10 Reasons to Undergo Drug Rehab in South Florida

Have you decided that you want to check yourself into a drug rehabilitation facility? Or are you in the process of helping a loved one to find a drug rehab center that will help them fight their battle with addiction?

If so, you’re going to have more than enough options. There are currently more than 14,000 treatment facilities scattered across the country, meaning you shouldn’t have a hard time locating one that works for you or your loved one.

But if you want to enjoy the best overall experience, you should strongly consider undergoing drug rehab in South Florida. The Sunshine State will set you up with everything you’ll need to rehabilitate your mind, body, and soul during treatment.

There are so many different reasons to take a trip to South Florida to seek drug rehab. Here are 10 of the best reasons to do it.

1. Removes You From Your Current Environment

If you’re going to check yourself or your loved one into a drug rehab center, it’s best for you to do it in a place other than your current city or town. Ideally, the rehab center should be located at least an hour or two away, if not much further.

There’s a very simple reason for this. If you choose to try and go through the drug rehab process in your current city or town, you’re going to be tempted to go back to using drugs almost all the time. You’ll still be in the same general vicinity as the dealers who supplied you with drugs and those you used to use drugs with.

By removing yourself from your current environment and undergoing drug rehab in South Florida, you’ll increase your chances of kicking your drug habit simply because of where you’re located. It’ll be so much harder for you to go back to using in a city that you’re not familiar with.

Even those who currently live in South Florida can benefit from taking this approach. All they need to do is find a drug rehab center in South Florida that’s not in their current location.

2. Puts You in the Middle of Plenty of Drug Rehab Centers

California has, by far, the most drug rehab centers in the entire country. There are more than 1,100 drug rehab centers in the state.

New York (almost 800) and Illinois (about 600) have a lot of drug rehab centers as well. But Florida isn’t far behind!

According to the last Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration count, there are more than 550 drug rehab centers in Florida at the moment. And that number is growing larger each and every year.

That means that, when you make the decision to undergo drug rehab in South Florida, you’ll be inundated with different options within the state. You can pick the right facility based on everything from the center’s credentials to their proximity to the amazing beaches nearby (more on them later!).

3. Makes It Easy to Get to the Drug Rehab Center of Your Choice

Do you live a long way away from South Florida? If so, you might be concerned about how in the world you’re going to get to your preferred drug rehab center in the southern-most portion of the state.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to get to almost any part of Florida in a hurry. There are more than 60 airports in the state, including one in just about every large city.

Additionally, it usually won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get down to South Florida if you do need to fly there. You can find affordable flights through travel sites that will cost you less than $50 in some cases.

Whatever you do, don’t be scared off by the idea of flying to undergo drug rehab in South Florida. It’s not nearly as challenging as you might think to make your way there.

4. Gets You Excited to Start the Drug Rehab Process

If you’ve been using opioids or other drugs for a long time and fighting a losing battle with addiction for longer than you can remember, you might already be excited about the idea of going through drug rehab in South Florida. You’re hopeful that it’ll finally mark the end of a painful era for you.

But if you’re more anxious than excited about checking yourself or a loved one into rehab right now, the fact that you’re going to be heading down to Florida to do it should help you. Who doesn’t want to spend time in a place where it’s almost always 70 or 80 degrees?

You’re obviously not going to Florida for a vacation. Drug rehab is going to take a lot of work on your part.

But at the same time, there are way worse places to fly for rehab than Florida. Whether you’re going to check yourself into a rehab center in the middle of July or the middle of January, you know that you’re going to get great weather and a great environment to go through the rehab process.

5. Ensures You’ll Be as Comfortable as Possible as You Rehab

One of the things that every rehab center all across the country should do when working with patients is to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible. They should provide them with a safe place in which they feel good about opening up about their problems.

If you check yourself or your loved one into a rehab center in, say, Alaska, Minnesota, Ohio, or another state that doesn’t have the best weather or the right culture, you’re probably not going to get great results. You’re not going to be as comfortable as you can possibly be during rehab.

That won’t be an issue at all when you undergo drug rehab in South Florida. From the moment you touch down in Florida to the moment you go back home (if you decide to go back home after seeing all Florida has to offer!), you’ll be comfortable and at ease. It’ll give you a better chance of being successful in the end.

