7 Ways to Get a Positive Perspective Change

how to have a positive attitude

Have you ever had life sneak up from behind you, grab you by the ankles, and just pull the feet right out from under you? Or have you ever made plans for something and just had the world come crashing down on you when it was least expected? Or have you ever just had one of those days where you meant to be your most Winnie the Pooh self but the best of Eeyore got to you as you kept losing your tail and struggling to manage life on life’s terms? “Yeah, me either”- said nobody ever. They say, “When it rains it pours.” This is a phrase here in meaning that negative things often arrive in flocks and that having a perspective change and moving forward is very difficult as drowning in the metaphorical tsunami of our life’s failures and accomplishments is quite difficult- or something like that. Well “they” say a lot of things.

Your storyline is all about how you decide to view things as the film continues to play out. Sure, when the clouds gather, things can start to seem pretty grim. At the same time, sometimes we make these clouds our own personal little sky and allow them to follow us about. The Charlie Brown Rain Cloud syndrome they call it. OK, only I call it that, but it should be a thing. As addicts and alcoholics, we allow even the smallest of things to rent space in our head for free. We obsess over things and get in moods that make it almost impossible to have a perspective change. This, however, will keep us sick in the head, not just as addicts but as human beings in general. We have the power to fly above the clouds. We want what we want and when we want it, but it’s on us as individuals to keep treading water and not go under because something didn’t necessarily go our way.

Wooden Nickels and Two Sided Coins

As the tides constantly shift and change, it’s imperative that we keep in mind there is always a different way to view things. For every coin tossed into the air, regardless of heads or tails, there is always room for perspective change. It can be difficult for the mind to mold into this shape of perception, as being open minded is tougher when things aren’t going our way like the spoiled children we tend to be. For one, thinking positively is almost like a way of life. Everything we do is a direct stimulus from our emotions and the way we handle things as they come along. It goes back to there being no right or wrong side of the bed when we arise from our slumber in the morning. It’s all in the frame of mind we decide to set ourselves in. Having such a perspective change can be as simple as just taking things more lightheartedly. Life is simply too short to not laugh at every opportunity we are provided. The tears are much more difficult to deal with than the abdominal tightening comicals occurring all around. Allowing ourselves to laugh and smile with life reminds us of the reason we live it to begin with.

As we continue to feed into this idea of thinking positively, it will gradually snowball into seeing & doing positively as it develops into our way of life. Things will stop becoming so heavy as we look for the brighter side of the road in all situations. Every situation has a beauty and growth behind it if we stop hindering ourselves from seeing the truth.

be wonderful

The actuality of it is that by living this optimistic approach in life, it will help perspective changes with ourselves such as self-esteem and insecurities believe it or not. Things aren’t always as bad as we tend to make them out to be. People in general, but especially alcoholics, love to just exaggerate the hell out of any situation. We love to victimize and feel sorry for ourselves! Developing confidence is one of the key factors into thinking and acting into a positive perspective change that will help battle this gigantic pity party over life that we love orchestrating so frequently. If we happen to believe in ourselves and think we are worth it, then we will go out of our ways to seek the delight and happiness in life that can be found. We’ll stop being completely fearful of our failures in life through this. By increasing self-esteem and making such a perspective change, we truly begin to believe that we are worth the trouble. This, of course, has a butterfly effect on accepting life’s challenges and feeling that inner strength rooted deep down inside. As we topple over the fear and face life on headfirst, we start to see how hard we have always been on ourselves with such unwarranted doubts and apprehension.

It kind of all boils down to love once we reduce the solution down. Loving and taking time for self is how we really keep all this in motion. Putting in the time to relax and enjoy ourselves opens up these doors for introspection and self-awareness that we didn’t even realize were possible. It’s not until we love ourselves that we can love life and really appreciate the unknown as it’s delivered to our feet. We have all the capabilities and power in the world to create perspective change and make this life what we want it to be. We all control our own destiny despite external forces. It’s all a matter of just opening your eyes and looking in the right spots for that internal sunshine.

Hell is Where You Are and Heaven is Where You Make It

Positivity is not something that just manifests itself in the world we live in today. As addicts, it would seem that misfortune constantly chases us due to our alcoholic thinking. It’s on us to love ourselves, it’s on us to choose happiness, and it’s on us to get rid of the chemicals causing such negativity to blossom in our lives. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on your positivity and could use detoxification or a little bit of help, please call 1-866-802-6848 or visit www.coastaldetox.com. Our team of specialists is waiting by and more than thrilled to help rebuild life full of sunshine and rainbows.

Content Reviewed by Jacklyn Steward

Jacklyn StewardJacklyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and an EMDR trained trauma therapy specialist with over 6 years of experience in the field of addiction. She has a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.