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Take the Time for Yourself: 15 Benefits of Choosing an Inpatient Rehab Program

Over 21 million Americans struggle with substance abuse, which means if you have your issues with substances, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are many resources out there for you to recover and lead a healthy life afterward. The two main types of treatment programs are in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. While outpatient rehab

outpatient treatment

The Top Benefits of Getting Outpatient Treatment to Battle Your Addiction

Do you or someone you love suffer from addiction? If so, you’ve probably wondered about the treatment options available. The thought of packing your bags and going off to a rehab facility can be scary. It can also be pretty inconvenient when you have responsibilities at home and work. Luckily, there

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Which Drugs Are Considered Gateway Drugs, And Why?

For some, it starts as a single hit of marijuana or a shot of alcohol at a party. This can then spiral into a vicious cycle of cravings, dependence, and addiction. It’s estimated that 1 in 7 Americans will have a problem with substance addiction. So, could experimentation with a gateway drug be

Make them Say Yes, Yes, Yes: How to Convince Someone to go to Rehab

21 million people in the US are addicts; you most likely know someone who struggles with addiction. If you want to know how to convince someone to go to rehab, there are a lot of things you need to consider first. When people try to help addicts, they can often make


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Intervention for a Loved One

Many people are struggling with drug addiction. According to data from the World Health Organization, over 31 million people have drug use disorder worldwide. Even though addiction causes a lot of problems, the patients find it difficult to quit. This forces family and friends to assist them in undertaking treatment through intervention. However,


10 Ways to Say No to Alcohol at a Party

If you are giving up drinking, it can be very difficult to refuse drinks when you are at a party or a bar. You may find people pouring wine freely, or pushing cocktails on you. Often events like weddings, funerals and birthdays can be triggers for alcoholics. Family members who


Drugs And Violence: What To Do If An Addict Becomes Violent

Have you ever heard of the supervillain “Florida Man”? While not actually a villain, it’s a phenomenon where people in Florida, do illegal and sometimes violent things while on drugs. Humor aside, it’s not uncommon to see a link between drugs and violence. Some drugs are more likely than others

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Drugs in Schools: The Connection Between Academic Failure and Use

1 in 7 students walk away from academic achievement and drop out of high school. 42 percent of those drops out drink alcohol. Another 10 percent take prescription drugs and 27 percent marijuana. Drugs in schools have a direct effect on the children and teens who use them. Teens sneak drugs

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No More Excuses: A Guide to the Many Different Types of Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers

Did you know that substance abuse and illicit drug use cost the United States on average $740 billion each year? These costs result from: Lost work productivity Crime Health care What’s more, the total number of overdose deaths skyrocketed from 16,849 in 1999 to more than 70,237 in 2017. The sharpest

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

The Most Shocking Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Did you know alcohol consumption in the United States has decreased from 1972 to 2002? It’s increasing again, though, especially in certain states. While this is good news for retailers, this is bad news for the whole society. Many may consider occasional drinking to be safe for the most part, but it