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Drug addiction affects people everywhere, from all walks of life, and of all ages. But, here at Coastal Detox in Stuart, Florida, we work to help people recover from addiction. We know that it can be challenging to leave substance abuse in the past. After all, the body and mind begin to depend on alcohol and drugs after repeated use. This is why we offer a high-quality detox program to help our clients fight against alcoholism and drug abuse.

This blog category contains blog posts that offer information about addiction treatment. Those who are suffering from any type of drug addiction may find helpful information in this category. Individuals who believe that a loved one is struggling with substance abuse can also find help here.

It’s not easy to understand or work through an alcohol or drug abuse problem. But, with professional guidance and direction, recovery is absolutely possible. There is hope for your or your addicted loved one.


How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

What is Fentanyl and How Does It Work? Fentanyl is a drug classified as an opioid, like morphine and heroin. Opioids are all drugs that come from the opium poppy plant. While some of them can be made from opium poppy directly, others are manufactured in labs.  Opioids act directly

how do drugs affect neurotransmitters

How Do Drugs Affect Neurotransmitters?

Illegal and legal drugs work on the brain in a variety of ways. One of the ways they work is they change the way that neurotransmitters work in the brain, which changes the user’s emotions and, ultimately, the way they think and behave. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that are sent

is drug addiction a disease

Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

The simple answer would be that yes, addiction is a disease – and not just drug addiction. That is a question many people ask, in fact. But the main problem is that most people seem to fail to properly understand addiction and why it is a disease. It is a

enabling an addict

How You Can Stop Enabling an Addict

What Is Enabling? Enabling happens when a person supports someone’s addiction through their thoughts or behaviors. This can be done by a parent, a significant other, relatives – anyone that is part of an addict’s life. In a way, an enabler protects the addict from the consequences of their addiction


What are the 3 Stages of Relapse? Learn to Recognize the Signs

There are three stages to relapse, emotional, mental, and physical. These stages can start long before the person is aware that they are slipping into the relapse pattern. The relapse process happens gradually. Sometimes it can even take months from the start of relapse to the time the person picks


Flakka: What Is It?

Flakka is a man-made drug which causes a high similar to cocaine. It has a similar effect as “bath salts,” but flakka has the potential to be a much more dangerous drug than cocaine.  Flakka is versatile in its many forms of ingestion. Flakka can be smoked, injected, snorted or


Kratom: A New And Potentially Lethal Drug Trend In Florida

Kratom is a relatively new and popular drug that has stirred up quite the controversy amongst lawmakers in Florida and other US states due to its potential for physical dependence (addiction). This “healthy and alternative” drug has many reported cases of overdose, which, unfortunately, many have been fatal. Unfortunately, the


Using Suboxone Recreationally: Why This Is a Bad Idea, and How to Stop

Are You Or A Loved One Using Suboxone Recreationally? It’s A Bad Idea Recreational drug use has been a common thing for many years. In fact, using drugs recreationally dates back over 50,000 years ago were a Neanderthal burial site found in Iraq, contained high trace amounts of an herbal

hitting rock bottom before sobriety

Why Hitting Rock Bottom is the Catalyst for Sobriety

The one thing guaranteed in life: there are no guarantees. Rock Bottom and Alcoholism Addiction and alcoholism have a funny way of promising us time and time again fun and happy experience. Only to then turn around and backstabbed us all. It instead has provided to us a swift kick

painkiller detox program

5 Reasons To Consider Residential Treatment in Florida

The unfortunate statistic is that almost 21 million Americans have issues with addiction. An even more depressing statistic is only 10% receive treatment which has contributed to a tripling of overdose deaths since 1990. So if you have an issue with addiction, or you have a loved one that has an addiction