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lorazepam addiction

5 Warning Signs Of Lorazepam Addiction

Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue in the U.S., and rates of abuse have increased dramatically. Over the last few years, there have been more emergency room visits and overdose deaths associated with the abuse of prescription drugs. There’s also been an influx in the number of people admitted to treatment

effects of prescription drugs

The Nasty Side Effects Of Prescription Drugs: How People In Pain Become Addicts

When we think about the typical side effects of prescription drugs, we usually think of nausea, drowsiness, and other physical symptoms. But one of the most common, and most dangerous, side effects to watch out for is an addiction. Did you know opioid abuse has become so large a problem that


Tempting Tinctures: 7 Worst Prescription Drugs for Recovering Addicts

When you’re a former drug addict, it’s crucial you don’t get back into your addiction. But there are times when you need medicine. Unfortunately, the medicine doctors prescribe isn’t always beneficial. 15 million people in the U.S. abuse prescription drugs. This number is higher than any drug abuse number, including extremely

superpill xanax and fentanyl

The Dangerous New “Super Pill”: What to Know About the Latest, Deadly Drug Being Sold On the Streets

It sounds like the beginning of a horror movie: a pill, not even more than five dollars, 100 times stronger and more deadly than morphine. Unfortunately, this isn’t the plot of a movie. It’s real life and real danger. The so-called ‘super pill’ is a drug that’s made its way into the