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Often, the first step in recovery is to reach out for help. This is usually followed by a professional drug detox program. Here at Coastal Detox in Stuart, FL, we offer a detox process to help people end alcohol and drug use. Our team is aware of the dangers that might occur when a person tries to quit drug use “cold turkey”. Detoxing at home without help can lead to harmful and, in some cases, life-threatening results. That’s why we work to provide the best detox program possible for our clients.

This blog category includes blog posts about the importance of detox. There is also information about what to expect throughout the withdrawal process. 

Detoxing from substance abuse can be very challenging. Withdrawal symptoms often cause people to consider resorting to drug use. But, at Coastal Detox, we work to help people avoid relapse and prepare for a life of sobriety. We believe that our clients deserve life-long freedom from addiction. So, we offer the resources and services each one needs in order to overcome addiction for good.

self care in recovery from addiction

Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Self-care is made of measures you take to improve your well-being and general health. While it is often used in a context outside of addiction, self-care is an important part of addiction recovery. People will often use the term self-care to describe minor actions, such as a spa day or

coastal detox and covid-19

Coastal Detox Preventative Measures for COVID-19

Due to the recent appearance of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Coastal Detox wishes to inform you, our valued client, that our facility is taking the necessary steps to avoid the spread of the virus. We understand that you or your family may have concerns about safety and health as they relate

alcohol and cocaine polysubstance abuse

Alcohol and Cocaine: The Dangers Associated with This Polysubstance Use

Alcohol and Cocaine Use: The Dangerous Facts Alcohol and cocaine use are unfortunately commonly abused polysubstances. Every person that faces substance abuse and/or addiction has their own reasons for use; although it is common for a lot of users to share similar abuse stories, no ones story is completely the

drug detox hospital

Importance of a Medically Assisted Detox

What Is  Detox? Detox is a process wherein all the drugs and/or alcohol a person has been using is purged from the body. There are several different types of detox which some can take only a few hours whereas others could take days or even weeks. Let the experts at


5 Warning Signs of Marijuana Addiction

It’s not surprising that marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in America. That is why there is a need for marijuana detox. The 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that there were 22.2 million Americans in the 12+ age group who used marijuana in

Go to Rehab

Getting Clean: 8 Signs That You’re Truly Ready To Go To Rehab

Are you considering going to rehab for your drug addiction? If you’re suffering from drug addiction, you know firsthand how challenging it is to accept that you may need help. The truth is, making the decision to go to rehab can be intimidating for the majority of addicts. It’s common for

oxycodone withdrawal symptoms

How to Taper Off: 7 Tips for Avoiding Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

According to the CDC, each day, there are 130 deaths from an opioid overdose in the United States. This epidemic has touched nearly every person in America, leaving a trail of misery and loss in its wake. A commonly abused opioid is oxycodone, which is the generic name for the brand

dangerous opiates

Dangerous Opiates: List of Commonly Abused Prescription Opioids

It’s no secret that there’s an opiate addiction problem in the United States today. Many people don’t realize the seriousness of the problem, though. Did you know, for example, that more than 130 people die every day from an opiate overdose? While some people overdose on illegal opiates like heroin, many people


Why Oxycodone Has Become a Potent Killer

Oxycodone addiction rates have been rising since the drug first hit the medical circuit. Indeed, oxycodone is probably the best-known example of the shady side of pharmaceutical companies, as its history has shown. This drug can prove addictive, fatal, and often leads the user down the path to using traditional hard drugs like

clonazepam withdrawal

How You Can Help Your Loved One Going Through Clonazepam Withdrawal

Prescription drug abuse affects approximately 18 million people. That’s over 6% of those 12 years old and above. While many of those struggling with addiction would love to just quit, the severity of withdrawal symptoms can make it feel impossible. This is the reality for many people struggling with a clonazepam