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Our goal here at Coastal Detox is to aid individuals who are dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, and any other disorders that are a roadblock in their lives, such as mental health ones. Our detox center is state licensed and combines a variety of treatment methodologies to provide the most comprehensive manner of helping patients on their path to recovery. We understand what a delicate process rehabilitation is and are present every step of the way to offer supplemental medication, emotional support, and anything to make the experience easier for our clients. 

Getting treatment is extremely taxing and no one should have to worry about finances while undergoing a transformation. That is why we collaborate with insurance providers like Ambetter to keep therapy and detox affordable for you. But healthcare is a complicated industry in the United States and it can be difficult for people to understand exactly what their coverage entails. If Ambetter is your provider, we are going to break down how the company’s policies approach various types of treatment for substance abuse and psychological health.


What is Ambetter?

Ambetter is a health insurance provider that operates under the Centene Corporation. They are active in 14 states including Florida, Indiana, Nevada, Arizona, Georgie, and Arkansas. If you are under-insured or uninsured and do not qualify for traditional coverage, this is a company catered specifically to you. This is because Centene Corporation acts as an intermediate touching off point for both private insurance and government programs. Thus, many of their programs are extremely flexible and people with different needs and budgets can find coverage suited for them. Other benefits of Ambetter are the 24/7 advice hotline run by nurses and Ambetter Telehealth, or around the clock access to in-network providers for health concerns that are not life threating. 


Costs of Ambetter

There are a number of reasonably priced healthcare options offered by Ambetter. The brand packages them into three individual plans: Ambetter Essential Care (Bronze), Ambetter Balanced Care (Silver), and Ambetter Secure Care (Gold). They each differ based on how much you have to pay monthly and the portion of bill you will cover when it comes to particular services that were far too advanced or extensive for the company to reimburse you.

Ambetter Essential Care (Bronze) is the cheapest in terms of the premium payments that have to be made every month. The problem is that, in the case of long and intensive care, you will have to pay most of the bill if your coverage is bronze. Ambetter Secure Care (Gold) charges higher monthly payments but tries to restrict your out-of-pocket costs. Ambetter Balanced Care (Silver) is a good middle ground since it balances monthly premium payments and out-of-pocket expenses.


Why Mental Health and Substance Abuse?

Mental health and substance abuse services are referred to as Essential Health Benefits by Ambetter. Other regarded programs include pediatric services, maternity and newborn care, emergency services, laboratory services, prescription drugs, various types of therapy, and temporary hospitalization.

If Ambetter is your health insurance provider and you are wondering if you will receive coverage for mental health therapy and/or addiction treatment, the answer is a resounding yes! Not only does the company provide for such rehabilitation, they also prioritize it. This is especially important because here at Coastal Detox we have seen how substance abuse and mental disorders are often related. In fact, mental illness could be what leads to drug and alcohol addiction as someone suffering might begin to self-medicate using illegal substances.

Coastal Detox is proud to work with Ambetter since they too see how substance abuse and mental health issues need to be addressed immediately since they can be deadly. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about one in five grown-ups live with a mental illness, and 4.2% of adults in the United States possess the same problem. Other figures show that illegal drug usage increased from 8.3% of the population in 2002 to 9.4% in 2013, with heroin reaching new heights of consumption. These statistics encourage us to stop harmful trends from re-occurring due to people neglecting to battle their inner demons. We must prevent them from causing epidemics.


Care Management v. Health Management

Ambetter tries to cater to the particular needs of their clients. If an individual is truly struggling with medical or behavioral needs, the company offers care management services to link nurses and social works, or care managers, to each individual. These specialists are to recommend useful tactics, such as enrolling in treatment options that are modern culturally, member centered, and family based. These are the types of workers found at our detox center who lead group and family therapies. The point of care management is to get members to better understand their physical or mental health condition and access coordinated services and resources to help them deal with it.

For those with chronic illness, Ambetter does offer health management. Disease management services will send resources and tools to affected people so that they can locate the source of their sickness. The hope is that helping to manage their health will give people overall healthier lifestyles in the long-run. Depression management services essentially do exactly the same work but encourages fixing what is on the inside rather than just the outside. Some of the conditions that Ambetter lists out include coronary heart disease, depression, diabetes, lower back pain, hypertension, and high cholesterol.


Contact Coastal Detox

Whether you or someone you know is seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and looking for the best way to detox, Coastal Detox is the place for you! We know how vital it is to find rehabilitation that is catered to your specific needs and is both effective and affordable. 

We are ready and waiting to work with and for you to plan out the best possible treatment plan! We are open twenty-four hours and one of our highly trained addiction specialists is waiting for your call at 877-406-6623.

Content Reviewed by Jacklyn Steward

Jacklyn StewardJacklyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and an EMDR trained trauma therapy specialist with over 6 years of experience in the field of addiction. She has a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.