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Alcoholism is a major problem in various areas of the world. Many individuals need help from an alcohol detox program in order to end this struggle. Fortunately, there is hope for those who are suffering from this problem. 

This blog category includes blogs that can help you to define and identify alcoholism. These blogs can also help people to understand the best way to detox from alcohol use. 

Here at Coastal Detox in Stuart, Florida, we understand the challenges people face when trying to end alcohol abuse. Our team knows that many of our clients are worried. They’re worried that they will never break free from addiction. They are concerned about the possibility of relapsing. And they’re unsure about whether or not they can even pay for treatment.

But, we are here to settle the concerns people may have. When it comes to addiction treatment and recovery, our clients deserve the best. Each one deserves to experience true freedom. So, through these blogs, please find all of the information you need in order to take the first step toward recovery.

tylenol and alcohol

Alcohol and Tylenol: A Harmful Combination

Mixing Tylenol and alcohol can be risky. By taking both substances you’re risking such illnesses such as kidney disease, liver toxicity, and/or pancreatitis. If there is a problem with mixing alcohol and Tylenol, alcohol treatment is an excellent option to get yourself or a loved one the help deserved to

quit drinking

10 Tips On How To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake Or Quit Drinking

Congratulations! The first tip to reducing one’s intake of alcohol is to realize that there is a need to quit. Whether you regularly awaken with a fuzzy memory of the night before while drinking. Or if there is the regular prospect of an all-consuming headache flavoring your morning coffee, you

help an alcoholic

8 Ways That You Can Help Your Loved One Who Abuses Alcohol

Helping an alcoholic seek treatment or simply cut back on drinking is a difficult task. For everyone, there are different reasons you’re looking to help.  Maybe you are still cleaning up the broken glass from the ornaments shattered when Uncle Charlie knocked over the Christmas tree after finishing off that

alcohol psychosis

Can Alcohol Induce Psychosis? How Does This Occur?

A very serious but rare condition that can be brought on by the consumption of alcohol is alcohol-induced psychosis. While many drink alcohol to relax or to have a good time with family and friends, many are unaware of the many risks that are associated. There are many negative effects

5 signs of alcohol detox

Is Your Liver Detoxing? 5 Signs of Alcohol Detox

The liver is the organ responsible for removing toxins in the body during detox. The most important question to answer is what are the signs of alcohol detox? Being able to know when your liver is detoxing, is an important step in recovery. Excess binge drinking or chemical consumption means

8 Signs Someone You Love is Hiding Their Alcoholism

Many of us drink alcohol for recreational or celebratory purposes which doesn’t result in alcohol addiction or alcoholism. On that same token, some of us have drank more than we intended to on occasion, this is considered “normal”. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to the idea that we should

alcohol detox

How Alcoholism Recovery Reinvents Your Life

We all need something to run towards. Something to feel excited about and propel us forward in our lives. Alcohol detox can give you this purpose. Running away from our past and our pain may be what leads to alcoholism in the first place. Changing our lives through alcoholism recovery

high functioning alcoholic

What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic? How to Spot the Warning Signs

Often, when people think of alcoholics, they think of belligerent individuals stumbling around and slurring their words. While these individuals could undoubtedly be classified as alcoholics, they are not the only types of alcoholics in existence. Another type of alcoholic — one which is a little harder to spot —


How to Quit Drinking Alcohol and Start Living Your Best Life

Drinking alcohol can help you feel more comfortable in social situations or wind down after a stressful workweek. It’s when you overindulge that drinking becomes an issue. Most people drink without developing any problems, but that’s not the case for all. Around 16 million people in the U.S. suffer from Alcohol Use

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

The Most Shocking Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Did you know alcohol consumption in the United States has decreased from 1972 to 2002? It’s increasing again, though, especially in certain states. While this is good news for retailers, this is bad news for the whole society. Many may consider occasional drinking to be safe for the most part, but it