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alcohol detox treatment

How to Deescalate Tension During a Family Intervention for Alcoholic

Alcoholism is an addiction that adversely affects the lives of the victim and their loved ones. In spite of the negative perception about alcohol, contemporary research shows that people should begin viewing alcoholism as a medical condition that requires the appropriate treatment to help the individual recover. Addicts tend to

drug detox for couples

What Do Drug Detox Centers Recommend For Couples That Both Need Treatment?

Substance use and treatment are often seen as solitary pursuits. Even when both partners are using, recovery is often sought on an individual level. The decision to enter detox together can strengthen your relationship, but there may be some drawbacks. You might even have to be prepared for changed feelings

help for gambling addiction

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

In the great rat race of life, what is it that we are all racing for with an invisible finish line? Some of us adapt to the sheep-like mentality of most and travel with the masses. Others may stray from the herd and find trouble and majestic wonders outside of

importance of family support for sobriety

Why Family Support is so Important to Sobriety

Ah the family dynamic, a forced relationship that has been challenged and changed for thousands of years through different ethnicities, trials, and tribulations. This is a type of relationship that stands as a priority above all. Blood is thicker than water- isn’t that how the saying goes? Everybody and their

support groups for families

4 Support Groups for Families

Life can sometimes best be compared to a series of games that you have to master in this limited time frame you’re given. There’s the aspect of it being like a puzzle that you have to figure out- except there are new puzzle pieces always appearing. Then there’s the Monopoly