Vicodin is an effective opioid painkiller that contains both hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is often prescribed for short-term moderate pain relief after dental and surgical procedures, to provide relief from pain due to injuries and for relief from chronic pain.

As with all opioid drugs, Vicodin has risks and benefits. Its use as a relatively safe pain reliever is a clear benefit. However, its use carries risks, such as:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Overdose
  • Physical dependence
  • Addiction
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Increased risk of pneumonia

In recent years, there has been a dramatic spike in the abuse and addiction rates of prescription opioids including Vicodin, which is relatively easy to obtain. People often underestimate the risks associated with prescription opioid medications because they aren’t “street” drugs and are prescribed by a doctor.

Vicodin Abuse And Addiction

Addiction to Vicodin can feel like a prison. You may live in constant fear of getting sick, you may feel as though your life revolves around getting more Vicodin.

Vicodin pills spilling out of the bottle

Some people use Vicodin for some time before realizing they have a problem. Vicodin addiction often starts with a prescription and a refill. In addition to relieving pain, Vicodin produces a sense of euphoria and calm that people find pleasant. In today’s busy, high-stress world this feeling often leads people to continue taking the medication even after they no longer need it.

It doesn’t take long to become addicted to Vicodin, but there is no hard and fast rule for how long it takes or how much it takes. Some people can seem to use for some time without getting addicted, and some can become hooked after just a few uses. There are many variables.

Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Aside from the psychological aspects of addiction, pain medications like Vicodin also produce a physical dependence that is difficult to break. When Vicodin is used on a regular basis, tolerance can develop. This means that your body has adapted to the drug. You’ll know you are developing a tolerance when it takes more of the drug to have the same effect. At this point, you may be dependent on Vicodin.

When you are dependent, your body needs Vicodin on a regular basis or it begins to go into withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal are uncomfortable and can cause moderate to severe nausea, vomiting, cramping, muscle aches and more. While dependence and addiction aren’t the same, they often occur together.

Do You Need A Vicodin Detox Center?

If you are struggling with Vicodin addiction, a Stuart, FL Vicodin detox center offers you a solution. Addiction and dependence can quickly take over your life. You may experience deteriorating health, financial stress and have difficulty meeting responsibilities at home or at work. Sometimes the signs of addiction are obvious, and sometimes they are more subtle. Here are some signs that can indicate that a detox is right for you:

  • You are not using Vicodin as directed or you are using Vicodin without a prescription.
  • You are running out of your prescription before you should.
  • You find yourself going to more than one doctor or making visits to the emergency room to obtain more Vicodin.
  • You are purchasing Vicodin from individuals.
  • You are using other opioid drugs when you can’t get Vicodin.
  • When you go too long without Vicodin you get sick.
  • You are isolating or avoiding friends and family.
  • You are not enjoying the same hobbies or activities you used to, you have a lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities.
  • You are depressed, anxious and irritable, especially when you run out of Vicodin.
  • Friends or family members have come to you with concerns about your Vicodin use.
  • You are hiding or minimizing your Vicodin use.

It isn’t always easy to admit there is a problem, and it’s not easy to ask for help. When it comes to addiction and dependence, though, being able to ask for help can make all the difference.

What To Expect At A Florida Vicodin Detox Center

People often fear going to rehabs or detox centers because they don’t know what to expect. Some people fear that they will feel “trapped” there, or that the atmosphere will be cold, clinical or impersonal. When you are going through a difficult time, you want to feel supported, welcomed and relaxed.

clients who have completed detox

Because withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, the fear of getting sick can keep people from getting through those first few days without Vicodin. This often leads to a vicious cycle of trying to quit or quitting for a little while only to go back to using. This is frustrating and discouraging. Trying to quit Vicodin on your own reduces your chances of successfully detoxing.

At Coastal Detox Center you will find the compassion and support you need to go through this process. Rather than suffer through detox on your own, you can undergo a medically-assisted detox that enables you to “sail through detox” with the help of specialized treatments and therapies that reduce the symptoms of withdrawal so you can be comfortable and safe.

The environment is supportive, with counselors on hand. You will be nurtured with holistic treatments such as massage and chiropractic care as well as vitamin and mineral therapy. These treatments help facilitate detox while providing relief from stress, tension and withdrawal symptoms. They help boost your body’s natural endorphins and healing powers.

Sail Through Detox

Coastal Detox Center is located on Florida’s Treasure Coast.  It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art 12,500 sq ft facility with luxurious amenities, recreational facilities and attentive, nurturing staff. Throughout your stay, you will be supported while you receive top-notch medical care that allows you to “sail through detox.” In addition, you will have access to holistic treatments and therapies such as massage, chiropractic, biofeedback and more. You’ll have a chance to rest and recuperate in peaceful surroundings and enjoy delicious, chef-prepared meals. If you are ready to make a change in your life, contact Coastal Detox Center today.