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Human beings. We are the creatures that evolved, mutated, and/or were born and have more or less ruled over the planet since the dawn of man and woman. Since that estimated time of roughly 200,000 years ago, never have there been two individuals from the past or currently living that have shared the same exact DNA structure. There have been billions upon billions of individuals to roam the earth and share so many similarities physically and mentally that it’s uncanny, but never exactly the same. We all live our one life that we know of and endure the laughter and tears. We get through all the trials and tribulations only to discover that we’re not the only ones and that we all have issues to overcome more or less. Everybody on this planet is dealing with their problems and set of woes. All single persons on this planet have an internal dialogue they battle with. Some people have the angel on one side of their carry and the devil on the other side. Others, like myself, tend to just have that devil pacing from shoulder to shoulder. Despite whether you’re a good person who’s done some bad things or a bad person who’s done some good things, the main question remaining is how do you deal with the voices inside?

Same Differences and Different Similarities

Well it shouldn’t come to a surprise to many that there is an existing program out there called Alcoholics Anonymous that has helped countless thousands and thousands of people struggling with alcoholic thinking. Notice that alcoholism wasn’t mentioned specifically right there. Yes A.A. is typically for alcoholics, but it’s alcoholics and addicts that suffer from a specific type of thinking. So for alcoholic thinking that’s obsessing over alcohol specifically, there is A.A. For the other people who take this addictive mindset of alcoholic thinking and apply it to other “feel goods,” well there are other anonymous programs to help deal with the problems we have gravitated toward.

There is an anonymous program for almost anything that one can think of. It’s unfortunate that there can be so many different types of addictions. Yet in a relative aspect, it’s also fantastic how many of them there are. For one, it’s always comforting to know that you are not alone in this world. To sleep at night knowing the fact that there are others like yourself, and they’re dealing with the same problems we are, with slight variations from person to person. In a cynical standpoint, it’s essentially the very idea of “misery loves company.” No, it is not misery to have an addiction- provided that you are battling it and being proactive at the end of the day. Any form of addiction will wear your soul down to the ground. It doesn’t matter whether you binge drink way too much or you have an obsession with putting the lotion on your skin. These things will weigh tremendously on your shoulders once they become who you are. See, and that’s the thing right there. Alcoholic thinking will steal your soul more or less and trade your morals and values into devilish ways. In today’s day of age, there are different forms of addiction everywhere you turn.

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Everybody just wants to feel good- I mean what’s not to understand about that? So in turn, we all have different things that give us pleasure. Some will turn to sex where as others turn to gambling. There are people who are workaholics and need Workaholics Anonymous or have an obsession with thievery and need Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous. Then some individuals get addicted to playing video games and it is their drug. You see, the thing is that a drug is anything that gives us that feeling we’re chasing. Just anything that produces that high and can change reality or mask it. A buddy of mine once told me that after getting clean from drugs and alcohol, the closest thing he felt to being high was eating tons of carbohydrates. This was a little shocking to me because I didn’t understand at the time how he was replacing his drug addiction with eating. Eating is just one of the other ways we can transfer our alcoholic thinking into more destructive ways. For my buddy, his was eating more food and carbs to make himself feel better. The comforting feeling he got from his food was that of a drug or alcohol addiction. For a form of alcoholic thinking like such, there are anonymous programs such as Overeaters Anonymous or Food Addicts Anonymous. These are real things that people rely on to help balance they’re living patterns into that of something healthy rather than obsessive. Or then there’s the opposite spectrum with food which I categorize under. Some take that addictive mindset and fixate on practically starving themselves through various forms of body dysmorphia such as anorexia or bulimia. On this end of the gamut, we have meetings such Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous or Eating Disorders Anonymous.

Now, these anonymous programs are just like that of Alcoholics Anonymous format but with few alterations- if any. They follow the guidelines of a basic 12 step program and go on to help bring sanity back to addicts and alcoholics of all sorts across the globe. That’s the ugly beauty behind it all. Whatever your addiction is, there is somebody else that has or is currently going through the same struggles. The power of fellowship and synergy is one of the greatest things we can do to battle those demons. Whether it is this, that, or the other, alcoholism runs rampant in many forms. If you’re struggling, chances are there is an anonymous program out there for you.

Synonymous Anonymous’

There are many different types of programs out there to make you feel right at home. Unfortunately, some addictions require a little medical assistance before action can be taken. If you or a loved one has been struggling to make the next step, call 1-866-802-6848 or visit We have trained specialists on standby ready to help you start detoxing as comfortably as possible and send your life in a direction you can proudly stand behind.

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Jacklyn StewardJacklyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and an EMDR trained trauma therapy specialist with over 6 years of experience in the field of addiction. She has a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.