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Living with addiction, whether our own or our loved ones, is a terrible burden. It is heart-wrenching for all persons involved. It can create permanent chasms in relationships. Recovery for all involved: the addict, the family, the friends, and all relationships requires finding the right addiction treatment and detox facility which meets the unique needs of the individual. 

With help from the best addiction treatment and detox programs along the Treasure Coast, the needs of the individual and his or her unique family circumstances can and will be met. Addiction treatment and detox centers are like a shining light in the darkest of days, offering a hand up to an addict and his/her family to heal the body and mind and assist in mending the broken bonds of family and friendships.

Learn what you should look for in these life-saving centers below.

1. Finding the Right Addiction Treatment and Detox Programs on the Treasure Coast

When you go into your recovery journey, you’ll either be detoxing or about to detox from your substance of choice, whether it is alcohol or drugs. The detox process is not pleasant. No, that’s an understatement. The detox stage can be the hardest part of initial recovery; however, that is why addiction treatment and detox programs exist. To help the pain of addiction treatment and detox by making it a more comfortable process by offering medical and therapeutic support.

Depending on the drug of choice, including alcohol, during the detox period, one could experience a number of mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. 

Mental and emotional symptoms may include:

  • Anxiety such as panic attacks and irritability
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Cognitive disturbances and memory disruptions
  • Social isolation and depression

Physical symptoms may include:

  • Headaches including migraine
  • Chest tightness
  • Rapid heart rate and palpitations
  • GI disorders such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Tremors, seizure activity, muscle aching
  • Excessive perspiration, tingling, crawling sensations
  • Death

Assisting one through the detox process while decreasing the harmful side effects can increase the positive outcome of the rehab process. Finding a reputable, experienced, compassionate rehab facility that provides a detox component is vital to easing this painful first step to lifelong recovery.

There may be a variety of options provided by the addiction treatment and detox programs. Some may offer a detox component to admission or addiction treatment, and some may not. Depending upon one’s position in the path toward recovery, this is a definite consideration to make. If you or your loved one choose to enter into an addiction treatment program that doesn’t offer detox, then the person undergoing treatment will have to wade through these symptoms on their own. This makes a hard task even harder and may decrease the opportunity at success.

The most comprehensive kinds of addiction treatment centers offer treatment for withdrawal symptoms during detox. Addiction treatment should offer prescription medications, counseling support, behavior modification activities, and physical and mental activities to assist in positive change and growth in the individual undergoing detox and rehab. They may offer non-psychoactive medication to make the transition to sobriety more comfortable.

With withdrawal (detox) symptoms under control, the individual may focus on the addiction treatment program and increase their chances at success. Detoxing to full recovery takes hard work. But with adequate holistic treatment, the individual with the addiction problem can rest assured that he or she is not alone in the process.

2. Read the Reviews

It is essential to seek out the reviews of the addiction treatment or detox facilities that you or your loved ones are considering. Read the reviews carefully. Many of the reviews will be positive, but it will be important to verify if the positive and/or negative responses are for those things that you find essential. Occasionally, there will be reviews that are overall negative. Look for consistent themes when reviewing the responses. If the majority of responses are positive, consider that a plus.

Many times the person undergoing addiction treatment is experiencing a difficult time and may not always have a clear vision of the progress he or she has made. There may be reviews by persons who are not at that point where they are ready to accept the help provided to them. Some choose to fight assistance to sobriety every step of the way. Consider this while reading the reviews and look to the responses of family members as a guide to understanding the success of the individual addiction treatment programs. 

Family members often can give a clearer picture of the progress the client has made. They can provide an insight into the accessibility and family-based addiction treatment provided to their loved one. They can give an unjaundiced view of the addiction treatment or detox facilities and activities provided. They also can assess how well the Healthcare team of addiction treatment or detox facility communicates with the family and works to repair the damaged bonds between the client and the loved ones.

Check to see if there are reports from accrediting agencies. 

  • Has the addiction treatment or detox facility been cited for inconsistencies?
  • Have there been issues regarding finances or Medicare or Medicaid fraud? 
  • Has there been any issues regarding the department of health?

Review the philosophies of addiction treatment or detox facilities. A holistic approach involves the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Do the reviews and philosophies display compassion and empathy for the client?

3. Ask Your Doctor for a Recommendation

If you’re the person orchestrating your addiction treatment and detox care, then good for you! The person suffering from addiction who puts himself into recovery is an extremely strong and capable person. You recognize your need for change, and have sought that change!

If you can admit your addiction to your doctors, then allow them to recommend rehab centers or addiction treatment and detox programs they think are right for you. Your doctor knows your history, your personal struggles, your family situation. He or she may have some experience with specific addiction treatment and detox facilities and their success rates. 

A lot of recoveries, and especially detox, happens on a continuum of care. Your doctor may need to consult with others on what detox treatments you should go through to best address your withdrawal symptoms. His or her connection to the medical community allows an understanding of a good fit for you.

If the doctor or healthcare professional is familiar with the addiction treatment and detox facility, then he or she will already have a professional relationship with the medical staff at that facility. That means you can expect smoother and faster care, personalized to your own needs.