6. Allows You to Soak Up Lots of Sun

As we mentioned earlier, you’re not visiting South Florida for a vacation when you check yourself or your loved one into a rehab center down there. Your sole purpose for visiting is to get yourself or your loved one help.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the local climate to your advantage. Specifically, you can use all of the sunshine that the state gets to help you heal your body and mind while you rehab.

There are dozens of benefits that come along with getting lots of sun in a place like South Florida. The biggest benefit is that it’ll increase your vitamin D levels.

Here are some of the other big benefits of having access to the sun while going through drug rehab:

  • It enhances your mood and helps you fight off any depression you might be feeling
  • It allows you to sleep better at night, which will be important while you’re in rehab
  • It lowers your blood pressure and eliminates a lot of the stress you might be feeling while undergoing drug rehab in South Florida

You’re not going to get to spend hours and hours every day soaking up all the sun that you want when you’re checked into a rehab center. But by getting even just 10 minutes of sun on a daily basis, you can work wonders for both your body and mind.

7. Grants You Access to Many Different Beaches

The sun isn’t the only thing that you’ll get to enjoy when you’re in Florida undergoing drug rehab. You’ll also be within driving distance of more beaches than you can count.

In total, Florida has more than 650 miles worth of beaches in the state. As a result, you won’t ever be far from one.

Chances are, you’re not going to get the opportunity to go to the beach very often. You’re going to be too busy going through the rehab process and working on improving yourself.

But as you inch your way closer to the end of your time in rehab, you’ll have more opportunities to get out and explore Florida. And when you do, you’ll get to spend at least a little time enjoying the best beaches the state has to offer.

Additionally, you’ll get the benefits that accompany a day at the beach. They include:

  • A big boost to your immune system
  • A reduction in your stress and anxiety levels
  • An increase in your vitamin D intake (there goes that sun helping you out again!)

You shouldn’t necessarily choose to go to a drug rehab center in South Florida simply because of the convenient access to beaches. But it will serve as an added bonus.

8. Introduces You to a More Laid-Back Way of Living

If you attempt to detox from drugs and live a more sober lifestyle in a place like New York, New Jersey, or another state in the Northeast part of the country, the odds are going to be stacked against you.

There is a much faster pace of life in those places that can sometimes drive people back into the arms of whatever substance they used to use to make it better. This faster way of living can also affect the kind of treatment that you get when you check yourself or a loved one into a rehab center.

But you’ll enjoy a much different experience when you’re undergoing drug rehab in South Florida. You’ll be surrounded by people leading more laid-back lives, and over time, it’ll force you to slow down and relax more.

Once you’re able to assume a more laid-back approach to drug rehab, you might actually find that the process becomes easier. You won’t be putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed.

9. Provides You With Potential Economic Opportunities in the Future

The economy in Florida as a whole is booming right now. According to a report released earlier this year, the economy has topped $1 trillion, which means Florida would actually be the 17th-biggest economy in the entire world if it were to splinter off from the U.S. and become its own country.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, let’s say that you successfully undergo drug rehab in South Florida and love your time in the state. There is a chance that you could decide to stay there to continue making your push towards long-term sobriety.

And if you choose to do it, the state’s strong economy could very well provide you with lots of economic opportunities moving forward. You could find a good job, buy a nice home, and start living life on your terms again in a place that you love.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in Florida once you’re done with drug rehab. But it might be a possibility worth considering if you enjoy your time in the state.

10. Gives Your Friends and Family Members Every Excuse to Visit

When you first check yourself into a drug rehab center in South Florida, you’re probably not going to want to have any visitors. You’ll be too busy focused on your drug detox and subsequent treatment program.

But over time, you’ll want to have some people visit. And when you’re in Florida, it’s going to be hard to keep people away!

You shouldn’t have any problem convincing your friends and family members to jump on a plane to come and see you. It’ll give them every excuse to visit you early and often when you’re living in Florida.

Consider Undergoing Drug Rehab in South Florida Today

If you weren’t sure why so many people choose to undergo drug rehab in South Florida before, you should see why now.

There are so many great advantages that come along with checking into one of the many South Florida rehab centers. You should think long and hard about them as you consider which drug rehab center would be best for you or your loved one.

Contact us if you decide that you want to give drug rehab a shot down in South Florida.

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