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Drug addiction affects people everywhere, from all walks of life, and of all ages. But, here at Coastal Detox in Stuart, Florida, we work to help people recover from addiction. We know that it can be challenging to leave substance abuse in the past. After all, the body and mind begin to depend on alcohol and drugs after repeated use. This is why we offer a high-quality detox program to help our clients fight against alcoholism and drug abuse.

This blog category contains blog posts that offer information about addiction treatment. Those who are suffering from any type of drug addiction may find helpful information in this category. Individuals who believe that a loved one is struggling with substance abuse can also find help here.

It’s not easy to understand or work through an alcohol or drug abuse problem. But, with professional guidance and direction, recovery is absolutely possible. There is hope for your or your addicted loved one.


The Risks and Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most addictive and abused substances in the world. People regularly need addiction treatment for it. It’s commonly known as a party drug, used by those in the age group between 18 and 25. But cocaine can easily become a dangerous habit, especially if you use crack


What Is Recovery Management?

Making it through rehab is just the beginning of the journey to recovery. Recovery management services are essential for the newly clean addict or alcoholic. They can make all the difference in preventing future relapse and keeping your life on track as you begin the next stage of your journey.

xanax detox

5 Signs You Or Your Loved One Needs Xanax Detox

Can you believe that one out of five Xanax users abuse their medication? Not only that, but it’s even harder to spot addiction when your doctor prescribes your drugs to you. How can you tell you or someone you know has a Xanax addiction? The answer is clear: you need to know how to detect


Surprising Effects of Alcohol on Skin: How it’s Aging You Inside and Out

When you think about the impact alcohol has on your health and wellbeing most people only consider what it does to their internal organs. But, do you really understand its devastating effects on your body’s largest organ? One in eight adults in the US is battling alcoholism. If you find the recurrent use of

teenagers and drug

Teenagers and Drugs: How to Confront Your Child About Their Addiction

By the time children in the United States reach the 8th grade, 28% of them have tried alcohol. 15% of them smoke cigarettes, and 16.5% of them use marijuana. These are children that are barely over the age of 13 using illicit substances. There is nothing scarier than suspecting that your


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Intervention for a Loved One

Many people are struggling with drug addiction. According to data from the World Health Organization, over 31 million people have drug use disorder worldwide. Even though addiction causes a lot of problems, the patients find it difficult to quit. This forces family and friends to assist them in undertaking treatment through intervention. However,


Drugs And Violence: What To Do If An Addict Becomes Violent

Have you ever heard of the supervillain “Florida Man”? While not actually a villain, it’s a phenomenon where people in Florida, do illegal and sometimes violent things while on drugs. Humor aside, it’s not uncommon to see a link between drugs and violence. Some drugs are more likely than others

peer pressure

The Word “No” Is Your Best Friend In Recovery: Learn How to Say No to Peer Pressure

Did you know that thousands of people in the country die each year due to a drug overdose? After all, more than 70,200 Americans died due to overdosing from both illegal drugs and prescription opioids. This is a two-fold decrease within a span of a decade. If you’re in rehabilitation, you know

drugs in schools

Drugs in Schools: The Connection Between Academic Failure and Use

1 in 7 students walk away from academic achievement and drop out of high school. 42 percent of those drops out drink alcohol. Another 10 percent take prescription drugs and 27 percent marijuana. Drugs in schools have a direct effect on the children and teens who use them. Teens sneak drugs

alcoholic parents

Do It for Your Kids: How Living with Alcoholic Parents Shapes Kids’ Entire Lives

Around 26.8 million American children experienced exposure to alcoholism in their families. This leads to a number of developmental issues that will shape how they function as adults. The problem here is that many alcoholic parents go unnoticed because they’re high-functioning individuals. To the outside world, they seem to be