Drug Detox

Often, the first step in recovery is to reach out for help. This is usually followed by a professional drug detox program. Here at Coastal Detox in Stuart, FL, we offer a detox process to help people end alcohol and drug use. Our team is aware of the dangers that might occur when a person tries to quit drug use “cold turkey”. Detoxing at home without help can lead to harmful and, in some cases, life-threatening results. That’s why we work to provide the best detox program possible for our clients.

This blog category includes blog posts about the importance of detox. There is also information about what to expect throughout the withdrawal process. 

Detoxing from substance abuse can be very challenging. Withdrawal symptoms often cause people to consider resorting to drug use. But, at Coastal Detox, we work to help people avoid relapse and prepare for a life of sobriety. We believe that our clients deserve life-long freedom from addiction. So, we offer the resources and services each one needs in order to overcome addiction for good.


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