out our website or call one of our representatives to find out.

Questions to ask your Insurance provider About Coverage on Detox Centers

Here are some questions you should ask your insurance representative about detox coverage for your plan:

  • What coverage do you provide for treatment?
  • How much does it pay for in-network providers and out-of-network providers? (If applicable)
  • Are inpatient services covered?
  • Are prescription medications covered?
  • What is the deductible?

Let’s explore why each question listed is important to know.

What coverage do you provide for treatment?

While many insurance policies cover detox centers, most will require you pay a certain portion of the expenses incurred. This may require a co-payment or they may pay for only certain parts of the treatment, leaving you to pick up what’s left. Each policy is different as far as what they will and will not cover, so you need to check with one of their agents to see where you stand with yours.

How much does it pay for in-network and out-of-network providers?

For those who have insurance plans that deals with the in-network and out-of-network providers, you will need to know which is which on your plan. In-network providers will be the list of centers they approve for their insurance coverage services. Typically they pay the most for the services they approve. The out-of-network centers are ones they pay a smaller portion for since they’re not approved providers. If the treatment program you’re looking to get into is an out-of-network provider, then you should be prepared to pay a higher amount than what you would’ve with the in-network list.

Are inpatient services covered?

As a part of your treatment program, you may need inpatient services. But, not all insurance companies cover this, though. They may ask that you have outpatient services first before getting into one of the inpatient programs. Only when outpatient treatments turn out to be insufficient, will they cover a portion of the inpatient program, in some cases. It’s important to know this before signing up for any rehab services.

Are prescription medications covered?

Treatment programs sometimes require prescription drugs as part of the treatment process. Some companies may cover them while others may not. You will need to check with your health insurance plan to find out if there’s a co-pay for the drugs or if you need to pay them from your own pocket.

What is the deductible for my plan?

Find out what your deductible is. Your insurance plan may kick in a good portion of the treatment center after you pay the deductible amount. Sometimes, it could be 100% after the deductible is met. Again, each plan is different when it comes to the details, so be sure to find out what your plan will cover for treatment centers.

What do I do if my insurance doesn’t cover it?

In the event that an insurance company denies coverage, or if they pay very little of the treatment costs, there are still options to explore. We built our center to help those who have addiction problems, so we will work with you, to the best of our ability, to make your treatment happen. Alternative choices for payment options are:

  • Payment plans for the whole treatment process
  • Payment plans for what insurance doesn’t cover
  • Payments made by family and friends

You have the option to self-pay for your services, whether you’re paying for the whole program or for the rest after insurance covers their portion. You will need to contact us about the self-pay option so we can help set up a payment program that will work for your situation.

Also, you don’t have to go at it alone. Your family and friends can help pay for your services. We have an easy to use, but secure, deposit system set up on our website. Your friends and family can deposit money into an account, set up for you, to help ease some of the costs off your shoulders.

If you’re ready to leave your addictive past behind and start taking control of your future, call us at 877-978-3125. We have customer service professionals on hand to answer your questions or to help you start the sign-up process. Trust us to help you beat your addiction and become victorious for the future.