If you’re talking to a doctor for a loved one, the same holds true. Try to find a healthcare professional (HCP) who has had a therapeutic relationship with the person struggling with addiction. The healthcare professional may not be able to share specific health information with you because of HIPAA rules but may be able to make viable suggestions.

Suggested conversation with your healthcare provider: “Hi, I’m the sister (brother; wife; daughter) of one of your patients, and I’m looking for recommendations for an addiction treatment and detox program. Do you have any that you would recommend”? Going about asking in this way means they don’t have to walk any HIPAA lines, and you get the information you need. Be specific regarding the family member’s needs. Physicians and healthcare providers are not mind readers!

4. Take a Tour of the Addiction Treatment and Detox Facility

Call and schedule a tour of the addiction treatment and detox facility that you feel will be a good fit. Almost every treatment facility has a tour offering. You must call and schedule, as they will not all, allow you to drop by unannounced. Make sure there is an opportunity to speak to an administrator during the tour so that you may have your questions answered. Bring a written list of questions, obtain contact numbers, verify how addiction treatment and detox will be reimbursed. Find out if there are out of pocket expenses. Determine the credentials and experience of the medical professionals who will be in charge of yours or your loved one’s care.

If taking a tour in person isn’t an option, see if they have a tour page on their website. Have them validate when the video was produced and if any changes had been made since that time. Make sure that if a personal tour is not doable that your questions are still adequately answered.

Showing a resistant loved one the quality of care they would receive can be a motivating factor in committing to addiction treatment.

5. Find a Location in the Treasure Coast  

When it comes to the location of addiction treatment or detox programs, there are two major concerns. One consideration is that if you keep your loved one close to home, they’ll benefit from their community. Also, when one seeks addiction treatment and detox close to home, it allows family members an opportunity to visit more readily, possibly providing greater stability to the family unit.

The other concern contradicts that, saying that a change of scenery might be just what the recovering client needs to make a full recovery without distractions. The Treasure Coast is a widely chosen area for addiction treatment and detox facilities because of its beautiful and peaceful setting.  

Persons in addiction treatment or detox programs often have family and friends who suffer from addiction problems as well. It may be in the best interests of the person in recovery to be separated by physical distance from those influences until he or she has had the benefit of fully embracing their detox and recovery.

We, at Coastal Detox, fully believe that our location is pretty special! Located on the Treasure Coast of Eastern Florida in beautiful, quiet Stuart, we’re just a short drive from major Florida cities – but far enough away to count as a new environment. 

6. Talk to a Professional

As a person suffering from an addiction or someone acting on behalf of one, you want to make sure the addiction treatment or detox facility is the right fit for you. Do yourself a favor and take the first step in changing your life, whether you are the one in need of addiction treatment services and detox programs or you have a loved one who does. You can ask them any questions that you have and use that conversation to determine if Coastal Detox is the right fit for your unique and individual needs.

7. Addiction Treatment and Detox Facilities

The detox and recovery process is difficult and challenging. The recovering individual must commit to a number of changes in behavior, in thought processes, reward systems, in interactions, etc. They must learn how to reorient their lives successfully.

Addiction treatment and detox should not be presented as a punishment and exclusion but rather in a supportive, empathetic, holistic environment. Healing, healthy substitutions to dysfunctional behaviors need to occur in an environment conducive to growth and changed behaviors.

The best addiction treatment and detox programs offer a variety of activities to heal the body, mind, and soul. We believe at Coastal Detox that activities offered, such as massage, acupuncture, biosound therapy, and other adjunct therapies as well as medically supervised medication regimen combined with professional counseling, assist the recovering individual in an optimum environment.

The Best Addiction Treatment and Detox Facilities on the Treasure Coast

When it comes to choosing an addiction treatment and detox program for you or your loved one, there are many considerations. You must decide what will work the best to optimize the quality of your life. You must make that first step toward recovery and embrace the best that life has to offer!

The best addiction treatment and detox programs focus on detox first, so you can get over that initial, terrible hump. Choose wisely in picking a detox facility with a holistic philosophy to heal you in mind, body, and spirit.

Coastal Detox: Helping You Detox From Drugs and/or Alcohol

Coastal Detox, located in beautiful Stuart, Florida, along the Treasure Coast, is a wonderful choice for detox and rehab. Their addiction treatment programs consist of professionals that are well educated and trained to treat your unique needs. You or your loved ones will be treated individually to detox, safely and comfortably, from any and ALL drugs, including alcohol. If further addiction treatment is necessary, Coastal Detox will assist you in finding the appropriate type of addiction treatment program. Coastal Detox has your sobriety and improved mental health as a priority of their treatment.

Please seek the assistance of the staff professionals at Coastal Detox to assist in reviewing your financial situation and work with your insurance company to make your detox journey affordable. 

It can be painful to deal with addiction, whether your own or a loved one. You don’t have to deal with the pain of detox alone. Find the support and assistance that you need and desire by contacting the professionals at Coastal Detox. For more information, please contact Coastal Detox at (877) 406-6623 today. You deserve the peace of mind that sobriety brings!